Monday, 29 November 2010

Pink Friday Nicki Minaj

As we all know Mac** have brought out a lippy with Nicki Minaj to celebrate her debut album Pink Friday** available for four Fridays only i believe. I'l be honest its just another pink bubble gum colour nothing Mac** haven't done before not very exciting i think, this is comeing up alot tho pretty much the same colours just a dif name, like how many pink lippys can you have lol don't get me wrong it its pretty tho its not to in your face its very wearable, So yea thought i would do a Nicki Minaj esc look. And ive posted a few other Mac pink lippys to compare to :)

Face Products Used
Bobbi Brown** Vitamin Enriched Face Base
Hd Foundation MakeUpForever**
Select Moisturecover Concealer Mac**
Select Sheer Pressed Powder Mac**
Msf Natural Mac**
Laura Geller** Bronze n Brighten
Harmony Blush by Mac** to Contour cheeks
DollyMix blush Mac**
Highlight Albatross by Nars**

Eye Products Used [all Mac part from mascara]
Brule e/s all over the lid up to brow bone
Rated R e/s over the lid [why it looks goldy yellow i dont no it looks green in the pan lol]
Beauty Sleep e/s in the crease
Sushi Flower e/s over the Beauty Sleep e/s
Passionate e/s over both the two e/s to darken the crease
Sketch e/s rite in to the crease to really darken it up blend blend blend in to the three other crease colours
White Frost e/s to highlight under the brow bone
Smolder eye kohl top lash line and top water line
Maybelline The Colossal Volum Express Mascara
Finish with some false lashes

Lip Products Used
Lip Balm
Pink Friday lippy Mac*

Left to rite Pink Friday Viva Glam GaGa LoveLorn Snob Saint Germain Overtime

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Jimmy + Burberry

Jimmy 100£
Burberry 150£


Items added :) also im selling a pair of jimmy choo heels and a pair of burberry heels both a size 6 im wanting rid ive worn them twice at the most in need of a good home if your interested let me know

Monday, 22 November 2010

BLOG SALE getin rid if the sh**e i dont use

First come first serve uk only will only accept pay pal!!, wil post soon as i can 50p for any extra item, just leave your paypal email and i will send the invoice please check my other sales still items unsold cheers guys

Mac Studio Fix Foundation far to dark for me now as im not that tand basically full
nw43 14£

Mac Personal Style blush used id say 3 times at most £12 SOLD!!!

Mac The Perfect Cheek Blush again used around 3 times £12 SOLD!!!

Nars The Mulitiple in St barts used a hand full of times pretty much full £19 SOLD!!

Mac Lavander Whip Lipstick hardly used £9

Mac Pretty Please lipstick again hardly used full really £9

Bobbi Brown Long Wear Long Wear Cream Eyeshadow in Galexy i think used once £10

Mac Instant Chic Blush slight dint £9 SOLD!!!

Illamasqua Excite blush used around twice £11

Sunday, 21 November 2010

TAG: My Perfect Imperfections

woo ive never done one of these before so im giving it a go no one walking this earth is perfect the sooner people realize this the better theirs no such thing!! we all have our own flaws and we all have our good bits. So here we go three things we love about ourselves and three things we dislike about our self

Things i don't like about my self

Bottom row of teeth are wonky i hate it in the process of trying to get them sortd when i have some spare cash
This is prob going to sound silly but my lips sort of go down at the sides i look unhappy sometimes im not its just my lips lol but i do love the fullness
Boobs....but will soon be changing!!!! so i guess this doesn't sort of count so id have to say my skin/visible pores on my nose and cheeks that dont wont to seem to shift!!!

Things i love about my self
Something i get complimented on alot is my eyes i love the colour and shape
My hair i love that its thick and long
My skin when im tand god i love bein golden ha

So their we go i could put down a few more but hey we don't want to put ourselves down to much do we lol and get 2 much of a big head :p

I tag Everyone!!!!


Talking Brows

So in the past id say two month or so i have never actually given my brows a thought until i had my make-up done by some one else. All i did was pluck and that was is, i cant believe the dif in just filling and shaping them frames your face instantly, brows and eyes are lifted. I have no idea what the [perfect brow] is but my idea of the perfect brow is thick to thin making sure theirs an arch and keep it to the length to where your eye ends if that makes sence lol,i know for a fact many women over tweeze and end up having half a brown or even worse ive seen many a times girls with drawn on brows wtf is this all about..? it looks terrible!!! if you dont pay attention to your brows already i seriously would start to you will be amazed. I use an eyeshadow and a brush to do my brows but their are pencils witch im not sure about i haven't used them are these better gurls..? and setting gels im interested in any thoughts on good ones..? Can you tell witch brow i have done and haven't?!?!

Sunday, 14 November 2010

FoxyLocks Instant Beehive/Bouffant

Finally a way to get an instant new look to your hair without damaging it. Im sure alot of you know the FoxyLocks webpage and Imogen who has a YouTube page aswell as a blog after seeing her use this i wanted to have a go myself she makes it look very easy witch it is but ive had to keep haveing a go until i felt myself it looked how i wanted it to. I found the more hair you use at the front the better got to make sure the instant beehive/bouffant is covered much as poss, i dint actuly need to back comb when i used this but you can my hair is thick and pretty much goes where i want it do i get instant hight with just this, without the help i find it pretty hard to get hight and volume by backcombing, i just placed the instant beehive/bouffant under the front section of my hair placed the hair over it and clipped it at the back pulled both sides of my hair back and clipped again and it was done not even to 10 minuets i dont think. And and just under a fiver its a barging comes in dark brown and a blonde. Aswell as selling hair accessories FockyLocks sell a wide colour range of the finest quality Remy human hair extensions and also false lashes.

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Bobbi Brown Vitimin Enriched Face base

You may have noticed ive bin using this product alot why because i absolutely love it!!! i can see why its a Bobbi Brown best seller heres what Bobbi says

A Bobbi Brown Best-Seller. Bobbi recommends this as the first step to prepare skin for the smoothest makeup application. Rich in feel, but never greasy, this advanced oil-free, face formula, with Shea Butter, instantly hydrates, softens, and cushions skin. Carrot Extract and Vitamin A Complex help minimize the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Vitamins C and E help protect against environmental damage. Grapefruit and Geranium fragrances leave a light, uplifting scent on skin. With daily use, skin looks and feels its best. Dermatologist-tested.

I just love applying it before make up application my face feels fantastic its like a balm not a moisturiser glides across the skin basically everything Bobbi says about this product is true theirs no need for me to ramble on. One tiny prob tho after around 8 hours my T Zone starts geting oiley especially around my nose but hey 8 hours looking like i have just applyd my make up is not bad going nothing abit of powder cant fix i know this wont work for everyone but for me it does and im happy with it


Just applyd make up

Around 8 hours after make up application you can defo see oiliness around my nose and mouth area

Face Of Nadine Coyle

Another stunning looking women make up is always flawless i came across a magazine my brother had got with a paper its called Fabulous** always loads of ideas for make-up looks i fell in love with this glitter and gold on Nadine's Eyes ive dun my best with the products i have a shame i dint have gold glitter but hey thats all i have you work around things!!! was really hard to get the glitter in pics sorry about that looks far better in person if i dont say so myself ha oooo and ive added a gem stone as you can see i wanted to add more but i just had the one does any one know where you can get them in all dif colours and size's..?

Face Products Used
Vitamin Enriched Face Base Bobbi Brown**
Dior Skin Nude Foundation
Full Cover Concealer Make Up Forver**
Select Sheer Pressed Powder Mac**
Msf Natural Mac**
Bobbi Brown Matte Bronze outer proportions of face
Laura Geller Bronze N Brighten
Highlight Make Up Forever Compact Shine On
To Contour the cheeks Harmony Mac**
Blush Dollymix Mac**

Eye Products used [All Mac]
Shroom e/s all over the lid up to the brow also take the e/s to the top of the cheek bones and around the tear duct area taking it slightly down from their
SugerShot e/s all over what you have just done followed by Gorgeous Gold e/s then HoneyLove e/s al over everything so you've built up a godly shimmery base for the glitter
For the glitter i used Mac** 3d glitter in silver how i applied i just used a brush sprayed with fix plus and then i appplyd to the eyes tops of cheek bones and around the tear-duct area. The glitter needs something to sick to with otherwise it will go everywhere.
Smolder Eye Kohl top lash line bottom water line smudge below lower lashes
Finish with some False Lashes

Lip Products Used
Lip Balm
SummerFruit Creamstick Lip Liner Mac**
Peachstock LipStcik Mac**
Feeling Dreamy Lipglass Mac**


Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Plastic Surgery

Drum role...................... Yes i am having plastic surgery getting some BOOBIES lol, something i have wanted for a very long time id say it started way back in primary school so its been a good 15 yrs or so and now i am finally having what ive always wanted its bloody nuts ha. The date has been set for when i go in for the op 9th off December so its all very real just five weeks away dead excited/nervous i cant wait if im honest. My experience with Transform up till now has been fantastic the staff are super friendly i had my consultation with a lovley women named Sharon who you first see about what kind of surgery you would like then you see a surgeon my surgeon is Dr Netri he measured me up the only way i can describe it ha, talks about what the presager involves , goes through what could happen the risks involved ect ect any questions i had he gladly listed, he knew what i wanted and understood i didn't want to look like a blow up doll lol i want them to look natural as possible and he felt the same that me having giant knockers would be not rite for me, basically they want the best possible outcome for you, put my trust in him he said and i have :D a size has not been decided i have signd from a range from a small C cup to a full C cup with not being sure what would look best my surgeon said leave it up to him ive tryd the implants like you would chicken fillets and its hard to tell oviously their going to look diff when they have been put it im sure we will go al through this again on my due date. All i know is that i hope everything goes well witch im sure it will and that im pleased with the result. i know its a huge decision some have said go for it some havent but i feel something is missing i want to feel good in underwear bikinis feel more confidant and if i pair of boobs can help then so be it the way i see it is if you want something go for it who cares what other people think its your body do what you like if thats what makes you happy.

Monday, 1 November 2010

Cheryl Cole [Promise This**] inspired look

I love her make-up who ever does it is amazing who are you?!? lol, After seeing her [Promise This**] video especially at the start i loved it instantly but its sort off hard to tell due to the dead bright lights. A dark eye and nude lip not to complicated. And ive added a vid something ive never done before guess its more real. The quality is rubbish on here i dont know why cause its fine if i upload vids any where else.

Face Products Used
Vitamin Enriched Face Base Bobbi Brown**
Make Up Primer Nars**
Ideal Colour Foundation Lancome
Loose Powder Nars**
MSF in Natural outer proportions of face Mac**
Harmony blush to contour cheeks Mac**
Peachtwist blush Mac**
Highlight Albatross by Nars**

Eye Products Used [All Mac]
Arena e/s al over the lid up to the brow bone Mac**
Carbon e/s al over the lid and start creating a cat eye blend blend blend take Carbon under the bottom lashes making sure its thicker on the outer part of the eye going thinner and lighter towards the inner part of the eye Mac**
Soft Brown e/s in the crease making sure theirs no dark harsh line Mac**
Highlight WhildByNature e/s under brow bone Mac**
Liner Smolder Eye Kohl top lash line and bottom water line Mac**
Lashes Flirty Flare FoxyLocks** followed by Dazzle Lash Mascara Mac**

Lip Products Used
Lip Balm
Lip Erase Mac**
Myth Lipstick Mac**
C-Thru lipglass Mac**


Monday, 25 October 2010

Lady Danger

Red lipstick i like it but i dont wear it, scared of it i think lol reminds me of hookers why? i dont know but it does, i bought the lippy for a pin up look like a yr ago for a friends b-day and just didnt end up wearing the lippy so thought id have abit of a play and heres what i came up with not sure if i pulld it of, defo not a look i would wear on a nite out im not sure its the rite shade of red something puts me off i think i love my eye makeup to much its all about the eyes with me, but i do like a change now and again love a bright pink lip!!

Face Products Used
Vitamin Enriched Face Base Bobbi Brown**
Studio Fix Foundation Mac**
Full Cover Concealer under the eyes Make Up Forever**
Select Sheer Pressed Powder Mac**
Mineralize Skinfinsh Natural outer proportions of face Mac**
Harmony Blush to contour cheeks and Peachtwist Blush both Mac**

Eye Product Used
Painterly Paint pot Mac**
Wedge e/s all over Lid Mac**
Espresso e/s crease but not to much Mac**
Typographic e/s outer V useing a light hand dont want it dead dark also take the Typographic e/s and use it under the bottom lashes not all the way under leave around the tear duct area Mac**
Nylon e/s tear duct area blending into the Typographic e/s, Nylon e/s to highlight aswell Mac**
Eyeliner i used Bobbi Brown Long Wear gel top lash line only wing the liner out abit
Finish with some falsies

Lip Products Used
Lip Balm
Lady Danger Lipstick Mac**


Saturday, 16 October 2010

Colour Mate Aussie Hair

Wow after using the three minute colour miracle colour deep treatment and the miracle colour insurance leave in conditioner my hair has never been in better shape after trying to strip my hair again my hair was seriously damaged this time, very straw like dull no chance of running my hands through my hair without my hair getting tangled up i cant believe the difference in just a few weeks i have bin using just the two products. A friend actuly got me in to the leave in conditioner she said it was fantastic they were doing a deal at Tesco i think it where any two products for just six pounds so i made the most of it, i think the Colour Mate is limited addition tho god knows why.? Keep it!!!!!, i do believe Superdrug are doing the same deal at the two products for six pounds.
It says to keep the deep treatment on for three minuets i ignored this i smother my hair root to tip slap a shower cap on and leave it on while i have a bath id say a good hour then i wash it out, followed by the leave in conditioner when my hair is sort of damp i put plenty on never makes my hair feel greasy in the slightest, the days where i dont wash my hair i dont believe in washing my hair every day i dont think it helps, i just use the leave in conditioner on dry hair still great results did i mention they both smell gorgeous to!! i never thought i would find products at very affordable prices that would actuly work i think i have been very naive to think its not always the high end brands that are the best their are some amazing affordable products that wont brake the bank. The Aussie products are defo worth a look at theirs something for everyone frizz heat volume......

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Schwarzkopf Osis+ Dust it

After being recommend to me by a few people i purchased this little babby. my main intention for this was so that when back combing my hair i wouldn't have to do so much back combing my hair aint 100% as it is and by back combing i dont think im really helping but with Schwarzkopf Dust it, it makes it far more easier to get the volume i want without really damaging my hair.
Very easy to use all i do is gently shake the bottle above my roots makeing sure my hair is dry, it comes out super fast i find it easier placing my hand over some of the holes its kinda like a salt shaker your'll see a white powder its dead fine you only need abit. I use a brush to back comb without using hairspray n get far better results from using the Dust It Powder, or if i just want a bit of volume if im not really styling my hair i just use my hands just by rubbing my hair/scalp where ive put the powder and i instantly get volume, it does look abit scruffy after you've been rubbing your hair/scalp but by gently brushing over you will sort out the fuss lol but id you like that just woken up look then yea dont bother with the brushing over, you can use this by just like shaking it over your hair to give it some texture this just wont work on mine its Far to long, i will admitt it does feel matt like it says doesn't make you hair feel nice at all defo a down side but i can get over that
I think this would be amazing for shorter hair, thiner hair also. I cant really style my hair useing this part from doing the bouffant/beehave, its more used to get volume, i think you could defo go to town with this on shorter hair should i cut my hair mmmmmmmmmmmmm NOT A CHANCE lol but what i want it for this does the job and im very pleased :D i will post a pic up of how high i can get the Bouffant/beehive i was holding back this time the higher the better i say!!

Pretty Girly Face

Err i have to start of by sayin im absolutely gutted ive just got a new comp well a note book and i had a tone of pics i wanted to save from my other pc i managed to get them on a memory card i tryd uploading some new pics to my new notebook and well it al went tits up ive losted so many pics yrs yrs of memories i will just never get back plus i think im getin sik mega sore throat cumin on n i just feel dead down so its kinda toptd it of :( some major shopping or something has to be done lol
newhoo ive bin playing around with looks and im going of the dead smokey black eye again actuly ive bin of using to much eye liner, funny how my taste just change back and forth. and im really likeing the pink lip aswell instead of my nudey lip. im thinking of useing this look this weekend if im going out think its dead pretty and gurly without being to over done, sooooo heres what i came up with

Face products used
Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base this stuff is amazing!!
Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation
Make up Forever full cover concealer under the eyes
Select Sheer Pressed Powder Mac**
MSF in Natural Mac**
Laura Geller Bronze n Brighten
To contour cheeks Harmony blush Mac**
Blush Style Mac**
Highlight Mineralize Skinfinish in Comfort Mac**

Eye products used [All Mac]
Shroom e/s all over the lid and all the way up to the brow bone
Romp e/s over the lid then Honey Lust e/s over the Romp
Twinks e/s outer crease working inwards
to darken up the crease Handwritten e/s
Hightlight Nylon e/s under brow bone and also in the tear duct area
Handritten e/s under bottom lashes blending into the Nylon e/s at the tear duct area
Smoler Eye Khol top lash line and bottom waterline
Finish of with some false lashes

Lip products used
lip balm
Lip Erase Mac**
Lipstick LoveLorn Mac**


Monday, 20 September 2010

Go a shade darker!! [Xen Tan Dark lotion Absolute Luxe]

I finally got to order this a few backs but with me just coming back from hols their has been no need for self tanning but the time has come my actual tan is fadeing rapid wont and can not be seen without the tan on well if i can help it :D.

What Xen Tan say about their product
New to the range, Dark Lotion Absolute Luxe has been four years in the making. During that time we've perfected our darkest, richest and most luxurious tan to date; one that offers a tan that will last longer than any other fake-tan product.
To create this ultimate dark, long-lasting tan, we've included more DHA active tanning agent than ever before. Because DHA is what causes the traditional 'fake tan smell', we've also included Scent Secure - a revolutionary new ingredient that locks out any chemical odours. So you can enjoy incredible natural-looking results for up to 10 days that leave you feeling fabulous.
Enriched with Ginko Biloba, Green Tea extract, aloe and Shea butter, Dark Lotion Absolute Luxe is a real treat for skin, leaving it feeling wonderfully nourished and smooth.
Easy to apply, it smoothes on evenly and fades evenly too, for beautifully even, olive-toned results every time.

Is It the best fake tan i have ever used YES, the best colour YES, the darkest of all the Xen Tan products the darker the beter i say :P even fair skined can use this it wil adjust to you, the best smell YES it ticks all the boxes.
Im a fake tan addictd and this is a winner, everything i want in a tube natural olive undertone no orange here!!, very good for the skin no dryness, a gorgeous vanilla sent no horrible tan smell, can be used for the face aswell as the body, easy to use, a guide colour so you know where youve applied no need to be scared at all. I know meny people get put of by fake tan i can see why seeing women and men looking like umpa lumpas, being all patchy and streaky, if you have the right fake tan and you prep your skin you cant go wrong not with Xen Tan they have really made it easy for you.

I would adivce on geting the Xen Tan mitt for applying its not like these cheap foam mitts that soak up all the product with this mitt the fake tan glides far beter over the skin you dont waste product and at 34.99£ a tube i wouldnt want to waste either.

When applying makeing sure youve exfoliated first alot of people miss this step and then they wonder why they have a patchy uneven tan, this is why if you dont prep your skin, move quik as poss makeing sure you blend as you go, the texture is pretty thick so you need to move pretty fast if you keep rubbing over the same area you will start to get darker patches if this happens i use my st tropez buffing mitt to go over the areas i think ive applyd to much the product has to be wet tho when doing this if not your'll just buff the product off and we dont want that do we now lol,Doing your back is very hard by your self its best to get some one to help you, and when doing your hands i use abit of moisturiser before putting the tan on you dont have to but i prefer to do this, i dont put any more product on the mitt i just use whats left from doing my body and face i always do my hands last. I apply my tan just before going to bed so it has time to develop dont be going out for a jog the gym whatever try not to sweat stay away from water, it needs time to develop avoid light colourd clothing until youve washed the colour off like i said i tend to apply before going to bed so it has least twelve hrs to come out then in the morning its safe to shower you can see the colour comeing of but your still left with a gorgeous olive tan.
After a week or so your tan should fade evenly i exfoliate any way least twice a week to make sure im not scrubbing away with one of those seriously hard pad things i dont no what their called but it hurts like hell ha then you should be ready for our next appliaction it gets it to like a routine once you start you cant stop!!

Does this fake tan compare to any other fake tanning product i have used before NO but their still are some very good fake tans out their just not as good as this one :PPPPPP
I have posted about Xen Tan's Absolute Deep Bronze Luxe this stil is a very good tan and far beter then alot on the market its just about finding the rite fake tan that works
best for you!.

It all about XEN TAN the name to trust when it comes to self tanning

No fake tan

One application of the Dark Lotion Absoloute Luxe

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Opi Nail Envy and Avoplex Oil Final thoughs

Around six mounths ago now i had my last set of acrliycs done and since then ive bin useing this duo. Was i expecting something amazing yes did i get amazing results sadly not really, i still feel my nails are not 100% and to be honest i dont think they will. My nails are far stronger then they have ever been i wouldnt say they have grown any longer then they use to nor have they stoptd snapping maybe im trying to critise it to much and not blameing the job i do i use my hands all day they get really dry so to do my cuticles i use chemicals to i guess this aint going to help either. Im not sure if they look beter because of the Nail Envy and Avoplex oil or if its due to just time..? its really hard to say with what i do from day to day, the Avoplex Oil is fantastic tho smells yummy cuticles look instantly hydrated until im back doing my job i just cant win lol. Some people are just blessd with heavenly nails and some are not!! thank god for acrylics hey lol.