Sunday, 14 November 2010

FoxyLocks Instant Beehive/Bouffant

Finally a way to get an instant new look to your hair without damaging it. Im sure alot of you know the FoxyLocks webpage and Imogen who has a YouTube page aswell as a blog after seeing her use this i wanted to have a go myself she makes it look very easy witch it is but ive had to keep haveing a go until i felt myself it looked how i wanted it to. I found the more hair you use at the front the better got to make sure the instant beehive/bouffant is covered much as poss, i dint actuly need to back comb when i used this but you can my hair is thick and pretty much goes where i want it do i get instant hight with just this, without the help i find it pretty hard to get hight and volume by backcombing, i just placed the instant beehive/bouffant under the front section of my hair placed the hair over it and clipped it at the back pulled both sides of my hair back and clipped again and it was done not even to 10 minuets i dont think. And and just under a fiver its a barging comes in dark brown and a blonde. Aswell as selling hair accessories FockyLocks sell a wide colour range of the finest quality Remy human hair extensions and also false lashes.

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