Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Three more added to the lippie box

Arrrrr at it again picked up three lippies in the past week Viva Glam GaGa two of course and two of the new sheen supreme lipsticks from Mac** A lipstick and lip gloss in one sort off without the gluey texture of a lip gloss not a huge fan of over glossy lips but sheen supreme have a nice texture they feel really moisturising on the lips. I usually stick to what i like nudes corals nudey pinks and on the occasion a bright pink lip. The lady gaga two is alot like creme d nude a darker version, Gotta Dash the coral shade witch looks abit more pink on me i have nouthing to compare this to..? and the Supremely Confidant alot like equality anywhoo 1 selling one of these babbies give us a shoot mine has died!!! heres a few swatches guys all of witch are Mac** :) and please forgive my scabby lips no mater what lip balms i use lipsticks never look perfect on my lips they always seem to be dry ?!? how do you ex-foliate them this has always baffled me!?!?!

Top to Bottom Supremely Confidant Myth Equality

Left to Rite Ever hip Ravishing Shy Girl Gotta Dash

Left to Rite Viva Glam GaGa two Yash Myself Peachstock Creme d nude


  1. Oooh Shy Girl looks pretty! No matter what I do, lipsticks never seem to suit me as I'm so pale )=

  2. personally i think every thing looks so much better with a tan..certain colours tho i think its beter to be pale like ive seen very pale gurls with a bright red lip looks fantastic do you fake tan ..?

  3. you can give your lips a gentle scrub with a toothbrush (which you only use for that, since toothpaste dries them out)

    lush also sells sugar scrubs for your lips, whch you can just lick away afterwards, then apply a good lip balm.

  4. Omg you'll love this balm for your lips I use right before I put any nude lipstick on plus all the time. A little sugar lip scrub helps to keep lips soft. <3

  5. Lip Balm $3.00