Tuesday, 13 October 2009

My first MAC** haul!!! :DDDD

first haul people one ov meny!!!..bit ov a review i guess to..we al know when we get a black box deliverd its defo from MAC** mostly stuff from the style black collection and a few other bits..defo want to try one of the looks mac have put together useing the collection blue flame** wil defo post up the look when i give it a go..bad pics again sorry

mineralize eyeshadow blue flame** blue and cinderfella** black

read so meny reviews on these minerlize eyeshadows these are so pretty sorry for the bad swatches but seriously you wont be dissipointed if you can get your hands on these mac have sold out of them al part from gilt by association not sure if they will get them back..my first minerlize shadows so i was abit curious but i can see my self useing these alot for dramatic smokey eyes..their both gorgeous cant express that enough..when wet these really pop!! so cant wait to use them!!

reflects glitter in reflects copper

only my second gliter from mac i fell in love with the colour id desribe it as like a rusty orange..not sure how im going to use this but can be used anywhere on the body the face and hair..any ideas on how i could use this for a look..?

greasepaint stick intense black

heard good reviews on this so wanted to get it my self mac have described it as ''smooth and creamy black eye crayon with an opalescent sparkle finish'' and i would have to agree..the look of it kinda reminds me of them crayons you use 2 have when you where lyk two scribblin doddles lol..transfer and water resistant took a good grub with a babby wipe go get this of very dark and intense could use this as a liner or shadow when blended owt even for a base..be great for the grunge i dont give a sh** eye make up look lol

cream colour base in black

yet again another first for me mac describes these as ''versatile and multi-purpose, cream colour base can be applied directly to bare skin, or layered over foundation, moisturiser, or powder.''..but i cant imagin my self useing this over my face for some reason lol no but seriously id only use this on the eyes unless yor into that very dramtic theatre makeup..not far of hallowen this could be a good product to have..the minerlize shadows wet would look amazing over the top of this..

lip erase in dim

allways wanted to get this so happy big smiles :DDDD this is used for wel the name says it al lip erase** to get rid of your natural lip colour so that yor lipsticks are brighter.. but ive used this 2 day not 2 much tho with oyster girl lipglass by mac** over the top ov the lip erase balm and i love it i dont think yoh could wear it alone as yoh mite run the risk of lookin dead yoh need sum sorta colour on your lips i think..i love nude beige colours aswell as nudey pinks bright pinks so if yor a fan of nude lips id get 1 ov these!!!!

two eyeshadow pans in nehru** and honey lust**

pretty borin two shadow pans..i got the nehru** to do one of the looks from the style black collection mac have put together blue fame** looks like carbon to me but its ment to be a dark matt blue only got this 2 try out the look pretty sad huh lol..honeylust** is just really glittery goldey peachy..?? nouthing to shout about really




  1. Great haul! ah, wish I wasn't so broke right now! x

  2. Oooo I'm tempted by the blue flame, that looks gorgeous! and might have to get the greasepaint stick too!

  3. Oooo... can't wait to see all that at weekend!!!


  4. Ahh i love the mineralize eyeshadows such lovely colours x x