Sunday, 11 October 2009

My 1st ever blog: A borin weekend in boo!!

my 1st ever blog__x

have no idea what im doin so this mite take a while to get use to!!!! seeing as im on antibiotics ive had no choice other then to stay in this weekend :((((( witch left me with pennies in the bank went nutz at mac oviously wanted a few things from the new style black collection..recently in my opionion mac hasent brought anything owt thats to excitin and a defo must but id say this one is..hope im not going to be dissipointed when my package arrives im sure i wont be!!! got a few other things to oooo the lip erase alwayz wanted this but never bin able to get my mitts on it as its at pro stores only few other bits and bobs wil defo be doin a review as soon as poss..

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