Monday, 20 September 2010

Go a shade darker!! [Xen Tan Dark lotion Absolute Luxe]

I finally got to order this a few backs but with me just coming back from hols their has been no need for self tanning but the time has come my actual tan is fadeing rapid wont and can not be seen without the tan on well if i can help it :D.

What Xen Tan say about their product
New to the range, Dark Lotion Absolute Luxe has been four years in the making. During that time we've perfected our darkest, richest and most luxurious tan to date; one that offers a tan that will last longer than any other fake-tan product.
To create this ultimate dark, long-lasting tan, we've included more DHA active tanning agent than ever before. Because DHA is what causes the traditional 'fake tan smell', we've also included Scent Secure - a revolutionary new ingredient that locks out any chemical odours. So you can enjoy incredible natural-looking results for up to 10 days that leave you feeling fabulous.
Enriched with Ginko Biloba, Green Tea extract, aloe and Shea butter, Dark Lotion Absolute Luxe is a real treat for skin, leaving it feeling wonderfully nourished and smooth.
Easy to apply, it smoothes on evenly and fades evenly too, for beautifully even, olive-toned results every time.

Is It the best fake tan i have ever used YES, the best colour YES, the darkest of all the Xen Tan products the darker the beter i say :P even fair skined can use this it wil adjust to you, the best smell YES it ticks all the boxes.
Im a fake tan addictd and this is a winner, everything i want in a tube natural olive undertone no orange here!!, very good for the skin no dryness, a gorgeous vanilla sent no horrible tan smell, can be used for the face aswell as the body, easy to use, a guide colour so you know where youve applied no need to be scared at all. I know meny people get put of by fake tan i can see why seeing women and men looking like umpa lumpas, being all patchy and streaky, if you have the right fake tan and you prep your skin you cant go wrong not with Xen Tan they have really made it easy for you.

I would adivce on geting the Xen Tan mitt for applying its not like these cheap foam mitts that soak up all the product with this mitt the fake tan glides far beter over the skin you dont waste product and at 34.99£ a tube i wouldnt want to waste either.

When applying makeing sure youve exfoliated first alot of people miss this step and then they wonder why they have a patchy uneven tan, this is why if you dont prep your skin, move quik as poss makeing sure you blend as you go, the texture is pretty thick so you need to move pretty fast if you keep rubbing over the same area you will start to get darker patches if this happens i use my st tropez buffing mitt to go over the areas i think ive applyd to much the product has to be wet tho when doing this if not your'll just buff the product off and we dont want that do we now lol,Doing your back is very hard by your self its best to get some one to help you, and when doing your hands i use abit of moisturiser before putting the tan on you dont have to but i prefer to do this, i dont put any more product on the mitt i just use whats left from doing my body and face i always do my hands last. I apply my tan just before going to bed so it has time to develop dont be going out for a jog the gym whatever try not to sweat stay away from water, it needs time to develop avoid light colourd clothing until youve washed the colour off like i said i tend to apply before going to bed so it has least twelve hrs to come out then in the morning its safe to shower you can see the colour comeing of but your still left with a gorgeous olive tan.
After a week or so your tan should fade evenly i exfoliate any way least twice a week to make sure im not scrubbing away with one of those seriously hard pad things i dont no what their called but it hurts like hell ha then you should be ready for our next appliaction it gets it to like a routine once you start you cant stop!!

Does this fake tan compare to any other fake tanning product i have used before NO but their still are some very good fake tans out their just not as good as this one :PPPPPP
I have posted about Xen Tan's Absolute Deep Bronze Luxe this stil is a very good tan and far beter then alot on the market its just about finding the rite fake tan that works
best for you!.

It all about XEN TAN the name to trust when it comes to self tanning

No fake tan

One application of the Dark Lotion Absoloute Luxe

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Opi Nail Envy and Avoplex Oil Final thoughs

Around six mounths ago now i had my last set of acrliycs done and since then ive bin useing this duo. Was i expecting something amazing yes did i get amazing results sadly not really, i still feel my nails are not 100% and to be honest i dont think they will. My nails are far stronger then they have ever been i wouldnt say they have grown any longer then they use to nor have they stoptd snapping maybe im trying to critise it to much and not blameing the job i do i use my hands all day they get really dry so to do my cuticles i use chemicals to i guess this aint going to help either. Im not sure if they look beter because of the Nail Envy and Avoplex oil or if its due to just time..? its really hard to say with what i do from day to day, the Avoplex Oil is fantastic tho smells yummy cuticles look instantly hydrated until im back doing my job i just cant win lol. Some people are just blessd with heavenly nails and some are not!! thank god for acrylics hey lol.

5 fave Nail Polishes at the mo

I dont have a huge collection im building it up :p im not really a huge fan of nail polish but since not having acrylics ive bin wearing polish alot i really cant apply it i dont seem to be getting any better either lol im finding it so hard not to cave and get my beloved acrylics bk!!!!
The bright red is Nails Inc victoria & albert
The purple is Nails Inc the mall
The blue is Opi orge the top blue
The orange is Opi hot & spicy
and the pink is Opi im indi-a mood for love
i really love the bright and bold wishy wash colours dont do anything for me. O and the pro wide brush Opi THANK YOU!!! ha.. i think Nails Inc and Opi are around the same priced Opi bein slightly more expensive you knw what f**kz me of you pay all that money so find the colour payoff is absolutly crap 5 coats and still not happy ive come across a fair few with both Nails Inc and Opi i dont get how some are perfect to apply and others not..? surely youd expect this with a lower end brand..??

Monday, 13 September 2010

Sat nite face

Had a fab weekend hope you all did to :) still shattered from it, yawning my ass of rite now ha, i went to Alton towers with my bf on the Saturday not been for years since i was about fifteen or sixteen, we have been wanting to go for ages so we made a packed up and ready for half 7 well i did my make up in the car lol got their for around nine it was dead!! basically just walked on Nemesis and Air but soon got busy and we was queueing for like 70 mins for one ride so impatient! anyone been on the new Thirteen ride..? not what i was expecting but a mint twist. Anywhoo we got home around six and planed to go out after but i wasn't feeling up to it got ready and everything cloths done make-up done last min i fought i just wanna go to bed so this was me face from sat nite i used the Leopard luxe e/s quad from the fabulous felines collection my Mac quik easy no messing.

Face products used
Nars Makeup Primer
Make Up Forever HD Foundation
Select Moisture Cover Concealer under the eyes and blemishes Mac**
Select Sheer Pressed powder Mac**
Mineralize Skinfinish Natural Mac**
Bronze N Brighten Laura Geller**
Harmony blush for contouring the cheeks Mac**
Sunbasque blush Mac**

Eye Products Used [All Mac]
Furiously Fabulous the darkest shade of over the lid up to the crease
Style Predator the orange shade above that in the crease
Highlight Wild By Nature the lightest of the four shades
Smolder Eye Kohl top lash line bottom water line
Carbon e/s under bottom lashes
Dazzle Lash Mascara

Lip Products Used
Lip Balm
Creme D nude Mac**


Thursday, 9 September 2010

Palmers Cocoa Butter Vs. Jergens Naturals Cocoa Butter

Always have had a bottle off Palmers Cocoa Butter on my shelf but i was wiping round Tesco a few weeks back and got round to the body-care section, their it was Jergens Natural Cocoa Butter ive seen this so meny times before and thought should i shouldn't i as i already have a fantastic body butter anyway i wanted a change!! Gone is The Palmers Helooooo Jergens!!!
Palmers Cocoa Butter
[[ Cocoa Butter, enriched with Vitamin E, is an advanced moisturiser that softens, smooths and relives dry skin. Also helps smooth and blend unattractive marks and scars. An excellent after tanning butter. Widely recommended for stretch marks, during and after pregnancy. use daily for a soft youthful appearance ]]
I think this a firm fav with alot off girls and i can understand why the smell is gorgeous ,the formula is very thick alot like custard i think maybe this is what i sometimes feel its abit sticky after on my skin like it takes ages to dry, i cant speak for the stretch marks that could occur during and after pregnancy anyone used this and seen results..? also scars does this actully work ..?? For me this is just a moisturiser nothing more nothing less and that's all i use it for.
Jergens Naturals Cocoa Butter
[[ Introducing Jergens Natural highly effective moisturisers, created with the knowledge that your skin is natural and your moisturiser should be too.
96% natural ingredients
Visibly transforms dry skin and boosts skin's natural radiance
Combines Cocoa Butter and Vitamin E to help tone and intensely hydrate skin
Applies smoothly, absorbs quickly and last all day ]]
Why i like this more then the Palmers just as a moisturiser tho!!!, Formula is alot lighter, smooths in to my skin in no time as soon as it touches the skin you can actually see the skin absorbing it. The smell is even better then the Palmers shocking but i like it better i just want to eat it lol or even better a perfume that smelt this good would be stunning, this leaves my skin looking a million dollers toned radiant glowing transformed skin!! and 96% natural alot better for your delicate skin!!.
Overall their both fab Moisturisers i just prefer the Jergens it works better for me, one bottle used in two week am i going to go through alot of these i think so ha. I would love to moisturise twice a day but i really dont have time well its not that i just forget to, moisturised skin is so attractive especially when it smells super fit to!!!

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Product Rave Laura Geller Bronze N Brighten

This is my very first Laura Geller Product, and i was so not disappointed, no Joke i have worn this every single day now for months and months i could never not use it ever again its that bloody good. As far as i know this is a bronzer as well as a colour corrective powder all in one comes in a fair and regular shade i use the regular the darker one of the two. As we all know alot off bronzer leave you looking orange their is no trance of orange with this your left with a natural sun kissed look to your skin their is a slight shimmer in this but personally i think this makes the skin look dewy/glowing i guess you could say, this will in no way make you like like you have been attacked by the glitter fairy lol. I can not say one bad thing about this i absolute love this and will not be without it. O and for those interested in Make-up that's good for the skin this is packed with the age-fighting, anti-oxidant protection of Centella Asiatica and White Tea. Dose not matter to me but i surpose its a good thing hey. I know Laura Geller has a few more productd in her baked range defo eyeing up the balance and brighten i think its called has anyone used this ..??

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Fabulous felines:Leopard Luxe e/s x4 + Superslick Liquid Eye Liner

As we all no Mac have come out with another collection well collections so meny products not enough spends lol, a few things stud out to me the Leopard luxe e/s quad was one of them and the Superslick Eye Liner in On The Hunt**, all ive purchased up till now :),but these two products defo deserve a place on my blog i adore the quad browns bronzey nudes all in one!!!. it had my name written all over it but i do like my bright colours to, the colours in this go really well together a quad that could take you from day to night easily, light natural for day dark and smokey for night :DDDDD..if your a earthy sorter gurl this is you!!. As for the Superslick Liquid Eyeliner its a liquid not a fav of mine i prefer a pencil far easier to apply in my eyes but i loved the sound of this [[ A liquid liner so slick it almost describes itself. Water-based, water resistant, quick and precise to apply. Dries in 15 seconds to provide a sleek, longwearing, wet-look, no-smudge line. The superior no-fuss, no-wobble application lies in the "magic tip" of the easy-to-control dip-stick applicator.]] Mac could not have described it better, the tip makes it far more easy to work with then a brush tip it does not budge i swear!!! go swimming cry a thousand tears its fantastic, this dosent work on the waterline tho sadly, im not sure if these are perm but i hope so. Liquid lovers should love this if not i duno what the hell is wrong with you lol :p. Any recommendations gurlies what did you get and love..?

Monday, 6 September 2010

Big Hair

So recently ive bin loveing the Beehive/Bouffant hair style but theirs a BUT ive done it my self a few times and it just seems to take me forver with my hair being so thick!! i hate it sometimes talk about back comebing and hairspray!!!!, is their any easy way of creating this style without the serious amount of damaging your hair?? HELP!?!? lol heres a few pics of my attempts i took these at nite to so the lighting is off hard to see my hair sowwwie guys