Sunday, 16 January 2011

My very first drugstore foundation Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid Foundation

So i decided on getting a cheaper foundation to use for work the amount of money i spend on foundations is to much when i dont have to exactly look my best for work i dont need to spend hours getting ready 20 mins and i have to be out of the house, so to save some money i went with Maybelline's dream satin liquid foundation bearing in mind i no nothing about this product i never buy drug-store make-up so i had no idea what to expect.
What Maybelline Says about this product
[Our Totally new liquid makeup sensation for an amazing air brush finish!
Air whipped formula: the lightness of a mouse in a liquid foundation.Luxurious, yet amazingly light to touch!
Air brush satin finish: coverage is flawless, seamless, incredibly smooth, subtly luminous.]
I got the shade nude 021 if anyone wants to know not to yellow it looks pretty yellow in the pics but its really not it has olive golden tones not orange in anyway matches perfect when im slight tan, id say its a pretty close to Mac nc25/30,i have got bronzer on my pics so you cant tell the colour fully it has darkend my face abit but ive put it up more purely for the look of my skin. First thoughts yea i love this, the constancy is very creamy a dream to apply, this dosen't dry fast plenty of time to move it around the face, easy to blend soon as i applyd it you could hardly tell anything was their, this did give me a subtle glow but not overpowering well it is a satin finish after all no way is this a matt finish, their is a nice luminosity to the skin, my skin looked healthy and bright. i really don't like the full coverage foundation look its to much of a mask for my liking, i don't need a full coverage foundation anyway but id say this was medium buildable but also i felt it could be used for a more sheer coverage if you applyd it with a damp sponge. I used one pump to do my whole face that was enough i tryed two pumps and i myself thought it looked to much of a mask slightly cakey i didnt like it at all. Overall tho i loved the way it looked on my skin smooth even luminous felt as tho i had nothing on my skin its very light , i wouldn't go as far as saying its airbrushed you can still slightly see pores on my nose and across my cheeks but its done a pretty good job at really minimising them im actually really surprised but apart from my pores this is pretty flawless. BUT yes their is a but i wouldn't recommend this to anyone with oily skin i think this would be a fantastic product for slightly dryer skins tho. After around id say 4 hours around my nose especially, oil started to appear ARRRRRR lol then on my chin not much but their was a defo SHINE the foundation just started melting its not very long wearing but for work it fine i do have a problem around my nose area anyway but i really cant complain it ticks every other box part from longevity and at under 10 pounds what more could you ask for. If any one knows of a foundation that promises to give you a airbrushed finish let me no :DDDD if their is such a thing..???


  1. Seriously girlie, you would not know from these pics that it was a drugstore foundation! But to be fair, that's probably more to do with your amazing skin tone etc..

    Looks gorgeous, and I know what you mean about using a lower end foundation if you're just popping out for a couple of hours, as long as it lasts that long then you can't complain can you hah!

    Saying that, I bought the MAC pro-longwear and really don't like it.. I'm mixing it with my SFF just to use it up! x

  2. another drugstore one is maybelline dream matte mousse and that's pretty airbrushed.. i used to use it but now i think it's too dark for my fair skin!! loved it while it lasted though. would defo reccommend it!!

    kate xx

  3. what eyeshadow and lip products r u using, ur makeup loks great!?