Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Skincare routine

How bad am i ive never really had a skincare routine ive just used wipes to wash my makeup off and thats it, after really starting to notice open pores on my nose on my cheeks, aswell as black heads i knew i had to do something. I tell a lie actuly i have had some sort of skincare routine but i stopted because i didnt like the products i used the Neutrogena rage with no results just made my skin worse. Again i was on Qvc ha god i love those three little words :p i was browsing through skincare etc.. i wanted a cleanser toner and moisturiser and came across this Elemis set and what a good choice it was i got the normal/combination set witch included Balancing Lavener Toner, Balancing Lime Blossom Cleanser, Maximum Moisture Day Cream, Fruit Actice Rejuvenating Mask and a Skin Buff the only differance with each set is the Toner and Cleanser. Ive used these for not that long and i can see a differance in my skin already really minimizing my open pores on my nose and cheeks my t zone ive noticed is not geting as oily throughout the day, The Maximum Moisture Day cream is just a fantastic Moisturiser keeps my skin hyrdated all day..As for the Fruit Active Rejuvenating Mask the smell of this is gorgeous and after useing it my skin lookd new like i had just been for a facial, the Skin Buff is a very light exfoliater great for a rite good deep cleanse..ive not really gone into much detail as these products wont work for everyone but for me i absolutly love this set even my make-up looks better defo a plus in my book :DDDDD Yayyy for Elemis defo going to be purchasing more of their products

Plan Nails!!!

So as some of you may know im a huge fan of Acrylics, but i have come to the conclusion i need to look after my own nails rapid!!! had them on for four months now since around January before that i had none for six month, so you can imagin the state their in, im actuly embarrassed i hate going out and knowing that my nails are a mess, i feel so much beter when their done but im going to really try and sort them. Ive heard about a few nails treatments ive gone with Opi's nail Envy nail strengthener and Opi's Avoplex nail and cuticle repleshing oil i got them in a duo from Qvc for around 20££ i think something around that, witch i thought was a good deal and after reading meny reviews on how they work i decided to order them. Ive not used them yet due to ive just literally riptd my fake nails off ouch!!!! bad idea but have no time to get them takeun off properly really dont help my self do i lol. Ne way im really hopeing by useing these products my nails will eventually go back to the way their ment to be id love to spend a fortune on nail polishes and have fab looking natural nails, cross fingers :DDDDD

Thursday, 15 April 2010


Seriously did not expect to win i never win naff!! totally surprised i actully forgot about it than my mum rang me today while i was at work and said some lady named julie from Mac was after me because i had won the comp i was kinda like you are joking arnt ya lol. So i rang she told me i had won and wanted some details, im waiting for a phone call back to hear more i hope its not a hoax ha..Funny thing is i was looking to see Lady Ga Ga at Manchester but the prices where lets say near enuff a weeks wage just for one ticket..Proper cheerd me up finally i get some good bloody news :D

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Winging it?!?!?!

Fought i would do something dif with my eyes and to be honest i dont think i like this wing thing i dont no maybe its beter with a darker eye but i think it looks silly anyway i thought i would share..o yea do you notice anythin dif about me :p:p:p:p ?!?!?! have a guess
Face Products Used
Estee Lauder Time Zone moisturiser
Silky Hyrdating Primer Becca**
DiorSkin Nude foundation Dior**
full cover concealer under the eyes and any blemishes Make Up Forever**
Sheer Finish Loose Powder Bobbi Brown**
Msf Natural in Medium Deep Mac**
Matt Bronzer outer part of the face Bobbi Brown**
Gingerly and trace gold blush Mac**
Bronze Shimmer brick to highlight Bobbi Brown**
Eye Products used
Painterly paint pot over the lid Mac**
Gorgeous Gold eyeshadow over the lid Mac**
Woodwinked eyeshadow in the crease Mac**
Long Wear Gel Eyeliner top lash line wing it out!!! Bobbi Brown**
Smolder Eye Kohl for the water line Mac**
Carbon eyeshadow under bottom lashes Mac**
RicePaper eyeshadow to hightlight Mac**
Perfecctly Defined Mascara by Bobbi Brown**
Lip Products Used
Lip Balm
Lip Erase in Dim Mac**
Rouge Pur i think its called in 49? Ysl**