Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Get Naked!!!

Heyyy :D yes I have been quiet, feel free to shout abuse at me ha :D Ive been away on hols to get away from the dump I call England!!, we went to Cancun in Mexico, loved it even tho we had a week of rain some bloody tropical storm!! would only happen to me that lol, didnt put me of hopeing to go back next year March April May time, spring brake Is ment be the best time to go, anyone been over at that time...?Newhoo met some fab people alot of who were american, luv you guys the words bonkers and party hard come to mind lol, so differnt to english people Its werid, like you live of another planet or something. I will get some pics up at somepoint another destination to defo vist. Well anyway before I get carried away, Ive been after the very well know Naked palette by Urban Decay no way was I paying the ridiculous amount of money people wanted on ebay 50£ no chance, so I was shocked to see the pallete In the In flight magazine on the plane going to Mexico and at 25£ we all know everything is cheaper tax free of course I fought BARGIN!! I actually could shop their all day. I managed to get by bf Jase to buy me It all I have to do Is put the sad face on and It seems to work :DDDDDDD only jokein :p, I was over the moon with It I knew It wouldnt dissipoint I actually used it more then I used my Mac shadows thats all I own and use, so I even shocked my self really, the pigment Is fantastic they blend really well and the colours are gorg!! so meny differnt looks you can pull off even the pallete its self is beautiful. One thing I dont really like Is the eye primer.? I find It really wet like water I dont feel It does anything I defo prefer Mac paints feels like your actually putting something onto the skin. An essay is forming so i shall move on!!! still playing around with the pallette loveing the bronzey gold tones recently I dont know It Its cause ive been away or what but yea here It Is:DDDDDDDDDDDDDD

Face Products used
Prep And Prime Mac**
Studio Fix Fluid Foundation for anyone who wonts to know what colour ive used a mix of Nc30 and Nw44 Mac**
Full cover concealer under the eyes Make Up Forever**
Select Sheer Pressed Powder**
Bronzer In Refine Golden Mac** outer proportions of face and across forhead down the nose and swipe across the cheeks and chin Mac**
To contour the cheeks Harmony blush Mac** follwed by Peachtwist blush Mac**
Hilight Albatross By Nars**

Eye Products used
Bare Canvas Paint as a base Mac**
Sin e/s on the lid Urban Decay**
Naked e/s in the crease
Sidecar e/s over the Naked e/s but keeping more to the outer part of the eye dont do right through the crease Urban Decay**
To darken the outer crease slightly take Buck e/s and blend blend blend
Take Naked e/s again for the highligh under the brown bone, then Virgin e/s use at the highest point under the brow.
Bobbi Brown Long Where Gel eyeliner top lash line bottom water line.
Carbon e/s under the bottom lashes Mac**
Finish with Lancome Hypnose

Lip Products used
Lip balm
Sheen Supreme lipstick in Gotta Dash! Mac**
VinylGloss in Cystal Clear Rimmel**

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Tigi you must have a sence of humor to use our products

For the past six months or so Ive been a huge fan of the Tigi Range, they have something for every one Tigi Bed Head, Tigi Catwalk, Tigi S Factor, Tigi Rockaholic, Tigi B, Tigi Colour, Tigi Love Peace Plant.
Each Range have their own products Im sure you all know what Im talking about!! no need to ramble their products speak for them selves. Their In hair salons for a reason!!, here a few of my faves what I use daily when I wash style etc.

So I'l start with what I use to wash my hair, Ive bin switching between the two Brunnette Goddess and the Self Absorbed.
I'd say I love the Brunnette Goddess a little more this smells gorg I wish they invented like smell o vision! lol, Their both just as good tho one being for Colourd hair and the other for Mega Nutrient. Im not to fusy what shampoo and conditioner I use most do the same I just want clean smooth shiny hair.
What Tigi say about their product
Brunnette Goddess Shampoo Enriched with Powerful Nutrients & Shine
Feed your inner goddess! Love being a brunette! Nutrient-rich formula gives ultimate shine and smoothness. Deliciously rich fragrance, goddess-like lather. Natural sunflower extracts protect against colour fading and harmful UV rays. Brunettes do it Better!.
Brunnette Goddess Conditioner Enriched with Powerful Nutrients & Shine
Feed your inner goddess! Our liposome delivery system releases nutrients Into your hair. Soy and wheat proteins retain moisture and revitalize shine. Panthenol strengthens your hair to help resist breakage and reduce split ends. Brunettes do It beter!.
What Tigi say about their product
Self Absorbed Mega Nutrient Shampoo
Power up as you shampoo! SELF ABSORBED mix of mega nutrients get out-of-shape or chemically treated hair physically fit. Flex your newfound strength. Flaunt the shine and body. You've worked hard to look this good. (Well, not really, but we won't tell!)
Self Absorbed Mega Nutrient Conditioner
Take two minutes to get a little Self Absorbed! Mega nutrients energize lazy, ho-hum hair. Plump up the body and shine. Work out the tangles and dry ends. Feed out-of-shape or chemically treated hair what It needs.

After ive washed by hair I leave It till Its damp then I use the Bed Head Small Talk 3-in-1 Thickifier Energizer Stylizer, how cute Is the bottle first of! :D lol and the smell blueberrys!!!!! I can tell a huge dif In my hair If I dont use It. Soon as ive put It through my hair I flip my hair upside down and blow dry my hair till dry volume body done!
What Tigi say about their product
Thickifier- adds body and volume. Energizer-gives life to limp hair. Stylizer- defines separates and controls. Blah, blah, blah..
Adds shine and controls frizz
Thermal protectant
Light to medium hold and manageability
To use Work In damp hair and style

Styleling my hair If I feel I need that bit of an extra lift I use this Tigi S Factor Body Booster Plumpling Spray. I apply it directly to my roots get my round blow drying brush get the hair dryer lift and curl untill I feel Ive achieved what I wonted. Ive not tryd this all over my hair yet maybe I'll give It a go.
What Tigi say about their product
This hair plumping spray gives big, soft, moveable body while providing protection from damage caused by heat and daily styling. Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein helps keep hair conditioned and repairs damage.
Use all-over for soft, moveable body or personalize the lift In your style by applying directly to the roots. May also be used as a second day re-styling product.

When useing my flat iron Heat Defender. I use this Tigi S Factor Flat Iron Shine Spray amazing product!! makes a massive diff to my hair when going through with my straingners and after, the shine smoothness this is a must!!. And again this smells yummy!.
What Tigi say about their product
This high tech thermal protectant provides a soft shine with a healthy finish while styling with a flat iron and also protects from daily UV rays. Vitamins A&E nourish the hair while acting as antioxidants to protect the hair from environmental damage.

For the most part I use this Tigi S Factor Smoothing Lusterizer Defrizzer & Tamer when I've done straighting my hair to keep frizz down, but I do sometimes use this after Ive washed my hair I do find I get through my hair better when I've applied this, cheak your hands when youve used this you will have beautiful hands lol theirs a real nice shimmer to the hair your'll know what I mean :D. Oh and I've you love strawberrys your'll love this.
What Tigi say about their product
Smoothing Lusterizer Is our most luxurious product and Is designed to lock In the hair’s natural moisture while humectants control fly-a-ways and tame frizz caused by humidity. This beautiful shimmer styling lotion contains mica. The ideal product for thick, porous hair.
Use daily In wet or dry hair

We all need some sort of treatment for our hair, I came across this Tigi Wonderful tonight Overnight Treatment for Damaged, Dry and Depleted Hair In Need of Intense Repair, and thought wow!! I need this. After haveing my hair striped by my self and at the salon coloured to meny times I cant even count Im defo sure my hair Is screaming out for some love!! I used this Thursday Its now Sunday and my hair still feels smooth its shiny less straw like then It would usually. If I remember I have a brain like a goldfish I try to use this once a week. This comes in a cute little box with a leaflet inside witch tells you more about the ingredient just have a look up on Keravis!! I dont think your be dissipointed.
What Tigi say about their product
Our dreaming hours are vital in order to regenerate our body and mind. But imagine if you could regenerate your hair at the same time... Well now you can. NEW Wonderful Tonight Overnight Treatment Is specially formulated to rejuvenate dry, damaged, depleted hair in need of intense repair - whilst you sleep.
Wonderful Tonight contains KERAVIS™, a miracle ingredient which Is proven to triple the strength of damaged hair. KERAVIS™ Is fused together with our luxury complex (also found In the Diamond Dreams range). Diamond dust and crushed pearl provide brilliant shine •• Champagne extract intensely moisturises and provides antioxidants •• Cashmere extract smoothes and softens to control frizz and flyaways.
Simply apply a small amount of product to dry hair before going to bed •• Work through the hair, concentrating on ends and dry areas until product Is absorbed •• Sweet dreams! •• Shampoo and condition the next morning •• Repeat twice a month.

And lastly when all the washing styling has been done I finish my hair with this Tigi Bed Head Brunnette Goddess, to be fair I use this simply on the way It smells lol like a perfume a guess but It does add a gorgeous shine to the hair.
What Tigi say about their product
TIGI Bedhead Brunette Goddess Shine Spray is a weightless shine enhancing mist.
Spray It, shine It, flaunt It! Brunettes do It better! This lightweight mist has a non-greasy feel, enhances the look of natural or colour treated hair and works to strengthen hair.
So their we go my love for Tigi are their any products you swear by..? let me know :D

Nite time drama

EEEEE ive had a boring weekend I mean what can you do without any pennies why not do a makeup look!!!! ha, dark dramtic perfect for nite time with huge lashes witch im really not a fan of I got them from Mac online and ya know you should always go to see products for real buying online is a risk, but yea here we go :D

Face Products used
Primer Nars**
Face & Body foundation MacFull Coverage foundation outer proportions of face Mac**
Concealer Select cover under the eyes blemishes ect Mac**
Loose Power colourless used all over face Shu Uemura**
Contour cheeks Harmony blush Mac*
Style blush Mac** followed by Trace Gold to highligh cheek bone Mac**

Eye Products used
Rice paper e/e all over lid to brow bone Mac**
Chocolate Brown pigment over the lid blending upwards and outwards slightly Mac**
Black Tied e/s over the lid again blending upwards and outward slightly, take Black Tied and go under the lower lashes also Mac**
In the crease Woodwinked e/s takeing it outwards also Mac**
Highlight Brule e/s under brow followed by HoneyLust e/s at the highest point of brow arch Mac**
Feline Eye Kohl Pencil top lash line, upper and bottom waterline Mac**
Lancome** Hypnose Mascara [Love love love this, id go far as saying its the best one ive ever used so far!!]
Finsish with some very wispy dramtic long lashes these are number 2 by Mac**

Lip Products Used
Lip Balm
Lip Erase Dim Mac**
Myth Lipstick Mac**
Florabundance Lipglass Mac**

hope you like :DDD

Monday, 12 September 2011

You snob!!!!!

Quick easy make-up look sort of a soft smokey eye less of that heres the piccies!!!!

Face Products used
Bobbi Brown** face base
Smash Box** studioskin foundation amazing foundation btw :D
Make Up For Ever Full Cover concealer under the eyes
Bobbi Brown** loose powder
Msf natural outer proportions of the face Mac**
Laura Geller** Bronze N Brighten cheeks forhead chin
Highlight top of the cheebones Albatross by Nars**
Coutour Sin blush Nars** DollyMix blush cheek bone Mac**

Eye Products Used
Soba e/s over the lid working into the crease Mac**
Romp e/s Mac** starting from lash line working up slightly takeing It outwards also blend with soba e/s
Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel Eyeliner top lash line and under bottom lashes takeing It just over half way, take Carbon e/s and go over the gel liner under the bottom lashes.
Take Cork e/s Mac under the bottom lashes into the cornor blending with the Carbon e/s Mac**
Nylon e/s tab just a lil right in the cornor of the eye Mac**
Highlight Brule e/s under the brow Mac**
Finish with false lashes these are Illamasqua** 017

Lip products used
Lip balm
Lip erase in dim by Mac**
Snob lipstcik my Mac**

How i do my brows

I got a question over the weekend about brows so I thought why not share how I do my own, I think im going to start posting on how I do my own make-up ie foundation, powder, bronzer, contour etc etc, hopefully to help
Back to brows Ive never had mine waxed threaded I pluck I do my own I dont think Id trust anyone to do them apart from my self but I have heard of this hd brows..? they really seem to know what their talking about but for the most part im happy the way mine are, I guess Im pretty lucky my brows are pretty thick I only pluck the top the bottom and the start once a week at the most following my natural shape, I dont know about you but why gurls over pluck I do not know then they wonder why they have to draw them on?!? unless thats the look your going for then so be It but personally I think it looks stupid. I know some people are less fortunate who have very fine brows but drawing them or..? or even worse shaveing them of!?! are you mad!!!!! no need what so ever.
Heres a step by step on how I do my own, If you think im doing this wrong or whatever then fair enuff you have your opinion but this is how i do them my self this will or wont work for some but for me it does.

Step 1 Pluck brows, i kinda just follow my natural shape plucking the hairs I dont wont mostly on the top, for anyone who Is interested In what I use to pluck I have the tweezerman tweezers.

Step 2 I defo prefer useing powder to a pencil I think pencils look to fake, to apply the colour to the brows I use a 266 small angled brush my mac witch Is perfect for brows, dont overload the brush with colour.

Step 3 Define the start of your brows a little, were your eye starts this is were your brows should start.

Step 4 Now define the top of your brows if you wont more of an angel to your browns angel the brush more.

Step 5 The tip/end of your brows should finish were your eye does if you take a brush and angel it at the side of your eyes thats where your brows should end, for me this Is were my hairs are the finiest, well less off.

Step 6 Now I set the brows useing mac's brow set in show-off clear coloured its up to you, this keep the brows In place mine can have a mind of their own lol.

An their we go brows done ive tryed to keep It simple as poss hope this helps guys :D. Oh and If anyone knows of Hd brows In the Oldham/Manchster area let me know, would love to see what they would do with mine.

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

hey you guysssssss

im back :DDDDDD major computer prob lostd everything and I mean everything pic files you name it to top it off I forgot my pword to log on to computer so I finally got round to getting it fixed so this is the reasons why im been very quiet, but im back now until something else goes wrong just call me un bloody lucky ha!!.
Any whoo we all no how girls cant live without their false nails ive had my ups and downs im currently trying to grow them out again!! I will say AGAIN! I do this every so often for a few week then I cave and go back to my falsies. Id say for the past two month ive had been having calgel not quite sure what It Is apart from Its a gel..? but apparently Its better then acrylics less damaging to the nail around the same price well depending were you go, I was just haveing calgel french overlays but they do extentions also. their way more natural looking couldnt really tell to be fair but i will leave that up to you!!
Like I said before im trying to stick to my own nails and grow them, Ive tryd opi's nail envy in the past witch I felt didnt do anytyhin for me Im now useing nailtiques after artificial treatment kit, Ive been useing it for three weeks now and already my nails are gettin stronger their not spilting or peeling I really feel this kit is working for me theirs two treatments, formula a until you finish the bottle, then you switch to formula b until you see an improvement then Its one application every other day till you finish the bottle, after you decided witch your nails need either a or b so I guess time will tell but I have high hopes already.
And a huge huge plus I will save so much money no more going to the salon every 2 weeks!!. I will do a full review on the nailtique after artificial treatment kit when ive completetd regime.
hope your all well :D

Sunday, 5 June 2011

How cute is this outfit meowwwwwwwwww

Before I begin again keep hating Bi*** like seriously bit of flesh are you a nun or something its a post on I'll say it again a full body spray tan!!!. Enough of that :D I recently went to my best mates house warming party the theme was fancy dress!!, first thing that came to mind was Katy perry cupcakes blue hair but I didn't take it to account I had a wax the week before and I was due back in for another the week after so i would have to go without shaving obviously so I had to come up with something that would cover me up but still look cute :D
Leg Avenue being a huge name for costumes was the first place I looked and as soon as I saw this I had to have it, I should of got the boots to go with to but money was abit tight, I shall most def be buying them at some point tho.
This was a three piece set the catsuit ears and collar, I got this in the sale was meant to be 60££ i believe and I got it for around 40££ I think, Its described as being a cougar costume im not sure if its the cougar being the more mature lady..? like desperate house wife's or cougar as in the animal lol I have no idea but I love it. Its very well made to not cheap like alot of costumes Ive bought from other brands. I garantee your'll come across something you'll like

Monday, 16 May 2011

St Tropez Spray Tan Before & After

Lately I've had an obsession with St Tropez spray tans quite an expensive obsession lol, but well worth it :D I'm sure you all know I'm a huge tan fanatic I cant live without the stuff Xen Tan being a fav of mine, I'l be honest I think I'm falling outer love with sadly I never thought id say it. I find with the St Tropez Spray Tan the results are so much better I don't know if its due to it being a professional spray tan but I'm absolutely in love!. From start to finish it takes around 20 mins I always say the darker the better lol but its up to you if you wont just a slight tan or a deeper tan, I have two coats I find ones not dark enough for me, once applied within id say five mins you can see it developing getting darker and darker as the hours past, from head to toe your left with a perfect even golden olive colour that last up to a week if you look after your tan!!, in no way is it orange pics will show all any way.

Here's a few tips from the professionals themselves about having a
spray tan treatment taken from

The St. Tropez Spray Tan Treatment is the quickest way to get a professional finish. Delivered in around 15 minutes, the spray is quick drying and now features Aromaguard™ fragrance technology which eliminates the tell-tale self tan aroma by a minimum of 70%.
Before treatment advice:
•Skin should be free from self tan, perfume, deodorant and aromatherapy oils
•Waxing or shaving should be completed at least 24 hours prior to the treatment
•The evening or morning before your treatment, exfoliate your entire body with St. Tropez Body Polish. Pay special attention to dry areas of your body such as hands, elbows, knees and feet
•Wear dark, loose fitting clothing with dark coloured underwear. The guide colour may stain light hair, man-made fibres and wool
•We recommend you have a patch test prior to every treatment
After treatment advice:
•Do not shower or bathe for a minimum of 4 hours after your treatment
•Do not participate in any activity which may cause perspiration for at least 12 hours after the treatment
•The guide colour can be left on overnight although it may transfer onto bed linen. It will wash out of cotton, but not so easily from man-made fibres or wool
Keep your tan looking gorgeous for longer:
•Apply St. Tropez Body Moisturiser or St. Tropez Body Butter daily
•Exfoliate your skin with St. Tropez Body Polish every 2-3 days to ensure even fading
•After showering pat the skin dry rather than rubbing
•Avoid swimming pools as chlorine can bleach the tan

All I would say is if you wont your tan to go even darker leave it on for as long as poss say I usually have one done on a Friday at one clock I don't have a shower until least the afternoon Saturday sometimes later depending on what I'm doing. Don't be scared of the guide colour coming of in the shower your'll still be left with a gorgeous golden tan, you may think its all guna come off it really doesn't your'll be surprised, I know this happens alot with other fake tans you think what's the point it all comes off lol but this doesn't do that. I cant add much else I think their a must for a special occasion or even just to treat your self I feel so much better when ive had mine like a different person in a far better mood to its weird what it does ha.
Pics below no tan/tan left on for a good 12 hours/after showering

Monday, 2 May 2011

Clash classy/quirky

Bit of a weird mood today wanted look classy but with a twist bit of a poof with geek specs love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Face Products Used
Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Bace
Studio Sculpt Foundation Mac**
Laura Mercier Secret Concealer used under eyes
Nars concealer stick on top of the Secret Concealer
Nars loose Powder used all over the face
Nars Casino Bronzer outer proportions of face
Casion also used to contour cheeks
Blush Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Bronze

Eye Products Used [All Mac]]
Vanilla e/s all over lid up to brow bone Mac**
Wedge e/s in the crease taking it out slightly Mac**
Espresso e/s outer crease taking it out slightly also Mac**
All That Glitters e/s inner part of the eye and tear duct area Mac**
Rice Paper e/s highlight under brow bone Mac**
Liner top lash line SuperSlick Liquid Eye Liner making a wing! Mac**
Finished with Haute & Naughty Lash Mascara Mac**

Lip Products Used
Lip Balm
Clarins Joil Rouge Brilliant 13 Cherry
Perfect Wear Extralasting Lip Gloss Infinite berry Avon**

Me minus about 4 inches

The story of my hair continues over the weekend I've had my hair chopped and I've had it coloured again!!, Its been about 6 weeks since i had it stripped so I thought id give it a while to let me hair settle, my goal is to achieve a golden brown/toffee colour [Lauren goodger], we are getting their slowly this will take a while as I've had my hair all sorts of colours being black for the most part. From having the black stripped my hair was left a copper I dunno what to call it I was told black is made up of alott of red so this is why my hair went a funny copper/orange/red tone anyway the girl at the salon new I wonted to get rid of what I had and eventually go a nice golden brown/toffee so to kill some of the copper/orange/red I believe they used a more ashy brown I cant remember exactly but they know what their doing I don't have a clue lol you could tell even after just 5 mins i could see more of a brown tone to my hair thank god!!. Once the colour was washed out was time for the chop!! we had spoke about cutting it, a good few inches to make it easier its so dense and thick my hair its far to heavy and its a nightmare to do anything with it so we went with taking it shorter adding shorter layers, now I don't no if I was feeling brave or it was due to the fact i had a bottle of rose before going ha but I was celebrating wills and kate's wedding but I went with it and before i knew it my hair was all over the floor!! I thought OMG!! I've always had really long hair and I felt sort off naked its hard to say but I really like the way its turned out you know when your use to something like its your comfort zone and you change something and its like what have I done!! but the more you get use to it the more it grows on you. Its not a dramatic change but like I said its hard stepping outer your comfort zone. Haveing said that im very happy, Looking forward to my next trip already even tho I do like the colour its not what i ultimately wont but i have be patient :D.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Aintree/Liverpool 2011 luvs

All I can say is I had a fantastic day/night and i cant wait to go back next year. Not everything went to plan but that was soon forgot, defo need to plan things out more what Im wearing how i wont my hair make-up how to get their, Im not very organized things just seem to be all rushed and left to last min, that's were it al starts going wrong lol. But heres a few pics from the day didn't take meny was to busy knocking back the drinks. Didn't really see any race their was a huge amount of people their crowds and crowds but i did manage a few shots. Anyone thinking of going do it!!! you will absolutely love it!!!. Before i for get really think about what shoes your going to wear im still paying for wearing 5 and a half inch platforms witch are ruined scuffs scratches typical ha. Whos going next year..?