Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Fuming!!!! with XenTan

Their XenTan Dark Lotion Absolute Luxe has now gone up to 39.99££ like 34.95££ was enough i thought, yea you get what you pay for but 39.99£ is ridiculous its takeing the pickle abit like how meny people can afford a fake tan at that price when times are hard im actuly fumeing lol luckily i have found it at 29.99££ thank you :DDDD so not impressed why would they do that..?

Sunday, 16 January 2011

My very first drugstore foundation Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid Foundation

So i decided on getting a cheaper foundation to use for work the amount of money i spend on foundations is to much when i dont have to exactly look my best for work i dont need to spend hours getting ready 20 mins and i have to be out of the house, so to save some money i went with Maybelline's dream satin liquid foundation bearing in mind i no nothing about this product i never buy drug-store make-up so i had no idea what to expect.
What Maybelline Says about this product
[Our Totally new liquid makeup sensation for an amazing air brush finish!
Air whipped formula: the lightness of a mouse in a liquid foundation.Luxurious, yet amazingly light to touch!
Air brush satin finish: coverage is flawless, seamless, incredibly smooth, subtly luminous.]
I got the shade nude 021 if anyone wants to know not to yellow it looks pretty yellow in the pics but its really not it has olive golden tones not orange in anyway matches perfect when im slight tan, id say its a pretty close to Mac nc25/30,i have got bronzer on my pics so you cant tell the colour fully it has darkend my face abit but ive put it up more purely for the look of my skin. First thoughts yea i love this, the constancy is very creamy a dream to apply, this dosen't dry fast plenty of time to move it around the face, easy to blend soon as i applyd it you could hardly tell anything was their, this did give me a subtle glow but not overpowering well it is a satin finish after all no way is this a matt finish, their is a nice luminosity to the skin, my skin looked healthy and bright. i really don't like the full coverage foundation look its to much of a mask for my liking, i don't need a full coverage foundation anyway but id say this was medium buildable but also i felt it could be used for a more sheer coverage if you applyd it with a damp sponge. I used one pump to do my whole face that was enough i tryed two pumps and i myself thought it looked to much of a mask slightly cakey i didnt like it at all. Overall tho i loved the way it looked on my skin smooth even luminous felt as tho i had nothing on my skin its very light , i wouldn't go as far as saying its airbrushed you can still slightly see pores on my nose and across my cheeks but its done a pretty good job at really minimising them im actually really surprised but apart from my pores this is pretty flawless. BUT yes their is a but i wouldn't recommend this to anyone with oily skin i think this would be a fantastic product for slightly dryer skins tho. After around id say 4 hours around my nose especially, oil started to appear ARRRRRR lol then on my chin not much but their was a defo SHINE the foundation just started melting its not very long wearing but for work it fine i do have a problem around my nose area anyway but i really cant complain it ticks every other box part from longevity and at under 10 pounds what more could you ask for. If any one knows of a foundation that promises to give you a airbrushed finish let me no :DDDD if their is such a thing..???

Cleaning Brushes

I really dont do it as often as i should i really dont see the point in washing them every week i use them on my face only, fair enough if your using them on different people they need to be clean all the time, i really dont look after mine but for the price of some brushes i should proberly take more care, yea i know they get full of bacteria and so on but im not obsessed with maybe my face will brake out if i have a dirty brush.? I may just have a brake out due to hormones that has nothing to do with using dirty brushes maybe i have a very relaxed attitude about it lol i dunno but yea im not that fussed. I clean them when i feel i need to, but each to their own, Their are so many reason why you need to make sure your brushes are clean they last longer your makeup will look better due to theirs no build up of oil ect ect ive read articles after articles you choose to take the advice or not. So all i do is use a brush cleaner i have the Mac one if you don't have a one baby shampoo would be fine its gentle enough. I didn't like the bottle the Mac Cleaner came in so i used a Mac fix Plus bottle with the spray so much easier!!!! I get a old towel spray the brush with the cleaner then wipe it back and forth on the towel you will see all the dirt coming off as you wipe, then all i do is put the brush under water and you will see more colour coming of , when i cant see any colour coming of i sort of like squeeze the excess water and shape them and just lay them to dry under a radiator and its as simple as that 24hrs later clean brushes.. Whats your attitude to cleaning your brushes.?

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Mac Yash

Could not help my self like do i need another nude lipstick lol not really but i had to have it, its from the Mac + Mickey Contractor collection not a clue who he is..? but yay i took a fancy to the lippy Yash its alot like Blankety but a darker version you cant really tell the diff to be honest its just got a tad more red in it very flattering anyway its a matt finish tho witch i like but in the winter my lips get so dry the amount of lip balms i use is ridiculous lol :D i have used lip erase before applying yash so it will look different.

Left to Rite Yash Blankety

Top to bottom Yash Honey Love Blankety Viva Glam ll

Monday, 3 January 2011

Im back!!

Sorry guys ive not bin on for a while as some of you may know i was having my boobs done I HAVE!! and still in the recovery process witch could take a long time its just been over three weeks swelling has gone down alot tightness stiffness has got better to numbness around my nipple and nipple area is still affecting me but should get better with time my scars are healing very nicely and my boobs are looking fantastic :D i am so happy i have got a fair way to go they need to really settle soften up more but already i absolutely love them.
The day of my surgery was not as bad as i thought early start i had to be their 8 in the morn i was nervous i wont lie that horrible feeling you get in your stomach i had on they way when we got their me and my bf jay we was made to feel very welcome witch made me feel alot better i was told to put on the theatre gown and a lovely pair of knickers , i was then told id see a nurse my antithesis my surgeon and so on i was the first one my face kinda droptd lol. My nurse just went through questions weighed me measured my leg for support stocking my antithesis asked more questions i was able to ask questions to i was worried about the whole being put to sleep thing i had nothing to worry about, i then saw my surgeon Dr Netri who then measured me up took pictures had abit of a joke and laugh apparently its better to go first he said so that he doesn't get tired witch made me laugh and feel at ease, i was in the very best of hands. Not long after at around 9 am they were ready for me it all happened so quick as i walked into theatre i was welcomed at this point i was getting abit anxiousness i lay on the table the theatre staff and i were talking, to calm me down i was given oxygen i think it was a mask was over my face, my antithesis then was getting ready to put me asleep at this point i really dont know what i was thinking he was taping the back of my hand with something hard i had to squeeze and realise my hand i guess to help get a vain im not sure he then said will see you in a little wile my body felt really heavy like i couldn't move and that was it i don't remember i thing until i came round in recovery in agony i was freezing to i remember the nurse putting this like heater under my duvet i cant remember how long i was in their for but another girl came at the side of me i was able to have a look at my new boobs but i was half asleep i cant fully remember i then was told my room was ready for me so i was took to my room were they placed me on to the bed bandaged me up and left me to kinda wake up abit and then my bf came in, i think i was just relived that i was okay and still here i know it sounds daft lol from waking up in recovery to being moved to my room its just a big blair but as soon as i started to come round more i was txting friends and family letting them no it all went well and that i was fine. My surgeon came up to see me checking i was fine witch i thought was nice i had a few nurses who came in and out checking on me through out the whole time i was their who were so friendly and helpful asking if i wanted a drink something to eat i did have soup sandwiches and salad biscuits a ton of apple juice they were nice enough ask my bf if he wanted anything, private hospitals are far better from the staff to the food to cleanliness i couldn't fault it. From arriving at 8 in the morn i was told about 6 hours after surgery that i would be allowed to go witch would have been about 5 a clock but to be sure i was in till around 9 clock i had these drains one in each boob to get rid of any excess blood/fluid their wasn't alot but they want like the fluid/blood to brake up as its going through the tube if im making any sense..? i don't know why but as soon as my nurse was happy and my surgeon was i was allowed to go. So at around 8 clock my drains were took out dressings on , iv was took out we went through all the paper work medication ect and i could then be on my way, I even watched that episode of corrie with the tram crash while i was their ha i was scared i would miss it lol. I cant thank everyone enough at Transform who made my feel welcome very looked after who made my experience far better then i thought it would have been. Even after i left Transform they rang to check up on me if i had any questions or worries i can ring them whenever i want and i was surprised to even get a card at xmas from them :D. Id say the first week was the hardest sleeping upright is just not comfy waking up in the middle of the night not being able to sleep proper was a pain but i can now sleep on my front side witch ever i want to but its weird i have boobs now where as before i dint and i they get in the way day to day things were hard limited arm movements getting up was hard i needed help even going to toilet was a struggle i couldn't even press the button to flush it things were hard but i could see the difference day after day that it was getin easier, a week after surgery i had to go to transform to have my dressings took off had abit of a clean their was some bruising but thats to be expected, made an appointment with my surgeon for for a 6 week check so im back at transform in mid Jan , i have to wear a support bra for 6 weeks i will be so glad when i can actually wear a proper bra just over 3 weeks and counting :D never have i been excited to go bra shopping before :D. I did have to wear a strap also that goes across the top of your boobs to keep them down that was very uncomfortable glad to see the back of that but it was for my own good i had to wear it. So all in all im so happy i did it the recovery is abit of a pain the not being able to do day to day things was abit stressful if you have under the muscle like i did the recovery is longer and more painful. The actual operation itself was no way as near as bad as i thought it be, Ive done things i would never do without feeling ashamed already like showing my bf my new chest talking about my chest with friends the confidence ive gained already is unreal and i still haven't bin able to show them off proper yet. Yes it has been tuff at times and the money side of it will be a long and hard gone are the days where i can buy what i want any more lol but i know i did the rite thing for me :D
I just wanted to share my experience and hopeflly help any one who needs it, bit of the subject but i hope you all had a fab xmas and a fantastic new yr bring on 2011!!!!!!