Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Maybelline Volum'Express Mascara [The One By One]

Hey Guysssssssss, not posted anything for a while guess ive bin feeling abit lets say shit!! pardon my French lol about blogging!! after getting negative pathetic comments on my blog, witch clearly are digs at my self. My blog is for my love of make up, my life and what goes on init, i can post anything i like and will continue to do so, also i will write the way i wont to and spell the way i wont to. Thats me!!! its my personality if you dont like that then im sorry but get the FUCK OF MY PAGE AND STAY AWAY!!!. Ive had a think im not going to let that stop me posting!! so heyyyyy so all those who keep posting crap on my blog funny how i cant see any of your blogs!! rant over :D.
Ive bin really into drug store Mascaras recently i do usually wear Mac Mascaras Zoom being a fav of mine for years, but I've ventured outer me box :D and picked up Maybellines Volum'Express.
What Maybelline say about their product
Exclusive Brush ''The Lash Catcher'' captures, coats and cleans every single lash for big, clean volume from root-to-tip.
Conditioning formula with Vitamin C* leaves lashes so smooth they don't stick together.
Ophthalmologist tested. Suitable for sensitive eyes and contact leans wearers.
I was instantly surprised this is a fantastic mascara i cant fault it. The wond is not overloaded with product theirs no clumps, each and every single lash coated, this really defines your lashes i find, i hate thick clumpy looking lashes i hate that, my lashes feel smooth to even after two coats and as for volume yall see for your self from the pics :D. This is all down to the wond im not sure if its plastic or silicone or what but it does the job, i think its just the right size not to big not to small and i like the shape to. Depending on how big your eyes are and lashes this will or wont work for you, but for me its just right. Im not sure how much this is i don't know if i got it on offer but it was like £6 i think witch is a bargain their is no way in hell id pay £20 quid for a mascara witch properly does exactly the same thing having said that I've never used a £20 Mascara lol any one care to shed any light on drug store vs High End..? is their any real difference..?


  1. I'm so glad that you did a review on this mascara, because I really want to try this. BTW, I love your blog don't change a thing!

  2. The mascara looks wicked on you. I always wore maybellene volum' express then switched to mac studio fix lash. For some reason my natural lashes became longer after a few months of using studio fix lash- random! ignore the haters hun, they aint worth it. They are jealous! Love ur blog, you need to post more often x

  3. Chan, all the pretty girls get negative comments hun. If only you was on twitter with us all, then you'd see what we have to put up with. Just ignore them and rise above. Its just jealously. Even British Beauty Blogger (the biggest blogger in the UK) gets negative comments.

    You have over 200 followers now. They wouldn't stick around if they didn't like it! Post more often.


  4. I love this mascara too and your eye make up looks amazing! You should try L'Oreal Collagen mascara too; it's the best for volumising.

    Kathrine x

  5. It looks gorgeous on you! I keep reading positive reviews about it but still, I'm not sure a separating mascara is the best thing for my sparse lashes )=

  6. Well I really like your blog - it's just jealousy I think! More posts would be really great :)

    This mascara looks lovely on you, think I might have to pick it up! xxx

  7. Thanx for the positive comment gurlies :D its a really nice mascara. L'Oreal Collagen mascara sounds interesting Product Pixie mite give that one a whirl when i come across it. I love false lashes but i cant put them on i need something what gives the affect of false lashe but not like ive got to black spiders stuck to my eyes lol