Monday, 16 May 2011

St Tropez Spray Tan Before & After

Lately I've had an obsession with St Tropez spray tans quite an expensive obsession lol, but well worth it :D I'm sure you all know I'm a huge tan fanatic I cant live without the stuff Xen Tan being a fav of mine, I'l be honest I think I'm falling outer love with sadly I never thought id say it. I find with the St Tropez Spray Tan the results are so much better I don't know if its due to it being a professional spray tan but I'm absolutely in love!. From start to finish it takes around 20 mins I always say the darker the better lol but its up to you if you wont just a slight tan or a deeper tan, I have two coats I find ones not dark enough for me, once applied within id say five mins you can see it developing getting darker and darker as the hours past, from head to toe your left with a perfect even golden olive colour that last up to a week if you look after your tan!!, in no way is it orange pics will show all any way.

Here's a few tips from the professionals themselves about having a
spray tan treatment taken from

The St. Tropez Spray Tan Treatment is the quickest way to get a professional finish. Delivered in around 15 minutes, the spray is quick drying and now features Aromaguard™ fragrance technology which eliminates the tell-tale self tan aroma by a minimum of 70%.
Before treatment advice:
•Skin should be free from self tan, perfume, deodorant and aromatherapy oils
•Waxing or shaving should be completed at least 24 hours prior to the treatment
•The evening or morning before your treatment, exfoliate your entire body with St. Tropez Body Polish. Pay special attention to dry areas of your body such as hands, elbows, knees and feet
•Wear dark, loose fitting clothing with dark coloured underwear. The guide colour may stain light hair, man-made fibres and wool
•We recommend you have a patch test prior to every treatment
After treatment advice:
•Do not shower or bathe for a minimum of 4 hours after your treatment
•Do not participate in any activity which may cause perspiration for at least 12 hours after the treatment
•The guide colour can be left on overnight although it may transfer onto bed linen. It will wash out of cotton, but not so easily from man-made fibres or wool
Keep your tan looking gorgeous for longer:
•Apply St. Tropez Body Moisturiser or St. Tropez Body Butter daily
•Exfoliate your skin with St. Tropez Body Polish every 2-3 days to ensure even fading
•After showering pat the skin dry rather than rubbing
•Avoid swimming pools as chlorine can bleach the tan

All I would say is if you wont your tan to go even darker leave it on for as long as poss say I usually have one done on a Friday at one clock I don't have a shower until least the afternoon Saturday sometimes later depending on what I'm doing. Don't be scared of the guide colour coming of in the shower your'll still be left with a gorgeous golden tan, you may think its all guna come off it really doesn't your'll be surprised, I know this happens alot with other fake tans you think what's the point it all comes off lol but this doesn't do that. I cant add much else I think their a must for a special occasion or even just to treat your self I feel so much better when ive had mine like a different person in a far better mood to its weird what it does ha.
Pics below no tan/tan left on for a good 12 hours/after showering


  1. OMG, what an amazing difference! I was starting to think you were naturally tanned as it suits you so well! I'm currently on the hunt for a good (and not too epxensive) self-tanner as I'm using Neostrata Sunsation in Deep Dark and it's absolutely NOT deep dark on me.

    Love the leopard print panty =P

  2. Ive not bin away since last august so Im very pale alot of people do think Im naturally tand witch id love to be the case but sadly not lol. have you tried Rimmel sun shimmer..? ha gota love a bit of leopard :D

  3. i wanna get a spray tan soon i think. do you usually go topless for spray tans or leave the bra on? x

  4. defo bra off you dont wont tan lines

  5. Your blog is getting beyond a joke. Anyone else would show a tan with face, arms, maybe leg photos. But no, you have to get your bum out. Pathetic. You've lost another reader.

  6. I can show whatever the hell i like arms and face are in the photos actully!! showing the tan lines it is a FULL BODY TAN!!!..Seriously like do you get offended when people walk around in bikinis get a bloody grip!!

  7. omgsh, i love the tan! you have an amazing body babes :). ignore whatever that person above said :). xxx

  8. great tan looks really natural :)
    you have a great body ,why wouldnt you show it off :) x

  9. Shame Im not actually that colour ha :) it is very natural looking tho, thanx for the comments gurls

  10. this looks great on you, but I dont understand? did you use the st tropez self tanner or did you go get a professional spray tan? you have the most perfect body btw

  11. its a spray tan sweet and thank you xo