Tuesday, 29 March 2011

My barnet :D

Some of you may have noticed my hair!! its not black any more thank god :D Ive bin wanting to get rid for a while after many attempts to strip it my self it didn't work as much as I would of liked to. I even tried to lighten it witch was a big big mistake lol, I wish I had pics to show you but my phone went missing over the weekend :'( feels like I've losted my right arm.
Anyway after going to a few salons I was told my hair snapped when they applied the stripper witch I couldn't understand as I felt my hair is not in that bad of shape, I was told to use vosenne shampoo Im sure most of you have heard of it apparently its really good at fading colour, so I started washing my hair everyday three times at a time for about three days until on a night out I got talking to a hair dresser and she said she would do it for me I thought omg finally!!! she said no hair strand test would be needed she said my hair felt fine.
The morning came Saturday morn good job I wasn't out drinking Friday because it was a very long day!!!. So we went through what I was having strip colour cut, we started I knew my hair would more then likely go ginger it did my roots being a very Kevin ginge shade you know Kevin and Perry lol all I wanna do is do it :DDDD makes me smile that, the lengths of my hair went like a copper colour I would have posted pics but I cant!!!. Seeing my hair was abit of a shock ha I didn't wont to look even tho I knew it was going to get sorted its still abit of a O NOOOO moment.
I could only pic from a certain choice of shades due to how warm my hair was from having it stripped the girls in the salon helped and I went with one they had to use to diff colours due to by roots being alot lighter after the strip, Im not sure what colours exactly but it wouldn't go what it looked like in the book I knew that it would take a few trips to get the colour I finally wont.
So then colour went on I was getting rather bored by this time it had taken at least id say 3 hours 2 get to this point after they washed my hair after the colour my roots were still far to bright so a toner was then used more waiting then another shampoo, my roots were still brighter then my length another toner was put on again more waiting another shampoo and thank god it was pretty much the same colour as the rest of my hair. By now id been in at least 5 hours I was falling asleep my boyfriend to was getting very p***d off bless!!! lol lastly a lovely blow dry and cut and boy was i glad it was all over with. From 9 in the morn till 3 in the afternoon 6 hours it took but worth it
It was a dramatic change from having black to going a i actually cant describe the colour sometimes it looks a brown/red sometimes it looks a red/copper in diff lights but i liked it and was so glad the black was gone. Eventually i wont my colour like Lauren Goodgers hair i love it out of [The Only Way Is Essex]. not sure if i wont the lighter colour she's had or the darker colour she's had. Any one else watch this..? SHUTTTTT UPPPPPPPPPPPP HA. They did a really good job and my hair was absolutely fine I still had it it hadn't fallen out..? the girls did say alot of saloons will just say that your hair snapped because they simply don't wont to strip black hair as its very hard to get it an even colour after.
All i can say is dont dye your hair black and it you do wont to colour/strip/lighten it id defo leave it to the professionals ive spent a fortune over the months its really better to pay that extra and getting it done properly.
Another thing i feel i have to do my make up diff its werid like i cant pull off the dark eyes nude lips anymore..? i duno what to do lol i need to play around with my make-up less or more..? i never thought about this :'(((((((((((


  1. It looks really nice, I noticed it in your last post :) I can't believe how healthy your hair still looks! I went the opposite way, I had lighter hair and dyed it quite dark a few weeks ago, and now I can pull off dark eyes and nude lips :P

  2. hun,, i'm the exact the same, i died my hair black and now i'm in a mess about getting it out. i'm going to a hairdressers called Francesco's, but they said my hairs not strong enough. so I've got to go through a few treatments and lighten my roots with a semi gradually then put an all over brown colour. its gonna take the p*ss to be honest and cost a lot. But its my own fault for dying my hair black. DON'T DO IT ANYONE!
    yeahh Lauren Googders hairs nice i like maria fowler in it. Her hair hairs a nice shade of brown/reddy.

    Glad its all gone well :)


  3. It looks really good, I used to have black hair too and I thought it was soo cute until I saw pictures of it and it was NOT! And btw I read those other comments those rude girls left and it makes me just laugh, they are so jealous of you! x

  4. wowww super long process! It looks great!!!

  5. @ YU its so weird people who are dark wont to go lighter and people who are light wont to be darker. Im tossing between either the lighter side of brown or the darker side I think I suit being dark more but I duno Is so hard. you loving the dark eyes and nude lip combo then ha..?
    @ LOREN RENNE I was told the same thing it would damage my hair and its not..? I guess its up to you but I defo think you could get it done somewhere yea your hair mite be a bit dry after but that's easily sorted. Yall get their in the end :D im going back in around 2/3 weeks hopefully I'll get to what colour I wont. I'll say it again girls never go black if you plan on going lighter at some stage!!!
    @ SARAH ELIZABETH I do like black hair but its some times to harsh I find you need to be super tanned to pull it off so I wont something abit lighter and thanx hun I find it really sad people actually go around posting actual c**P!! ha
    @ SHAYLA ty sweet long process I could of fallen asleep it took that long, hope it wont be as long next time witch Im sure it wont cross fingers

  6. You think that's bad - it tool me 8 hours on thursday to have a similar thing! I went from dark brown to ash blonde/light brown, 11.30 am to 7.30 pm!