Sunday, 21 February 2010

Cheshire Oaks Designer Outlet

Me and my Bf jay pland a trip to Cheshire Oaks Designer Outlet, i thought it was going to be a nightmare as we dont get on when we go shopping usually but we had a really good day out to start off Starbucks yayyyyy what a good way to start the day lol followed by me basically draggin jay round the place :D..ive bin before and picked up a few things..missed loads of shops tho or maybe their new?!?! but how did i miss the Cco last time i do not no!!!! lol Mac Estee Lauder Bobbi Brown Clinque a few other brands but i dont remember huge discounts was bloody great i must of saved least fifty quid if i wur to buy them for their full prices..but to really top the day of wel no spoil it in a way when i got home and tryd the gloves Jay had bought me i realised they had gave me to right gloves!!!! was no way of getin around the fact they had like studs on the top and i cant excatly take the studs of one of the gloves and put them on top..they wernt excatly cheap either or i wouldnt of minded!!! so another outing to Cheshire Oaks to get another pair or a refund good thing really tho another chance to SHOP!!!! :D...anywhoo heres the goodies i got from the Cco!!!

I really dont have any sort of Beauty regime i think its time i startd as im now 22 and i dred the fought of looking old!! bad bad word ive bin really interested in Estee Lauder so ive started of with Time Zone Line And Wrinkle Reducing Creame Spf 15..yea it mite be abit daft as i dont have wrinkles etc but i dont want to get them i know one product is not going to help in the long run i think this product is a good start tho i cant really review this as ive not used it but once i have my regime sorted i will most defiently write a review. i would write out the whole science behind this creme but lets get to what Estee Lauder says about Time Zone Line And Wrinkle Reducing Creme

With Time Zone,Estee Lauder re-invents the anti-wrinkle moisturiser
For a reduction in the look of lines and wrinkles
Reclaime the smoother, more radiant, revitalized appearance you want

Women like you are convinced. Up to
98% Instantly felt skin was hydrated and comfertable
88% Thought skin felt plumped and toned in four weeks of continuous use
88% Saw more youthful looking skin after four weeks of continuous use

so we shall see?!?!?!?!

1n Lipglass

This is Mac** Hyper Real foundation i nearly died when i sin this so excited was my first Mac* foundation and was gutted when they stoptd selling it god knows why..?? i think you can get this at Mac** Pro tho not sure..?

This is Hyper Real Foundation blended into my skin useing the 187 brush

From left to right Harmony blush and The Perfect Cheek Blush again both Mac**

From left to right Sugershot, Off The Page and Night Manoeuvres all Mac**



  1. Ive just started using that cream too haha. I was using the day wear plus, but that run out and my friend got me that one.

    Ive got Harmony blush too. LOVE it!

    I so need to get Gareth to take me to the CCO.


  2. harmony is fit! i loves it 2, i dont have out like it..
    its heaven i went back twice lol they do bobbi brown bushes all sorts i couldnt have a proper look cause their where women everywhere its a good day out tho..i need to go back tho cause i got some gloves and they gave me to rite ones good excuse to go bk tho ha
    if you dont get to go let me know what your after and i'l pic it up for you if they have it

  3. Why do you spell everything wrong? Is that intentional?

  4. lol wel no its not its just short hand