Monday, 23 November 2009

Ultimo bras!!!**

arr sowwie for the lack of post i seriously have lil spare time to my self as i work full time during the week by time i got home have me tea have a shower and sort me self out its bed time!!! ne way im here now :PPPPP im far from being blessed in the boobie department booo!!!! i hate my chest always have and always will unless i get boob job witch is never likely to happen seeing as i don't have a spare 5-10 grand in the bank!!!..ive always worn padded bras to give me some sort of shape and lift makes me feel 10 times better :D wel to a degree lol.. wonderbra** have been my saving grace until now this ultimo** multi-way mega boost bra is the best god damn bra their is by far!!!! this is truly is mega boost i actually have a cleavage now ha not as big as i would ultimately like but this bra makes me look alot bigger then i actully am instantly adds two cups size's :DDDDDD..i would post a pic but i dont think that would be really appropriate ha..but take my word for it gurls you'll be over the moon.. instant lift support and shape!!!!!..straps can be used in multiple of ways halter neck strapless criss cross etc...the gel used in the bra is the same silicone gel in boob jobs clever ehhhh!!! lol..this is defo a must for smaller chested women who want the extra boost who dont feel to confidant about their chest size ..i can defo say this makes me feel beter about myself i have more confidence im not worrying about my chest all the time.. i cant always wear what i want!! witch i hate but with this bra i can defo wear whatever i want without feeling insecure..all down to a bra who would of thought :D..i can imagine these selling fast found it really hard getting hold off one in black but luckily after searching high and low i came across this site name says it al dun it :P and they still had my size thank god they do the day-night bra in white and nude to..i also ordered a miracle backless body in nude also filed with gel having tryd those backless bras witch are a waste of time you know witch ones i mean the ones that are meant to stick but really dont.. this is perfect!!!..i love dress's with low backs so sexy defo need the rite underwear!!!


Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Schwarzkopf Live Colour XXL

Being far to skint and in the sh** lets put it with ££ i decided to stay the same colour cyber purple** by Schwarzkopf** how hard is that to spell lol.. cheap and easy way to transform your hair hair is naturally dark brown nearly black even so the colour is not that vibrant unless in bright light but i still love the overall time it needs doin i think im going to pre lighten my hair first as i stil want it lighter.. the Schwarzkopf** Live Colour XXL range comes in like 7 diff colours from your platinum blonde to bright say first time round mine did fade alot so would need doing id say every 2/3 months..? ..defo cant complain for under 4 quid sold in boots for 3.69£ a box i need two tho as my hair is very long and thick ..loves this

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Mac's website!?!?!

is it just me or is anyone else having trouble with i cant get on any of their items al i can clik on is the new colletions by clicking on the images on the main page ive try'd since monday and still no change what's wrong with it..?? i can still order i think but only from the new stuff and buy using that silly colour play i aint going through every colour/finish/coverage to find what i want what a ballache pardon my french lol but itz really starting 2 piss me off.. errrrrr !!!!!!!

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Blue flame style black **MAC

really easy and quik look to do i went of the blue flame look Mac** had put together from the style black collection..not used al the products Mac** have but every one has a pink blush lippy and lipgloss..not sure if i like this one :SSSSS
Face products used
visibly clear oil free moisturiser Neutrogena**
fix plus Mac**
silky hydrating primer Becca**
studio sculpt concealer under the eyes Mac**
select cover up concealer al over face Mac**
studio fix fluid Mac**
select sheer pressed powder Mac**
minerlize skinfinish in medium dark and deep dark Mac**
loose powder in lp225 Illamsqua**
minerlize skinfinish in gold deposit Mac**
pink swoon blush followed by mineralize skinfinsh in petticoat Mac**
Eye products used
black cream colour base al over the lid Mac**
nehru eyeshadow over the black base Mac**
cinderfella mineralize shadow blend through the crease and under bottom lash line and blend blue flame mineralize shadow through the outer crease Mac**
vanilla eyeshadow for the highlight Mac**
smolder eye kohl top and smooth blue technakohl liner bottom Mac**
zoom lash mascara Mac**
Lip products used
rouge volupte in lingerie pink Ysl**
dazzleglass in baby sparks Mac**

Monday, 2 November 2009

E45 aka wonder cream**

e45 cream is defo the number 1 brand for dry skin..having had trouble with a mild case of dermatitis a few gurls on here recommended this product..only used this since Friday like 2/3 times a day and theirs a huge improvement even 2 applications worked wonders i was surprised..i think my skin will be back to normal in a few days hurayyyyy this skin thing has stopped me from goin out :((((( role on Saturday ha..

E45 Cream**

Light and pleasant to use.. E45 Cream's an effective.. non greasy emollient that's been clinically proven to treat and sooth dry itchy flaky rough or chapped skin.. we also recommend it for more serious dry skin conditions like eczema and's quickly and easily absorbed and works by replacing lost moisture and forming a protective barrier, leaving your skin feeling soft and comfortable
Available in 50g tubes and 125g 350g & 500g tubs


Saturday, 31 October 2009

That dress is here!!! Bordelle**!!


so happy i know you cant see the grin on my face but :DDDDD big smiles..cost a fair bit of £££ but its absolutely gorgeous i came across this website peacockandstrutt and clicked on a designer called Bordelle ive never seen anything like their brand before its desribed as ''very provocative, devilishly sexy and very original bondage inspired lingerie'' the price kinda put me of abit but i had to get at least one of their pieces i got the girdle fin dress described buy Bordelle as: A signature bodywear piece, the cotton jersey fin dress can be worn in as well as out of the boudoir. Slide into a pair of stockings and fasten with the detachable gold suspender clips for a boudoir look or pair up with plain skinny jeans or leggings for the outdoors. The girdle fin dress has embroidered fins, structured cups and a long open ended chunky gold zip on the center back..this fits like a glove but i did get it made 2 measure the lady who helped me with the whole sale was so nice and helpful her name is Natalia thank you again :D the material and the whole way its bin constructed is first class witch i defo expected for just over 300££ im 5'8 the dress does not exactly cover much lol so im thinking of doing a Lady ga ga and wearing sum sort of knickers underneath because my ass is literally out well abit of my bum cheeks ha witch i dont think is a bad thing if you've got the rite outfit on..??!! but like Bordelle have mentioned i could team this up with some leggings i have set my heart on the Bordelle ones if im going to go with the legging thing Jesus i wish i could win the lottery ha i can dream i know..back to the dress im thinking of wearing this for a special occasion maybe new years not quite sure cant really see my self wearing this round Oldham on a usual sat nite out to be honest lol..they do al sorts from under wear sets hoodies arm cuffs leggings...defo worth cheaking out their site..get your fella to treat you for xmas gurls :P..wil defo post some pics up when i wear the dress..arrrr im in love!!!!!.

how bloody cute** :D

here are a few pieces from Bordelle**


Thursday, 29 October 2009

Xen Tan Deep Bronze Luxe


fake tan addictd :DDDD love the stuff..over the yrs ive proberly tried every brand goin was looking for the perfect fake tan and i came across this on ideal world on tv..ive never gon back to any other fake tan since well if i run out Xen tan i use St tropez..theirs not one bad thing i can say abowt this product..its easy to apply dosent smell funny like alot of fake tans out there this stuf smells like vanila fit**** gives you a natural colour it works with yor skin tone so it wont be the same colour on everyone..honestly you wil look like yove just spent to weeks in the med :DDDDD the product has colour to it so when you put it on you can tell where your applying it your skin wil have a tint to it hrs after you wil get the deep bronze olive recomend this to anyone..bin totally put of buy sun beds far to dangerous..ive used tan jabs once or twice before they work but i dont no if their safe as they havent been tested enuff.. you can go over the top tho.. you will go dark and a mean dark if yoh hammer the natural sun and may have side effects you could feel sik..feel lets say fruity lol..your moles and freakles wil lips went dead dark to witch i dint like at all.. i used tan jabs before goin on hol to ibiza and the first day omg i lookd like id been living in the sun al my life one fought i was english ha..not sure if im going to use the tanning tabs again but i wil defo contine to use Xen tan safest way to get a tan without damaging yor skin.. they have a huge range of products go get sum!!!!!

first day wel night in ibiza this is what happens if you use jabs..wornt work on fair skind people who never tan

me with Xen tan luxe deep bronze** far to pissd as you can tell lol good night tho :DDDD



Sunday, 25 October 2009

In serious need off help!!!

omg my skin is seriously dry..ive got a yeast infection in my skin witch means im losein the colour in my skin i think lol..?? so ive got white patches on my stomach and up near my boob area so i went the docs last week and was told to use this anti dandruff shampoo on my body neat for 5 days so i did i thought it was weird but she's a doc and im not so i did as i was told its really dry'd my skin out on my chest top of my shoulders back and the tops of my arms and every wear else but its the worse on my chest i need a really good moisturiser..? ive bin slapping on the baby lotion but it dosent seem to be working err help me!!!!

Mixd haul..spending ££ i dont have lol

plastic is evil i am telling you..bad bad idea but worth it tho ha :PPP
so im sat here on a Sunday bored senseless with a cider yum**** while my fela watches footy typical!!! i figured id do me blog yayyyyy
Soleil sucre** for Lipsy** under wired balconette bra in spot mesh with lace trims..padded cups..two hook fastening..adjustable straps..really pretty underwear set available in bright pink to..luv the low rise shorts to match really cute!!

Lipsy** strapless dress with bejewelled pockets..pleated tulip shape skirt and boned fitted bodice with exposed back zip fastening..omg i luv this im not usually a fan off like tulip shapes as i usually waer very fitted clothing but i need a few nice classy dress's but fun/girly/sexy for a cruise im goin on in December there's four formal nights so i need like evening wear..but i dont want to look old im 21 not 21 going on 40 lol.. i treid it on for my bf and he loves it the colour with the jewels is gorgeous its like a goldy beige colour..not sure whar colour bag and shoes i should get with this..??

Nars** casino bronzer finally i got it :DD..ive bin useing Bobbie Brown** bronzing powder in medium i luv luv luv has been the best one for me until now..Mac** bronzers just dont do anything for me sort it owt Mac** lol.. casion is amazing cant get enough defo my new fav..

Nars** the multiple in st barts a first for me this is a gorgeous taupey bronze can be used on the eyes lips body..great highlight creates a really nice glow to the skin with abit of colour..yesssss every one needs one of these if you love that bronzey glow tan thing :DDDD

Nars** blush in sin having read loads up on this i wanted it for my self.. i don't have anything like this blush .it does look slightly pink in the pic but its not its like id describe it as a dull berry colour with gold reflects..looks great on tan skin really pretty..Nars** do the best blushers by far their really pigmented you don't need alot huge thumbs up for this..

Mac** 2 shadow pans in tempting and retro speck the tempting is the darker off the to.. ive sin these on a girls blog i 4 got her name sowwieeee..the two colours together looked lovely having tried this today its a great duo perfect for daytime as its not to dark but you could bump it up abit and add a darker bronzey colour through the crease for night time look

boringggg but worth getting Mac** wedge sponge's gone through loads and loads of these use these for applying concealer for a flawless bass Mac select cover-up** and i use these to apply foundation before buffing it in with my 187 brush i swear by this!!!!!

Mac** studio fix foundation hands down the best foundation Mac** sell currently how many of you agree with me on that one..??

Nars** lip gloss duo..i got this free when i ordered from Nars** nice way to sample to of their gloss's Harlow and Striptease..dont like Harlow at all not a huge fan of frosty metallic finish's but striptease is gorgeous i have a full size off this one great over Mac** myth lippy


Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Halloween BOOOOOO

nouthin pland as of yet did have but i dont no how thats going 2 turn out due to a mate of mine goin through way bad times thinks is going to be the last thing on her mind..anyway im thinking off dressin up as the devil :DDD but not your average one wil wel explain it al lol..dint want to do your bog standerd their al same so i wanted to start from scratch and get my own stuf..ive come across some wel cute accessories on Topshop** for the whole devil theme wont let me save the pics so i cant show:((( ..the bustier and garter dress are from Agent p** where ment to be for a vintage pin up look for my best m8s 21st but i was the only one with underwear so i backed out on that one lol no way was i walking round manchester with next to nouthing on when every 1 else was clothd..
yes we luvvvvv Agent p** :ppppp stunning!!!!..the net dress i think you can pic these up in alot of costume shops ann summers maybe i got this as a gift with a vibrator nycccccc ha

Abit darein eh lol f**k it you only live once!!! i was thinkin the bustier with some black crop leggings..? dont think thats to far as ive worn sumat like the bustier out on a normal weekend.. second option the garter dress this thing is short and i mean short defo sum bum showin may need a few glass's of wyn before goin out if i wear this dont think i'l mynd after a few ha..lastly the fish net dress cant really tel what it looks like but you get the idea teamed with black or red underwear underneath..? not sure bowt this one.. i want to do dramtic make-up to i was thinking a mask with make-up over the eyes dont think ive explained myself rite their lol but you get me yea?!?!?!..yayyyyy who dont luv dressin up!!

happy halloween


Thursday, 15 October 2009

The mop aka HAIR

ive had the same hair for yrs and yrs long straight dark brown i cant describe it any other way!!!...played around with colours back in the day when i use 2 let mi best mate die my hair red and blonde lol cheers niss i think i can remember you lookin like eminem ha!!! ohh and for yrs i had a fringe omg never again ever horrible..

natural colour**

so neway im after a big change if i have the guts to..? stil want it long tho..i was thinking of dirty dark blonde i sin this pic ov kim kardashian and she looks amazin but i aint sure if i could pul the blonde look off as meny people have said to me i have a brunnetts face lol.. what ever that means..?!?!? im lovin jodie marsh's hair in this pic to

kim k** so gorgeous and jodie marsh**

im loving the red plumy purple colour i have now but its not that noticeable unless im in dead bright light so im tossing between three colours keep what i have now go abit lighter..? dirty dark blonde or few types of brown tones mixed with abit of dark/light blonde tones..? booking into a salon at the end of the munth so ive got like two weeks to decide meny sleepless nights of thinkin me thinks :SSSSSSSS..need more imput any ideas gurls..??

my colour now**


Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Fav lippys** mwahhhh

lipstick yayyyyyy so im a huge fan ov nude lips beige flesh tone light pinks yoh get the pic :P i couldnt possibly have a fav it depends on what mood im in..err omg i just droptd a lippy and it has a big dint :((((( and stwatches dont do these any justice..

ysl rouge pure number 22 dont no the name..?
myth**MAC ''pale muted peachy-beige'' satin
cherish**MAC ''soft muted peachy-beige'' satin
snob**MAC ''a lady like mauve'' satin
blankety**MAC ''vaguely vacant soft pink beige'' amplified creme
honey love**MAC ''light honey-beige toned with rose'' matte
ysl rouge volupte in number 7 lingerie pink

any one recommend a lippy i could cheak out anything like light pinks beige culours..?

im after close to real by mac from the high def collection i need 2 get my hands on this one bad!!!..look see so pretty!!!! its the first one..

i dont usually wear lipliner but i have been doing recently i got macs one in spice** but i think its a tad on the dark side for me looking for a nude beige and a light pink..?? ive been looking at a nars 1 called **miss sadie but not sure..? pic below..


Tuesday, 13 October 2009

My first MAC** haul!!! :DDDD

first haul people one ov meny!!!..bit ov a review i guess to..we al know when we get a black box deliverd its defo from MAC** mostly stuff from the style black collection and a few other bits..defo want to try one of the looks mac have put together useing the collection blue flame** wil defo post up the look when i give it a go..bad pics again sorry

mineralize eyeshadow blue flame** blue and cinderfella** black

read so meny reviews on these minerlize eyeshadows these are so pretty sorry for the bad swatches but seriously you wont be dissipointed if you can get your hands on these mac have sold out of them al part from gilt by association not sure if they will get them first minerlize shadows so i was abit curious but i can see my self useing these alot for dramatic smokey eyes..their both gorgeous cant express that enough..when wet these really pop!! so cant wait to use them!!

reflects glitter in reflects copper

only my second gliter from mac i fell in love with the colour id desribe it as like a rusty orange..not sure how im going to use this but can be used anywhere on the body the face and hair..any ideas on how i could use this for a look..?

greasepaint stick intense black

heard good reviews on this so wanted to get it my self mac have described it as ''smooth and creamy black eye crayon with an opalescent sparkle finish'' and i would have to agree..the look of it kinda reminds me of them crayons you use 2 have when you where lyk two scribblin doddles lol..transfer and water resistant took a good grub with a babby wipe go get this of very dark and intense could use this as a liner or shadow when blended owt even for a great for the grunge i dont give a sh** eye make up look lol

cream colour base in black

yet again another first for me mac describes these as ''versatile and multi-purpose, cream colour base can be applied directly to bare skin, or layered over foundation, moisturiser, or powder.''..but i cant imagin my self useing this over my face for some reason lol no but seriously id only use this on the eyes unless yor into that very dramtic theatre makeup..not far of hallowen this could be a good product to have..the minerlize shadows wet would look amazing over the top of this..

lip erase in dim

allways wanted to get this so happy big smiles :DDDD this is used for wel the name says it al lip erase** to get rid of your natural lip colour so that yor lipsticks are brighter.. but ive used this 2 day not 2 much tho with oyster girl lipglass by mac** over the top ov the lip erase balm and i love it i dont think yoh could wear it alone as yoh mite run the risk of lookin dead yoh need sum sorta colour on your lips i think..i love nude beige colours aswell as nudey pinks bright pinks so if yor a fan of nude lips id get 1 ov these!!!!

two eyeshadow pans in nehru** and honey lust**

pretty borin two shadow pans..i got the nehru** to do one of the looks from the style black collection mac have put together blue fame** looks like carbon to me but its ment to be a dark matt blue only got this 2 try out the look pretty sad huh lol..honeylust** is just really glittery goldey peachy..?? nouthing to shout about really