Sunday, 28 February 2010

My usual shoping/out and about weekend look

Before i even start IBIZA 2010 bookd it 2 day with my bezzie so cant wait :DDDDD bk to what im ment to be doing lol this look is nouthing fancy or out theirs not much to it kind of goin of the heavy smokey black eyes its werid alot of the make-up i use to love doing im now finding i dont like it anymore..this is a far more softer look :D i spose it looks alot like my everyday work look but its not ive used alot more products i do always wear a lipstick when im out and about but by time i came to take pics it had worn of but before hand tho i did have Myself and Equality on both by Mac**
Face Products Used
Estee Lauder Time Zone moisturiser
Prep n Prime Mac**
Hyper real Foundation Mac**
Full cover concealer under the eyes Make Up Forever**
Select Sheer Pressed Powder all over face Mac**
Msf Natural Medium Deep outer part of the face Mac**
Matte Bronzer in Medium again outer part of the face Bobbi Brown**
Casino Bronzer swipted across forehead down the nose cheeks chin Nars**
Blush Harmony and The Perfect Cheek Mac**
Eye Products Used
Painterly Paint Pot over the lid Mac**
Brown Down eyeshadow in the crease Mac**
Rice Paper eyeshadow for highlight Mac**
Bobbi Brown Long Wear Eyeliner upper lash line and bottom water line followed by Smolder Eye Kohl
Carbon eyeshadow under bottom lashes Mac**
Pro lash Mascara plenty off!!
Lip Products used
Lip Balm
Lip erase in Dim Mac**
Myself Liptik and Equality Lipstick Mac**

Saturday, 27 February 2010


My nails are in a horrid state after having acrylics done for atleast a yr and half of and on, before 3 weeks ago i had none for 6 months as i wanted them to get back to a normalish state with no help from any sort of treatments ect they where ok but forever brakeing i could no longer go with bare nails so i caved in and got them done :(((, i took the ones of i had on for 3 weeks stupidly i just riptd them of bad bad bad idea, on one of my nails its spilt half way down my actual nail so you can imagine the mess my normal nails in. I was shopping in Manc yesterday i usually go for the very fake looking long ones so this time ive gon for a more i guess natural looking nail..i just feel i cant go out with bare nails looking a total mess i feel undone if that makes anysence, anyway ive bin to this place in Manc a few times and their ok i spose but yesterday they must of took the women 20 mins in total usually it takes atleast a good hr to an hr n half..and yea you can tell they have bin totally rushed shes cut me to pics wil show, their where like five girls waiting no wonder they where rushing its like a production line seriously lol ..with most of these nail bars they could not care less about the quality its about quantity the more the beter and prices ranging from a full set of white tips £25.00 up to a take of and ful set £30.00 and around five girls at a time they make serious £££..i would love to get them done at nails inc but at ££55 its abit steap but i guess you get what you pay for. I do like the fake lookin nail but if you prefer your natural nails i wouldnt get acrylics not worth the after math..geting a nice lookin normal nail again takes alot of time after these i may leave the arcylics and try just to have my normal nails and just have french manicures. I was looking at strengthening treatments and all the rest of it yesterday in Boots, their where some Leighton Denny ones i quite fancied has any one tryd any of his nail treatments..?

Thursday, 25 February 2010

Clothing sale

my wardrobe can not take any more cloths etc so i need 2 get rid of a few things most ive not worn or they have bin worn once or twice but cleand oviously!!! so yea heres a few to start will add more :D again paypal only will only post to the UK payment due in 24hrz please no time wasters..just leave yor paypal email ooo and first come first serve

35££ including pnp
size s/m
Divacatwalk mesh back mini dress i love this but ive had it months and not worn it tryd on tho..the front of the dress is just purple

15££ inlcuding pnp
size s/m
from Pastiche Couture worn only once

35££ including pnp
size s/m
Divacatwalk sailor type dress never worn but tryd on

25££ includin pnp
From Agent Provoateur another bra top thing i think this is underwear tho.? i love it, it just dont fit me right never worn but tryd on..32a but again i think this would fit a small b

12££ including pnp
some sort of bra thing from Topshop stil with tags 32a..i think this would fit up to a small b cup tho the cups are werid shapted like pointy who has pointy boobs lol

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

my blog sale

anyone whos purchased anything from my sale i posted your item/items today first class so you should recieve them around thursday?!?! and if you dont intend on paying in 24hrs please let me no!! no time for time wasters thank you

Sunday, 21 February 2010


i dont no why i buy half the stuff i do i dont wear it or i go off them so having abit of a clear out..first come first serve..wil only post to uk, and i will only accept paypal for payment..just leave your paypal email adress and i wil send a invoice..50 for any extra item please no time wasters thanx guys

13££ including pnp
Mac Iridescent Losse Powder in Golden Bronze

8££ inlcuding pnp
Mac Loose Powder in nc30 a fair bit used but still some left

15££ inlcuding pnp
Illamasqua loose Powder in LP225 used a few times

Mac Intericate 10££ inlcuding pnp Mac Kinda Sexy 8££ inlcudin pnp and Mac Vanitys Child 6££ inlcuding pnp
as you can see in the pics that how much they have been used

13££ each including pnp
Mac Bell bottom Blue and Lovly Lilly pigment hardly used

10££ including pnp used once is a dint where the lid fell into the product
Mac Black Cream Colour Base

13££ each including pnp
Mac Blue Flame SOLD!! and Cinderfella Mineralize eyeshadows used once

8.50££ including pnp SOLD!!
Petticoat Msf used quite alot but stil a fair bit left

5.50££ inlcuding pnp SOLD!!
Plesantry Mineralize blush by Mac used alot but stil abit left

7.50££ including pnp
Dior crayon kohl pencil in black..used but loads left as you can see

15.50££ including pnp SOLD!!
Orgasm blush by Nars not used much pratically full

12.50££ including pnp
Crazed blush by Nars used a few times loads left

11.50££ includin pnp SOLD!!
Pink swoon blush by Mac slight dint nouthing major

9.50££ includinf pnp
Ms Fizz dazzleglass used i think about two or three times tons left by Mac

12.50££ including pnp SOLD!!
not a clue what its called but as you can see its pink with sparkly bits by Chanel used around two times i think again loads left

6.50££ including pnp
long stem rose slimshine lipstick by Mac used again but still some left as you can see

17.50££ including pnp
Illamasqua eye liner cake and sealing gel used once

19.50££ including pnp
Foundation stik by Becca in brulee hardly used tones left as you can see

13.50££ inluding pnp SOLD!!
Fun + Games hello kitty blush by Mac basically new used once or twice

8.50££ EACH!!! inldung pnp
Mac eyeshadows Pink Venus,Deep Truth,Claire De Lune SOLD!!!,Gleam SOLD!!!,Beauty Sleep all used pratically full tho

7.50££ includin pnp
Mac Prep+Primes line filler base used once

9.50££ including pnp
Smash box lip set 35mm and Bombshell not sure what the colours are called in the little pallete used once or twice at the max

Cheshire Oaks Designer Outlet

Me and my Bf jay pland a trip to Cheshire Oaks Designer Outlet, i thought it was going to be a nightmare as we dont get on when we go shopping usually but we had a really good day out to start off Starbucks yayyyyy what a good way to start the day lol followed by me basically draggin jay round the place :D..ive bin before and picked up a few things..missed loads of shops tho or maybe their new?!?! but how did i miss the Cco last time i do not no!!!! lol Mac Estee Lauder Bobbi Brown Clinque a few other brands but i dont remember huge discounts was bloody great i must of saved least fifty quid if i wur to buy them for their full prices..but to really top the day of wel no spoil it in a way when i got home and tryd the gloves Jay had bought me i realised they had gave me to right gloves!!!! was no way of getin around the fact they had like studs on the top and i cant excatly take the studs of one of the gloves and put them on top..they wernt excatly cheap either or i wouldnt of minded!!! so another outing to Cheshire Oaks to get another pair or a refund good thing really tho another chance to SHOP!!!! :D...anywhoo heres the goodies i got from the Cco!!!

I really dont have any sort of Beauty regime i think its time i startd as im now 22 and i dred the fought of looking old!! bad bad word ive bin really interested in Estee Lauder so ive started of with Time Zone Line And Wrinkle Reducing Creame Spf 15..yea it mite be abit daft as i dont have wrinkles etc but i dont want to get them i know one product is not going to help in the long run i think this product is a good start tho i cant really review this as ive not used it but once i have my regime sorted i will most defiently write a review. i would write out the whole science behind this creme but lets get to what Estee Lauder says about Time Zone Line And Wrinkle Reducing Creme

With Time Zone,Estee Lauder re-invents the anti-wrinkle moisturiser
For a reduction in the look of lines and wrinkles
Reclaime the smoother, more radiant, revitalized appearance you want

Women like you are convinced. Up to
98% Instantly felt skin was hydrated and comfertable
88% Thought skin felt plumped and toned in four weeks of continuous use
88% Saw more youthful looking skin after four weeks of continuous use

so we shall see?!?!?!?!

1n Lipglass

This is Mac** Hyper Real foundation i nearly died when i sin this so excited was my first Mac* foundation and was gutted when they stoptd selling it god knows why..?? i think you can get this at Mac** Pro tho not sure..?

This is Hyper Real Foundation blended into my skin useing the 187 brush

From left to right Harmony blush and The Perfect Cheek Blush again both Mac**

From left to right Sugershot, Off The Page and Night Manoeuvres all Mac**


Msf Natural swatch request

Arrrrr!!! so hard to take decent pics off but here you order shown from bottom to top..Medium Deep the one i currently use now..second one is Deep Dark as you can see way to dark for me at the mo as im not really tand..and the third one is Medium Dark far to light for my skin..hope this helps Natasha

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Lil haulin [Mac**]

Just impossible to controle my self :DDDDD Mac's Msf Natural and Select Sheer Cover pressed powder are like two of my staples i guess you could call them..ive bin usein a Dior** pressed powder but dosent have a patch on Select Sheer Cover..i dont find theirs enuf coverage with Dior's Pressd powder at all..bein as clumsy as i am ive dropted my Msf In natural i can stil use it but its just in bits i couldnt take it anywhere with me so i got another one i got the medium deep :DDD..fancied some more brown/neutral eyeshadows so i got my self woodwinked after reading tones of reviews on this im not dissipointed this is gorgeous like with just one swatch the colour is so intense i wouldnt call it a brown sort of looks like it is but it not like say Brown Down or Wedge etc its like a goldy orange i dno its defo not brown tho..Soba id say was a goldy light brown flecked with gold shimmer not had the chance to wear them yet tho..a new fave nude lipstick of mine has well died basically i dno whats happend to it but its gone well funny ive hardly worn it due to the fact i cant even apply it becuase it will just fall apart..i could not be without Cream D'nude its daker then Myth bu not as dark as say Cherish or Blankety..going to be dead carefull with this one!!!! Yayyyyy i got Myself lippie the one i was after from the All Races All you know what i mean glad i got it..again its a lustre not a huge fan of these but with lip erase im in love!!!! another nudey but on the pink side..

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Bobbi Brown long-wear eye set plus BB bronzer

At it again!!! :P after seeing Bb's** Long-Wear Gel eyeliner on Qvc i wanted to try this out myself i seem to be obsessd with Qvc lately lol how addictive are shopping channels!!..the item had sold out so i lookd on Bb's** webby and came across this Long-Wear Eye Set witch includes the Long-Wear Gel liner in Black Ink, Long-Wear Cream shadow in Galexy, Perfectly Defined Mascara in black and the Ultra Fine Eye Liner Brush.The Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner is claimed to be long-wearing, water-resistant and smuge proof it lives up to its hype!! ive had this on from half six in the morning till around 7 o clock in the evening stil lookd excatly the same as it did as when i applyd it even after a hard day at work. Im use to useing pencil eyeliners so i dont have the application down to a t just yet, useing a brush is 10 times harder in my eyes, i defo prefer Bb's** Ultra fine Eye Liner Brush to Mac's** 210 brush i find Mac's** brush way to for the Long-Wear Cream Shadow it did fade as time went on but it didnt crease at all...i think these would make great base's Galexy espically for a soft smokey eye..Ive not worn the Mascara yet so until then i dont have anything to say about it..? overall i think its a fantastic set for how much it was..

The best Matt bronzer ever!!! Bb's Bronzing Powder in Medium hit pan had to get another one this never makes my face look muddy dirty overdone..i love Nars's Casino Bronzer gives a gorgeous glow to the skin but you got to have a Matt bronzer to in my opinion , to much shimmer can look abit much for like the last few weeks ive bin useing a Matt bronzer on the outer proportions of my face temples side of the jaw line hollows of the cheeks then ive bin useing Casino Bronzer to highligh forehead nose cin cheeks useing a light hand :DDDD

Monday, 15 February 2010

Barbie inspired look

Sort of Barbie** inspired look i think you could wear this during the day or on a night out depending on what your comfortable with dead fun and bright but not to over powering i dont think..i had abit of trouble with one of my eyes it wouldn't stop watering so one off my eyes looked a rite mess so sorry about the pics

Face Products used
E45** cream
Studio Fix Foundation Mac** [nc35] and Color Ideal Lancome** [05]
Seclect Cover Mac** [nc30]
Msf Natural in Medium Deep Mac**
Matt Bronzer Bobbi brown** in Medium outer proportion of face hollows of the cheeks
Msf Gold Deposit Mac** hightlight
Mineralize blush in Pleasantry Mac**

Eye products used
base Painterly paint pot Mac**
over base Stars n Rockets eyeshadow Mac** and also used under bottom lashes..Deep Truth eyeshadow Mac** through the crease outer corners and under bottom lashes over Stars n Rockets eyeshadow Mac** then Parfait Amour eyeshadow Mac** over the top of what youve just done includeing under bottom lashes then i used Creme de Viloet eyeshadow Mac** under bottom lashes underneath the darker colours im finding this hard to explain lol pics will help!!!!..take the Cream de violet eyeshadow to like the top of your cheek bone slightly you get my drift!?! ha hightlight i used Brule eyeshadow Mac** under my brow bone with a really light hand off Creme de Vilot over the top and i used a touch of White Frost eyeshadow Mac** in the corners of my eyes to finish off Pro Lash by Mac** in coal black..smolder eye khol Mac** line top lashline and bottom waterline and lastly some fake lashes i dont no what i used i got them from a friend

Lip products used
Lip Erase in Dim Mac**
Rouge Pure Lipstick Ysl** in 22
Snob lipstick by Mac**
and i dont have a clue what its called but its a chanel gloss dead pink with sparkly bits levres scintillantes glossmier in 104.. thats what it says on the bottom lol