Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Get Naked!!!

Heyyy :D yes I have been quiet, feel free to shout abuse at me ha :D Ive been away on hols to get away from the dump I call England!!, we went to Cancun in Mexico, loved it even tho we had a week of rain some bloody tropical storm!! would only happen to me that lol, didnt put me of hopeing to go back next year March April May time, spring brake Is ment be the best time to go, anyone been over at that time...?Newhoo met some fab people alot of who were american, luv you guys the words bonkers and party hard come to mind lol, so differnt to english people Its werid, like you live of another planet or something. I will get some pics up at somepoint another destination to defo vist. Well anyway before I get carried away, Ive been after the very well know Naked palette by Urban Decay no way was I paying the ridiculous amount of money people wanted on ebay 50£ no chance, so I was shocked to see the pallete In the In flight magazine on the plane going to Mexico and at 25£ we all know everything is cheaper tax free of course I fought BARGIN!! I actually could shop their all day. I managed to get by bf Jase to buy me It all I have to do Is put the sad face on and It seems to work :DDDDDDD only jokein :p, I was over the moon with It I knew It wouldnt dissipoint I actually used it more then I used my Mac shadows thats all I own and use, so I even shocked my self really, the pigment Is fantastic they blend really well and the colours are gorg!! so meny differnt looks you can pull off even the pallete its self is beautiful. One thing I dont really like Is the eye primer.? I find It really wet like water I dont feel It does anything I defo prefer Mac paints feels like your actually putting something onto the skin. An essay is forming so i shall move on!!! still playing around with the pallette loveing the bronzey gold tones recently I dont know It Its cause ive been away or what but yea here It Is:DDDDDDDDDDDDDD

Face Products used
Prep And Prime Mac**
Studio Fix Fluid Foundation for anyone who wonts to know what colour ive used a mix of Nc30 and Nw44 Mac**
Full cover concealer under the eyes Make Up Forever**
Select Sheer Pressed Powder**
Bronzer In Refine Golden Mac** outer proportions of face and across forhead down the nose and swipe across the cheeks and chin Mac**
To contour the cheeks Harmony blush Mac** follwed by Peachtwist blush Mac**
Hilight Albatross By Nars**

Eye Products used
Bare Canvas Paint as a base Mac**
Sin e/s on the lid Urban Decay**
Naked e/s in the crease
Sidecar e/s over the Naked e/s but keeping more to the outer part of the eye dont do right through the crease Urban Decay**
To darken the outer crease slightly take Buck e/s and blend blend blend
Take Naked e/s again for the highligh under the brown bone, then Virgin e/s use at the highest point under the brow.
Bobbi Brown Long Where Gel eyeliner top lash line bottom water line.
Carbon e/s under the bottom lashes Mac**
Finish with Lancome Hypnose

Lip Products used
Lip balm
Sheen Supreme lipstick in Gotta Dash! Mac**
VinylGloss in Cystal Clear Rimmel**