Monday, 2 May 2011

Me minus about 4 inches

The story of my hair continues over the weekend I've had my hair chopped and I've had it coloured again!!, Its been about 6 weeks since i had it stripped so I thought id give it a while to let me hair settle, my goal is to achieve a golden brown/toffee colour [Lauren goodger], we are getting their slowly this will take a while as I've had my hair all sorts of colours being black for the most part. From having the black stripped my hair was left a copper I dunno what to call it I was told black is made up of alott of red so this is why my hair went a funny copper/orange/red tone anyway the girl at the salon new I wonted to get rid of what I had and eventually go a nice golden brown/toffee so to kill some of the copper/orange/red I believe they used a more ashy brown I cant remember exactly but they know what their doing I don't have a clue lol you could tell even after just 5 mins i could see more of a brown tone to my hair thank god!!. Once the colour was washed out was time for the chop!! we had spoke about cutting it, a good few inches to make it easier its so dense and thick my hair its far to heavy and its a nightmare to do anything with it so we went with taking it shorter adding shorter layers, now I don't no if I was feeling brave or it was due to the fact i had a bottle of rose before going ha but I was celebrating wills and kate's wedding but I went with it and before i knew it my hair was all over the floor!! I thought OMG!! I've always had really long hair and I felt sort off naked its hard to say but I really like the way its turned out you know when your use to something like its your comfort zone and you change something and its like what have I done!! but the more you get use to it the more it grows on you. Its not a dramatic change but like I said its hard stepping outer your comfort zone. Haveing said that im very happy, Looking forward to my next trip already even tho I do like the colour its not what i ultimately wont but i have be patient :D.


  1. you have the most lovely gorgeous thick hair! can't believe you've coloured it because it looks so healthy! what is the secret? do you use heat on your hair at all, because it doesn't look damaged in the least xxx

  2. Secret i wish i could say i have one but i dont lol, i use heat maybe once a week thats about it, all i use is Bed Head Tigi brunette goddess shampoo and conditioner, before i use my ghds i use Catwalk Tigi fashionista spritz & shine and after i use Bed Head Tigi Dumb Blonde Smoothing stuff using these id say for the last 2 month but i always switch up things