Wednesday, 7 September 2011

hey you guysssssss

im back :DDDDDD major computer prob lostd everything and I mean everything pic files you name it to top it off I forgot my pword to log on to computer so I finally got round to getting it fixed so this is the reasons why im been very quiet, but im back now until something else goes wrong just call me un bloody lucky ha!!.
Any whoo we all no how girls cant live without their false nails ive had my ups and downs im currently trying to grow them out again!! I will say AGAIN! I do this every so often for a few week then I cave and go back to my falsies. Id say for the past two month ive had been having calgel not quite sure what It Is apart from Its a gel..? but apparently Its better then acrylics less damaging to the nail around the same price well depending were you go, I was just haveing calgel french overlays but they do extentions also. their way more natural looking couldnt really tell to be fair but i will leave that up to you!!
Like I said before im trying to stick to my own nails and grow them, Ive tryd opi's nail envy in the past witch I felt didnt do anytyhin for me Im now useing nailtiques after artificial treatment kit, Ive been useing it for three weeks now and already my nails are gettin stronger their not spilting or peeling I really feel this kit is working for me theirs two treatments, formula a until you finish the bottle, then you switch to formula b until you see an improvement then Its one application every other day till you finish the bottle, after you decided witch your nails need either a or b so I guess time will tell but I have high hopes already.
And a huge huge plus I will save so much money no more going to the salon every 2 weeks!!. I will do a full review on the nailtique after artificial treatment kit when ive completetd regime.
hope your all well :D

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  1. They look really pretty. I am trying to grow mine at the moment...

    Emma x.x.x