Saturday, 19 February 2011


Gota thank Jo for this D&G lippy in Nude its beautiful!! a perfect nude without looking dead!! will say no more :DDDD

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Blusher gurl favs at tho mo

I feel really unfinished without blush naked even well i guess i could say that for lips and eyes but :PPPPPPPPPPPP not so into pink blushes i love a bronzey cheek or a sort of natural flush look i guess you could call it i duno i only have Nars and Mac i really need to step outer the box and venture into other brands what im i missing out on gurls..? I adore Nars blushes but at 20.20 a pop arrrrrrrr but you get a fair amount and the colour pay off is fab so in the long run its prob worth it. Ive bin really trying not to buy makeup these past few mouths and its so hard!!!! i dont need it i just wont it i bet your all thinkin the same thing ha i dont need i just wont :D come on tho its hard to resist, i no a few blushes id defo like to get my hands on Madly and Douceur by Nars Melba and Margin by Mac lets hope i win the loto eh lol :D or maybe seeing as its Valantines this Monday Jay my bf mite treat me wishful thinking we will find out...

Left to Rite
Love Joy Nars** Prim & Propper Mac** Style Mac** Sin Nars** Gingerly Mac** Peachtwist Mac** Sunbasque Mac** DollyMix Mac**

Jealousy is bitch!!!!

Jealousy is a bitch and it wont get you anywhere finds it hilarious actually!!!

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Curly Locks Babyliss Pro Porcelain Conical Wond

My search for loose curls led me to trying out one of these wonds ive heard about them but didnt think much of them until a friend of mine had one, i have trouble with curling my hair full stop its so heavy and thick so i didnt think it was going to work i was surprised to see it actuly worked not the loose curls i wonted but still i had a curl, my friend had a thin one so i thought maybe if i get a thicker one i may get what im after i received my Babyliss Pro Wond yesterday i got the thickest wond they do 32-19 mm at 28.20£ witch i thought was a decent price i got it from lots of a dif hair stylers straighteners hair products available, here is what Babyliss say about their product
[This Babyliss Pro Pink conical wand can create original styles with ease and has been designed for hairstyling professionals. If you are looking for control and versatility to create your perfect style then simply wrap the hair around the heated barrel and create anything from classic curls and flicks to soft silky waves.]
Did it do what it says its ment to do ermm im not sure i just wrap my hair around the wond and that was that i don't know if theirs a technique but i defo don't have one lol it was easy enough tho watch out for burning your fingers this thing gets so hot they provided some finger protector things but i didn't like them why not just provided a proper heat resistant glove ..? I did my whole hair in around 10/15 so wasn't bad. This isn't what im looking for but did provide me with curls just not the loose curls im after, goldey locks looking hair just dosent do anythin for me but i do feel this is worth a mention was nice and all but my search will go on..Any ideas gurls on what stylers/curlers.... i should try out what will finally give me what i want..? I wont the day after youve curld your hair sorta thing were its fallen out but theirs still a slight curl. Ps i did miss some of my hair like a idiot im no pro lol

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Laura Mercier Secret Concealer

This is my first ever Laura Mercier purchase i really don't know anything about her products, so i was really excited to check this out. I was looking for a product designed especially for dark circles under the eye and stumbled across this after having read a few reviews on some blogs i thought why not. Recently i have really started to notice how dark my under eye circle have gone i have no idea why i have them..? they dont seem to go how the hell do you get rid of them lol..? any way i tryd this out over the weekend and im amazed!!! was rather excited even opening the box lol WARNING!! dont just stick your finger in this its so creamy! i primed my face as usual slapped some foundation on then used the Secret Concealer on top you only need a tiny amount a little goes a long way, i used my ring finger to apply in a tapping motion i didn't swipe it back and forth and before i knew it my dark circles had gon vanished!! felt like i had nothing under my eye the texture is fantastic melts rite into the skin, as for the colour i got the shade 02 ** a light intensity with warm undertones i felt 01 would of bin far to light i really don't like my under eye area to light i think it looks daft personally, many of times have i seen this like four shades lighter then your skin tone why?!? it dosent look normal, moving on rant over :PPPP i think theirs six shades available one being the lightest six being the darkest. The concealer did also brighten up my under eye area witch i love!! Lasted all day did not dry out or crease a very well spent 18££ pounds id seriously recommend this to any one who has trouble with dark circles under the eye and discolouration. Really looking forward to trying out other products from Laura Mercier any recommendations guys..?

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

illamasqua Make Up For Your Alter Ego

A brand im not very familiar with but do know off but so far so good. It was recently my b-day and my best mate got me a few bits from illamasqua false lashes an eyeliner and a pure pigment. The pigment stood out to me the most like magpies are draw to shiny glittery things lol, i lookd up the colour online Android [charcoal black] ..? id say more bluey then black with silver its hard to describe the pics dont do it justice at all its really pretty, as for the lashes the best ones ive used by anybrand so far the quaility is fantastic, were you apply the glue the band is thick and sturdy an as for the lashes them selves very natural looking they just speak quality!!!, the eyeliner was abit of a let down used on my top lash line it was fine creamy easy to apply no dragging, but in my waterline i felt my self it wasent dark enough i like my waterline very dark most of the time with this i it just didnt work but newhoo im defo guna cheack more of what illamasquua have to offer ive been looking at the lipsticks online any thoughts of any nudey ones..? this was a quik look i did took what the most of 20 min :D sorry about my skin not looking very clear at tho mo :(

Face Products Used
Organic Surge** blissful daily moisturiser
Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid Foundation
Full Cover Concealerused under eyes and any blemishes MakeUp Forever**
Select Sheer Cover Pressed Powder Mac**
Msf Natural Mac**
Laura geller** Bronze n Brighten
Bobbi Brown** Matte Bronzer outer proportions of face
Highlight Msf Brunette Mac**
Contour cheeks Harmony Blush Mac**
Style Blush Mac**

Eye Products used
Bare Canvas Paint all over lid up to brow bone Mac**
Club e/s over lid in to the crease blended out take under lash line also Mac**
Rice Paper e/s highlight under brow bone Mac**
Nylon e/s applied to the tear duct area Mac
Illamasqua medium pencil in black top lash line and water
Over the liner i then put the Android Pure Pigment aswell as over the club under the bottom lashes
Finished with Illamasqua lashes number 17

Lip Products used
Full Cover Concealer MakeUp Forever
Pro LongWear lipstick in unlimited Mac**