Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Maybelline SuperStay 24hr Foundation spf 19

Wow im i getting obsessed with Maybelline or something lol :D. This is my second ever drugstore Foundation i did do a post on Maybelline's Dream Satin Liquid Foundation witch i really like ive used all that up so i went for this one instead i love trying new things and why the hell not :D
This really appealed to me 24hr Foundation something that last throughout the day GREAT!!
What Maybelline say about their product
Our new foundation stays flawless.
Beyond any stretch of the imagination.
- It moves flexibly with your skin
- It stays flawless all day
- It resists heat, humidity, sweat, transfer, touch, LIFE!

Our Flex technology stretches and flexes with your skin. Stays looking flawless and feels light all day.
It’s the do-it-all through-it-all 24-hour makeup.

24hour Foundation does this mean you should wear your foundation for 24hours no!! I think its a tad of a silly name we are always being told not to sleep in make up, I think just Superstay would of been fine. I don't think anyone is quite silly enough to actually wear this for 24hours but I guess that's up to you.
I don't no anything about the technology behind the foundation [Micro-flex stretch formula]..? witch means nothing to me I have no idea, I've never actually gave any thought to what goes behind a foundation I guess it doesn't really matter to me, witch Im sure is not the case for everyone. I am one of those I see it I wear it I either like it or I don't simple!!
So lets get to the point Formula I don't like looking completely matte but I do get a oily t zone so this kinda helps my skin not look to flat, even when using a primer I step I always do eventually oil does start to show in my case, and even using a powder for touch ups witch i really don't like doing oil does start to show after a while. Id defo stay away from this if you have a dryer skin type unless you wont that super matte look then lets up 2 you.? if you have normal/combination skin type like myself id really give this a go, also oily skin types this would be a good choice i think if you wont to bed that shine. This is no way a foundation that will make your skin look dewy shiny whatever you wont to call it. For the most part I think you need the right foundation to suit your skin type weather that maybe very dry, oily, combination etc and what you wont to achieve from a foundation, over the years I've picked up on what's right for me and what's not and still learning.
As for lasting power this does not last I'll be honest after a while defo around my nose it starts to crack so if youve seen the advert with the band and you see the foundation stretch well no for me it did [stretch] but Im talking after a good 6 hours witch for me is pretty good i can life with that. I guess this ties in with flawless skin mmmmm for a while maybe yea for me providing you have pretty good skin anyway once the cracking and oil start to show i wouldn't call it flawless, resists heat, humidity, sweat, transfer, touch, LIFE! to a point yes it does work for me but its defo not a 24hour foundation, but it does look really good on the skin, this did a good job also of minimising my pores smoothing them out somewhat.
Coverage id say medium build-able but some may find its a full coverage..? id say it covers some redness and some blemishes, i don't really think its going to cover acne scars bad redness and blemishes but hey i cant really say i have pretty good skin.
Consistency its really not heavy on it feels really light i find, its not to thick and its not to light very blendable enough time to move it around the face, easy to work with defo didn't cake up didn't feel like i had a mask on at all.
Colour i got the shade ivory no pink undertone defiantly slight olive/beige based a perfect match for when im not to tand. The whole tanning up has started to get on my nerves as much as i love fake tan i really do prefer a real one lol so Ive bin kinda not wearing as much as i usually do, Im not sure how many colours their are..? I really wasn't paying much attention.
Applying erm i used a sponge for this and buffed it in with my 187 like I do with every over foundation I have and I find this works for me :). Then I powder I do this everytime i really could not powder after foundation.
Pricing i got a deal on this maybe because its new i got it at Tesco for I believe £7 i think its meant to be around £10 I cant be sure
Cons about this i cant really say its a bad no its not a 24hour foundation it does not do completely what it says it will but for most part of the day it does, witch I don't think is bad going to be fair, I do think company's do false advertise most products, not one product that I have come across that i know off has suited everyone and nor will it, its all about finding what's best for you :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDD.
Overall I really likes this foundation id say more then some of the high end foundation I have got and tried, from the consistency coverage formula... I think its fantastic. So would I recommend this YES! try it and tell me what you think Id really like to hear what you thought about this ive heard so meny good and bad reviews.


  1. This looks stuning on you lovely, but then again every foundation you review seems to! Deffo not a bad thing though haha .. Might have to check this out!

    Oh and I started getting some of the horrid comments too from 'Andrea' after she'd been leaving them on here... Weirdo!!


  2. See told you the pretty girls get them! Like Laura just said. I hardly post my mush on my blog, so I dont get anything haha.

    Bout the foundation. I didn't like it. I think its more suitable for people with really oily skin, as with me it just didn't blend well at all. Speaking of chepo foundation, I hear Rimmels new 25 hour one is supposed to be really good for the £££. I might pick it up, its only a fiver.

  3. Laura she's on to you now bloody hell what a di** hea* lol..it worth a shot at under 10£ i don't feel like its a waste if its not expensive
    jo Im not guna let it bother me now but now if they start Im not going to hold back lol.. yea I do think it be really good for oiler skin but i do like it aswel I seen that Rimmel in Tesco after I got the Maybelline may be my next one

  4. This foundation looks lovely on you! The above pic made me reminded of a backstage model shot. Very lovely, I usually dont wear maybelline but I must try.