Sunday, 18 September 2011

Tigi you must have a sence of humor to use our products

For the past six months or so Ive been a huge fan of the Tigi Range, they have something for every one Tigi Bed Head, Tigi Catwalk, Tigi S Factor, Tigi Rockaholic, Tigi B, Tigi Colour, Tigi Love Peace Plant.
Each Range have their own products Im sure you all know what Im talking about!! no need to ramble their products speak for them selves. Their In hair salons for a reason!!, here a few of my faves what I use daily when I wash style etc.

So I'l start with what I use to wash my hair, Ive bin switching between the two Brunnette Goddess and the Self Absorbed.
I'd say I love the Brunnette Goddess a little more this smells gorg I wish they invented like smell o vision! lol, Their both just as good tho one being for Colourd hair and the other for Mega Nutrient. Im not to fusy what shampoo and conditioner I use most do the same I just want clean smooth shiny hair.
What Tigi say about their product
Brunnette Goddess Shampoo Enriched with Powerful Nutrients & Shine
Feed your inner goddess! Love being a brunette! Nutrient-rich formula gives ultimate shine and smoothness. Deliciously rich fragrance, goddess-like lather. Natural sunflower extracts protect against colour fading and harmful UV rays. Brunettes do it Better!.
Brunnette Goddess Conditioner Enriched with Powerful Nutrients & Shine
Feed your inner goddess! Our liposome delivery system releases nutrients Into your hair. Soy and wheat proteins retain moisture and revitalize shine. Panthenol strengthens your hair to help resist breakage and reduce split ends. Brunettes do It beter!.
What Tigi say about their product
Self Absorbed Mega Nutrient Shampoo
Power up as you shampoo! SELF ABSORBED mix of mega nutrients get out-of-shape or chemically treated hair physically fit. Flex your newfound strength. Flaunt the shine and body. You've worked hard to look this good. (Well, not really, but we won't tell!)
Self Absorbed Mega Nutrient Conditioner
Take two minutes to get a little Self Absorbed! Mega nutrients energize lazy, ho-hum hair. Plump up the body and shine. Work out the tangles and dry ends. Feed out-of-shape or chemically treated hair what It needs.

After ive washed by hair I leave It till Its damp then I use the Bed Head Small Talk 3-in-1 Thickifier Energizer Stylizer, how cute Is the bottle first of! :D lol and the smell blueberrys!!!!! I can tell a huge dif In my hair If I dont use It. Soon as ive put It through my hair I flip my hair upside down and blow dry my hair till dry volume body done!
What Tigi say about their product
Thickifier- adds body and volume. Energizer-gives life to limp hair. Stylizer- defines separates and controls. Blah, blah, blah..
Adds shine and controls frizz
Thermal protectant
Light to medium hold and manageability
To use Work In damp hair and style

Styleling my hair If I feel I need that bit of an extra lift I use this Tigi S Factor Body Booster Plumpling Spray. I apply it directly to my roots get my round blow drying brush get the hair dryer lift and curl untill I feel Ive achieved what I wonted. Ive not tryd this all over my hair yet maybe I'll give It a go.
What Tigi say about their product
This hair plumping spray gives big, soft, moveable body while providing protection from damage caused by heat and daily styling. Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein helps keep hair conditioned and repairs damage.
Use all-over for soft, moveable body or personalize the lift In your style by applying directly to the roots. May also be used as a second day re-styling product.

When useing my flat iron Heat Defender. I use this Tigi S Factor Flat Iron Shine Spray amazing product!! makes a massive diff to my hair when going through with my straingners and after, the shine smoothness this is a must!!. And again this smells yummy!.
What Tigi say about their product
This high tech thermal protectant provides a soft shine with a healthy finish while styling with a flat iron and also protects from daily UV rays. Vitamins A&E nourish the hair while acting as antioxidants to protect the hair from environmental damage.

For the most part I use this Tigi S Factor Smoothing Lusterizer Defrizzer & Tamer when I've done straighting my hair to keep frizz down, but I do sometimes use this after Ive washed my hair I do find I get through my hair better when I've applied this, cheak your hands when youve used this you will have beautiful hands lol theirs a real nice shimmer to the hair your'll know what I mean :D. Oh and I've you love strawberrys your'll love this.
What Tigi say about their product
Smoothing Lusterizer Is our most luxurious product and Is designed to lock In the hair’s natural moisture while humectants control fly-a-ways and tame frizz caused by humidity. This beautiful shimmer styling lotion contains mica. The ideal product for thick, porous hair.
Use daily In wet or dry hair

We all need some sort of treatment for our hair, I came across this Tigi Wonderful tonight Overnight Treatment for Damaged, Dry and Depleted Hair In Need of Intense Repair, and thought wow!! I need this. After haveing my hair striped by my self and at the salon coloured to meny times I cant even count Im defo sure my hair Is screaming out for some love!! I used this Thursday Its now Sunday and my hair still feels smooth its shiny less straw like then It would usually. If I remember I have a brain like a goldfish I try to use this once a week. This comes in a cute little box with a leaflet inside witch tells you more about the ingredient just have a look up on Keravis!! I dont think your be dissipointed.
What Tigi say about their product
Our dreaming hours are vital in order to regenerate our body and mind. But imagine if you could regenerate your hair at the same time... Well now you can. NEW Wonderful Tonight Overnight Treatment Is specially formulated to rejuvenate dry, damaged, depleted hair in need of intense repair - whilst you sleep.
Wonderful Tonight contains KERAVIS™, a miracle ingredient which Is proven to triple the strength of damaged hair. KERAVIS™ Is fused together with our luxury complex (also found In the Diamond Dreams range). Diamond dust and crushed pearl provide brilliant shine •• Champagne extract intensely moisturises and provides antioxidants •• Cashmere extract smoothes and softens to control frizz and flyaways.
Simply apply a small amount of product to dry hair before going to bed •• Work through the hair, concentrating on ends and dry areas until product Is absorbed •• Sweet dreams! •• Shampoo and condition the next morning •• Repeat twice a month.

And lastly when all the washing styling has been done I finish my hair with this Tigi Bed Head Brunnette Goddess, to be fair I use this simply on the way It smells lol like a perfume a guess but It does add a gorgeous shine to the hair.
What Tigi say about their product
TIGI Bedhead Brunette Goddess Shine Spray is a weightless shine enhancing mist.
Spray It, shine It, flaunt It! Brunettes do It better! This lightweight mist has a non-greasy feel, enhances the look of natural or colour treated hair and works to strengthen hair.
So their we go my love for Tigi are their any products you swear by..? let me know :D


  1. My hair us soo dry after stripping my hair, def going to give tigi a try xMy hair us soo dry after stripping my hair, def going to give tigi a try x

  2. Wow, this is such a great post, I learned a lot :) I'm really interested in Tigi products, though I haven't had a chance to test out their products, I'll have to do it ASAP <3

  3. defo dont think your'll be dissipionted :)