Sunday, 17 June 2012

St Tropez Spray Tan the dark one!!!

Hey guys back with another spray tan!! not sure if my heart is in this anymore trying to find time to constantly update is so hard!! so yea a big thumbs up to those who post daily!! i wish i could honestly. Not much to update really ive had surgery again on my scars from my breast enlargment my scars were a mess!! so ive had scar revision, i didnt want to post them online to put people off, S**T happens i was very unlucky but their 10 times better now so i will defo post some pics up ive been useing bio oil and it seems to be really helpin even tho ive only been useing it 3 weeks, will say it again its the best thing ive ever done and i dont regret it even tho i have had problems but all is fixed now thats what matters im on the mend!!.New hair aswell :D seein what its like on the lighter side luvin it!! up keep is a pain tho really dont no how you blondes cope!. Any way back to the post :) Life is beter tan!! dont shoot me lol its just my opinion :), St Tropez spray tan being my fav i always thought when they would do a darker version and guess what they have its soooooo dark!!! and i mean dark!, not sure how long its been out for but ive recently just had one, i will be completly honest im not sure i like it as much as the regular one i have but im not sure if the girl put far to much on i was like dripping in the stuff lol id never had a spray tan done of this girl before so i was abit unsure to how it would turn out, Well i walked in white i walked out a very dark shade of brown!! was so ovious and i got even darker as time went on left on a good 12 hours, the more you leave it on the darker it will go i think they say minimum is 4 or 6 hours..? before showering. After sleeping in the tan i showerd looked like id been roleing round in mud!, the bath was brown you need to shower to wash the quide colour of even if it does look abit streaky patchy it wont be when you wash it of your left with an even tan, you still get the same result as the regular colour but obviously this one is alot darker. I do love bein tand but not sure if this was abit much for me, i do have 2 coats of the lighter colour and that works for me fine if your fair skind id try the regular 1st if youve got a base tan and wont to go darker try the darker one?!?! See what you prefer..?!? Another thing also this seemed to be alot harder to get off..? didnt seem to fade aswell..? not sure if thats down to haveing to much on or what did nouthing different to what i would do usually. O and dont sleep on white sheets whatever you do lol :DDDDDDD sorry i dont have meny pics but you get the idea!!. My next spray tan will be a Sienna X this friday actually excited!! getin hyper for a spray tan is this normal lol wonder if i'll like it more then sttropez?!?. WARNING!! beware of skin yes skin and underwear lol !!!!!!! will follow as left on for 12 hours then after showering. xox <3** After leaving on... After showering the quide colour of...

Saturday, 18 February 2012

laurens way spray tan 8% dha love

Before i start yes!! their will be pics of my body dont like it get off my page this is about a full body spray tan!! yes this means head to toe. After posteing my St Tropez post a few people got mad about me posteing pics of my body..? I mean really!?!? Get over it!!.
Rant over lol let's get back to what this post is really about. I'd put this up with a St Tropez spray tan and that's saying something St Tropez is very well known as I'm sure you all know. If your a fan of Laurens Way self tanner products I promiss your'll love this.
Going back to Laurens Way self tans i do have the lotion, im not sure if this is ment to be an instant tan wear when you shower it comes of or one that last?!? i found soon as i had showerd colour just came off witch i dont mind at all if im just wanting a quick tan, but yea im not sure wether its an instand or what, the colour is gorgeous no orange in site its very golden/olive as pics will show.
Back to the spray tan as soon as it was applied the colour started to develop instantly witch i love golden goddess in minuets, i do usually leave a good 10-12 hours before showering no nasty smell i actually kinda like the smell after a spray tan i dont know but thats just me lol altho when i have used laurens way lotion their is a far more grater smell witch aint to pretty.
Anyway i was absolutly thrilled in the morning you would of thought id been away on hol, obviously the quide colour does come of in the shower but its still just as dark after youved dryed of, so no need to worry.
It did not dry my skin out at all didnt cling to my elbows kneews hands ect most tell tale signs of a false tan if you dont get it rite, this includes preping your skin before haveing a spray tan also, dont shave or wax the day of a tan dont exfoliate on the day either moisterise a good week before everyday not on the day of your tan. It lastd a good week makeing sure you take care oviously moisturise daily exfolaite once or twice lightly pat your skin after showering avoid baths you know the drill, it faded very well i wasnt left with a horrible patchy mess witch i despise!!
Enough dribble ha heres the piccies in order really cant tell a differance tho to be fair.
After ive left it on for 10-12 hours....

After showering....

Id really try this out if your a fan of spray taning it is cheaper then a St Tropez spray tan the salon i go charges 27£ for a full body the Laurens Way was 15£ for a full body with a mobile beautican but i spose you can charge whatever you please.!? for 15£ tho you cant complain i will defo be haveing another for that specail nite out :D this is a fab tan!! I did recently ask on the Laurens Way page on facebook do they do a darker tan and they do!! So I'm really hopeing to try that out soon as I can.