Sunday, 31 January 2010

Crop top obsessed!!!

huge huge huge weakness 4 crop tops have bin for the last 6 month or so here is a few pics off me on typical weekends out well i was geting ready the takein pics seems to go out the window when im out!!!..gota say i think Topshop** do the best crops by far paird with leggings or hareem trousers or even a high waisted skirt luvsssssssss it lots

MAC just puts a smile on your face :D

I dont know whay i cant center my post but its doing my nut in.?? newhoo i got a few things from Love Lace** collection and Warm And Cozy** and a few bits from their permanent line..for me Warm And Cozy** is perfect for those who like more natural colours for everday looks..but can be bumptd up for nite time.. their are plenty of great browns natural colours etc in Macs** permanent collection so i wunt rush out and feel the need that you have to have everythin that Warm And Cozy** offers..but a few things did stand out to me Feeling Dreamy** lipglass is dead pretty !!!a peachy nude pink i can only desribe it has ive bin wearing this over Creme d Nude** in desperate need on another one of these!!!..thats al i got from Warm And Cozy** but i do want the Msf in Comfort** and Warm Me Up** lipstick but i think im going to find it hard getting one of those :(((((( for Love Lace** i got both Pretty Please** and Intricate** lippies and Icescape** lipglass witch reminds me of Oyster girl** ..Icescape** has more of a pink sheen to it tho..i usually go for the matte satin cremesheen amplified finish's i fought id go for sumthing diff i was plesently surprised the colour pay off aint all their but paird with lip erase these lipsticks are really pretty..Pretty Please** [lustre] is a pale pink and Intricate** [frost] is like a burry purpley colour..?? cant say im really after anything else from Love Lace** apart from Feline** kohl power eye pencil is a defo must but sadly they have sold out what a surprise lol..cant say i was overly pleased with Love Lace** every one has a blue eyeshadow rite..? nowt to shout about in my opinion..

pictured above left to right Icescape** Feeling Dreamy** Florabundance** and Saplicious** lipgelee

From their permanent line i got the 275 brush..two shadow pans Ricepaper** and Arena** both great over the lid colours and great highligters also..having not really got any base's i just use concealer i purchased Painterly** paint pot find it hard to apply because i have false nails its hard to get at lol..but yea a great neutral base!! lastly i got Florabundance** alot like Feeling Dreamy** but without the sparkle another gorgeous nudey colour lipglass that Mac** have to offer

pictured above Summerfruit** cremestick liner top left Shy Girl** Pretty Please** bottom left Intericate** and Ravising**

ever felt like you want to change yor make up like get out of your comfort soon and try others things..? is my time now lol..i got Ravishing** and Shy Girl** lippes both on the coral side never in my life have i gone near anythng like these lipsticks before god ive bin missing out my lips are pretty pigmented so i need to neutralize my lips to get the true colour thank god for Lip Erase**!! i need this to really make the lipsticks show otherwise you cant really tell i have them on.. Ravishing** is more peacy oranage coral and Shy Girl** is a beigey coral love love love i also got a lipgelee in Saplicious** a taupey brown colour ..Mac** need to do more colours in these i think!!!..lastly in my trying new things i got Summerfruit** cremestick liner a pale coral colour i need to start useing these more often no wonder my lipsticks dont last!!!

pictured above Arena** eye shadow the darker one of the two and Ricepaper**..Painterly** paint pot and the 275 brush


Saturday, 30 January 2010

Colour b4 hair colour remover by scott not use this stuff!!!

Omg my hair is a mess!!!!.. i wanted to get rid of the dark redy colour undertone to my hair i found this hair colour remover sounded great plenty of good reviews claiming it worked..but no its left my hair an orange brassy coppery mess its not takeun me back to my normal colour witch it said it would..its an absolute mess to the point ive bin in tears please dont use this if your wanting to get rid of a permanent dye go to a salon and get it done properly..not worth makeing your hair an absolute f**k up..ive got to wait til tomorrow to dye it dark brown/black not a chance of me stepping out of the door with this hair..has anyone used this before..?

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Hair trouble!!!

my bf bought me some ghd's salon stylers** for xmas :DDDD dead happy but theirs a prob how the hell do you create like victoria secret curls..? you no like just loose curls at the end.. ive sat for hrs trying but no i cant seem to get it lol..ive lookd on countless of youtube vids but they dont seem to be helping when i try it dosent work..i need a step by step guide gurls a very detailed one!! ha if ne of you could help me out id be very greatfull :D also could anyone recomend a volumising product for thick hair i need some volume ladies!!!!! ive been lookin at a ojon one and a philip kingsley one but yea i dont no ..??? i need help!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Everyday make-up 10 min face

so this was a request from littlemissmakeup :)
its just an every day look just what i wear to work i work in a sh*****e so i dont need 2 doll my self up and wear a ton of wall paint :p.. id cal it like a 10 min face witch i think is made easier buy the fact im tannd dont need half as much products i dont think...but each to their own..
face products used
palmer's cocoa butter
colour ideal foundation in 05 lancome**
mineralize skinfinish natural in medium deep mac**
casino bronzer nars**
the multiple in st barts on the cheeks nars**
eye products used
the multiple in st barts over the lid nars**
powerpoint eye pencil in engraved top and bottom mac**
carbon eye shadow under bottom lashes mac**
pro lash mascara in coal black mac**
lip products used
just your average lip balm and thats it

Monday, 4 January 2010

tis bin a while!!!!!!!

ive not bin on here in lyk a munth arrrrrrr busy busy busy
bin away on hols on a granny crusie if you really wanna no lol caught a very nyc tan tho ha :D seriously if your thinking of goin on a cruise dont unless your like over 60!!!!!..newhoo xmas was poo cuz i dint really have one was werid bein on a beach blazin sun cocktails i actuly missed the cold the snow the cheesy fills and al that sorta thing..dont think my nephew harvey reconized me when i got home lol missed his first proper xmas sad face :((((( new year wasent much to shout about either i was down staying in filey near scarborugh with mates and well the first bar we went to it al went down hill from then dont you just hate it when your in the middle of an arguement ha makes it even worse when your the only sober one **witch makes a change!!!!**im the one whos usually on my ass opps... i ended up cumin back ome early in the mornin when i should of bin staying over night so yea 2009 went out with a bang!!!!...sooooo what have i missed out good..?? i need gosss!!!!!! ope you all had a great xmas and an even beter new year..will try and do something with this blog its just hard to find time!!!