Monday, 25 October 2010

Lady Danger

Red lipstick i like it but i dont wear it, scared of it i think lol reminds me of hookers why? i dont know but it does, i bought the lippy for a pin up look like a yr ago for a friends b-day and just didnt end up wearing the lippy so thought id have abit of a play and heres what i came up with not sure if i pulld it of, defo not a look i would wear on a nite out im not sure its the rite shade of red something puts me off i think i love my eye makeup to much its all about the eyes with me, but i do like a change now and again love a bright pink lip!!

Face Products Used
Vitamin Enriched Face Base Bobbi Brown**
Studio Fix Foundation Mac**
Full Cover Concealer under the eyes Make Up Forever**
Select Sheer Pressed Powder Mac**
Mineralize Skinfinsh Natural outer proportions of face Mac**
Harmony Blush to contour cheeks and Peachtwist Blush both Mac**

Eye Product Used
Painterly Paint pot Mac**
Wedge e/s all over Lid Mac**
Espresso e/s crease but not to much Mac**
Typographic e/s outer V useing a light hand dont want it dead dark also take the Typographic e/s and use it under the bottom lashes not all the way under leave around the tear duct area Mac**
Nylon e/s tear duct area blending into the Typographic e/s, Nylon e/s to highlight aswell Mac**
Eyeliner i used Bobbi Brown Long Wear gel top lash line only wing the liner out abit
Finish with some falsies

Lip Products Used
Lip Balm
Lady Danger Lipstick Mac**


Saturday, 16 October 2010

Colour Mate Aussie Hair

Wow after using the three minute colour miracle colour deep treatment and the miracle colour insurance leave in conditioner my hair has never been in better shape after trying to strip my hair again my hair was seriously damaged this time, very straw like dull no chance of running my hands through my hair without my hair getting tangled up i cant believe the difference in just a few weeks i have bin using just the two products. A friend actuly got me in to the leave in conditioner she said it was fantastic they were doing a deal at Tesco i think it where any two products for just six pounds so i made the most of it, i think the Colour Mate is limited addition tho god knows why.? Keep it!!!!!, i do believe Superdrug are doing the same deal at the two products for six pounds.
It says to keep the deep treatment on for three minuets i ignored this i smother my hair root to tip slap a shower cap on and leave it on while i have a bath id say a good hour then i wash it out, followed by the leave in conditioner when my hair is sort of damp i put plenty on never makes my hair feel greasy in the slightest, the days where i dont wash my hair i dont believe in washing my hair every day i dont think it helps, i just use the leave in conditioner on dry hair still great results did i mention they both smell gorgeous to!! i never thought i would find products at very affordable prices that would actuly work i think i have been very naive to think its not always the high end brands that are the best their are some amazing affordable products that wont brake the bank. The Aussie products are defo worth a look at theirs something for everyone frizz heat volume......

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Schwarzkopf Osis+ Dust it

After being recommend to me by a few people i purchased this little babby. my main intention for this was so that when back combing my hair i wouldn't have to do so much back combing my hair aint 100% as it is and by back combing i dont think im really helping but with Schwarzkopf Dust it, it makes it far more easier to get the volume i want without really damaging my hair.
Very easy to use all i do is gently shake the bottle above my roots makeing sure my hair is dry, it comes out super fast i find it easier placing my hand over some of the holes its kinda like a salt shaker your'll see a white powder its dead fine you only need abit. I use a brush to back comb without using hairspray n get far better results from using the Dust It Powder, or if i just want a bit of volume if im not really styling my hair i just use my hands just by rubbing my hair/scalp where ive put the powder and i instantly get volume, it does look abit scruffy after you've been rubbing your hair/scalp but by gently brushing over you will sort out the fuss lol but id you like that just woken up look then yea dont bother with the brushing over, you can use this by just like shaking it over your hair to give it some texture this just wont work on mine its Far to long, i will admitt it does feel matt like it says doesn't make you hair feel nice at all defo a down side but i can get over that
I think this would be amazing for shorter hair, thiner hair also. I cant really style my hair useing this part from doing the bouffant/beehave, its more used to get volume, i think you could defo go to town with this on shorter hair should i cut my hair mmmmmmmmmmmmm NOT A CHANCE lol but what i want it for this does the job and im very pleased :D i will post a pic up of how high i can get the Bouffant/beehive i was holding back this time the higher the better i say!!

Pretty Girly Face

Err i have to start of by sayin im absolutely gutted ive just got a new comp well a note book and i had a tone of pics i wanted to save from my other pc i managed to get them on a memory card i tryd uploading some new pics to my new notebook and well it al went tits up ive losted so many pics yrs yrs of memories i will just never get back plus i think im getin sik mega sore throat cumin on n i just feel dead down so its kinda toptd it of :( some major shopping or something has to be done lol
newhoo ive bin playing around with looks and im going of the dead smokey black eye again actuly ive bin of using to much eye liner, funny how my taste just change back and forth. and im really likeing the pink lip aswell instead of my nudey lip. im thinking of useing this look this weekend if im going out think its dead pretty and gurly without being to over done, sooooo heres what i came up with

Face products used
Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base this stuff is amazing!!
Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation
Make up Forever full cover concealer under the eyes
Select Sheer Pressed Powder Mac**
MSF in Natural Mac**
Laura Geller Bronze n Brighten
To contour cheeks Harmony blush Mac**
Blush Style Mac**
Highlight Mineralize Skinfinish in Comfort Mac**

Eye products used [All Mac]
Shroom e/s all over the lid and all the way up to the brow bone
Romp e/s over the lid then Honey Lust e/s over the Romp
Twinks e/s outer crease working inwards
to darken up the crease Handwritten e/s
Hightlight Nylon e/s under brow bone and also in the tear duct area
Handritten e/s under bottom lashes blending into the Nylon e/s at the tear duct area
Smoler Eye Khol top lash line and bottom waterline
Finish of with some false lashes

Lip products used
lip balm
Lip Erase Mac**
Lipstick LoveLorn Mac**