Wednesday, 24 March 2010


lets face it 90% of women have this its horrid but what can we do about it..? i know theirs tons and tons of lotions oils creams out their but do they really work ive just been searching the net and their was one for 100££..?? im i silly in thinking thats it really going to work..? well should i say help no way of actuly getting rid of it completely but theirs thing we can do do help the appearance, defo no quick fix you have to eat rite exercise drink plenty of water etc etc etc, im sure you al know this already lol but seriously how many people watch what they eat exercise everyday..? not meny i dont think. Id love to be able to have a healthy lifestyle i just dont kfc just taste way better then a Ceasar Salad :P ha i need to be motivated i guess its all up to me do ship my self in to shape and try and help myself but will it every happen i really dont know so until then im going to try these so called wonder creams plenty of body brushing and drinking tons of water..ive bin reading up on this Revitol Cellulite Cream came up alot in a google search i did anyone used this product..?? apparently one of the best..?? ..Are their any products you swear by..??

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Lady Ga Ga

Ano yawn!!! how many have posted this lippie god knows but i wanted to share it one more time :D will be completely honest this is nothing original Mac** do really similar lipsticks its just a bubble gum pink, but i think this one is more wearable then say Saint Germain witch is really bright, will defo stand out with those lips!! but yea i love it :D.. packaging is cute tho dont think i'll be getting rid of the box more thing ive been looking for tickets to see Lady Ga Ga 100£ plus a ticket worth it tho..? id love to see her live


Heres a request witch i was more then happy to do based around blankety lipstick by Mac** i think ive worn this on a nite out but ive sleptd since then :PPPPP here goes
Face Products Used
Estee Lauder time zone moisturiser
Full Coverage foundation c35 and nc55 to contour Mac**
full cover concealer under the eyes Make up For Ever**
Selecet sheer cover pressed powder Mac**
Msf natural in Medium Deep Mac**
Matte Bronzer in Medium outer proportions of the face Bobbi Brown**
Blush Harmony and Sunbasque Mac*
Highlight Shimmer Brick in Bronze Bobbi Brown**
Eye Products Used
Carbon eyeshadow over three quarters of the lid used under bottom lashes to, leave the inner corner Mac**
Soft brown eyeshadow in the crease followed by wedge to darken it up Mac**
Sugershot eyeshadow in the corner of the eye blended into the carbon also used under the bottom lashes in the corner again blended into the carbon making sense yea lol..?
Rice Paper to highlight Mac**
Smolder eye kohl top and bottom lash lines followed by Pro Lash mascara Mac**
Lip Products Used
Lip balm
Lip erase Mac**
Spice lip liner Mac**
Blankety lipstick Mac**

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

American Apparel

So i was in Manchester shopping with best mate a few weeks ago and we went in American Apparel ive heard of this brand before but i think they have only just opend up shops over here in the uk..shes got me hookd on the knee/butt lengh socks and boottie shorts so cute!!!! they come in all differnt colours im defo the one for going for the first pair of baggies i see and putting them on recovering from a hangover, hot shorts and socks combo i can see becoming my new lounge about thing..defo could go out in the shorts day or nite, each to their own tho even the socks for day time casual i think would work but i cant see my self pulling them of?!?!. I shall be ordering some more colours soon in both the shorts and socks they fit really nice to..seriously worth checking out its kind of basic but i like it :D skirts leggings tops underwear etc etc etc they have it all...15% off with your first order online aswell how nice is that :DDDD..You wil not be able to resist, check out the piccies i took these are from American Apparel website their not me lol

What 2 do ?!?!?

i swear theirs not enough hours in the day!!!..i love doing my blog when i get round to it but i seriously have lil time work mun 2 fri and wel sat sun im out and about..loads of things id love to post :(((( really indecisive if i like two things say i can never just pick one really winds me up but its just the way i am lol..i stil need to sort my hair after the mess it was in im still not happy i have this copper red undertone going on so im fed up with brown it wont cover it so im thinking black or cyber purple..cyber purple ive had before few pics of me with this colour on my blog i love it!!! so yea i cant have one side black and they other cyber purple so what you guys thinking..? and i know alot of you couldnt care less about this lady ga ga lipstick as im sure alot of you have got it your self already but im so looking forward to finally getting it not sure about the cindi one..? not sure if it would suit me mmmmmm ?!?!?!

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

In need of a huge huge favour

sooooo im guna sound a rite cheeky cow lol but im in need of a top/waistcoat ive bin after, i seen it online on topshop now its gon would be my bloody luck!!! would any one be so kind to pick up me of these tops in a size 8 ?!? i'll send the money over plus abit extra 4 the favour!! its like a white/creamy crop waistcoat with like lil ruffles all over that look like flowers but arnt i cant describe pic wil help its a bad one, i couldnt find an actual pic of the waistcoat i came across a gurl with it on so ive just croptd the pic down. I dont have the time to go out and get it due to work i would be the happiest gurl if anyone would do this for me

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Weekend baggies

So yea heres an easy soft day to day look but with a splash of orange!!..yea i may look abit comfy i guess you could say lol but thats what i like to wear when im in the house i dont see point in dressin up..baggies and a crop i love it :DDD..anyone know when this bloody lady ga ga lippie is coming out im finding myself checking everday!!..o yea i dont no what the hell is going on with my lips the sides off my mouth are craking ive never had this prob before im really not likeing it! newhooo
Face Products used
Full cover foundation nc55 and n35 Mac**
Full cover in 6 under eyes Make up Forever**
Select sheer cover powder nc35 and Msf Natural Medium Deep Mac**
Excite blush Illamasqua** and Harmony blush Mac**
Shimmer brick in Bronze as highlight Bobbi Brown**
Eye products used
Painterly Paint pot Mac**
Soft Brown eyeshadow over base Mac**
Wedge Eyeshadow in crease Mac**
Off The Page Eyeshadow over Wedge Mac**
and to darken the outer corner of the eye Brown Down eyeshadow also used under bottom lashes Mac**
Smolder Eye Kohl top lash line and bottom waterline Mac**
Pro Lash Mascara Mac**
Lip Products used
Lip Balm
Lip Erase in Dim Mac**
Shy Girl lipstick Mac** [god knows why it looks pink its a coral shade]