Monday, 12 October 2009

Foundation reviews

before i start this is just a review on what i think of certain foundations this dosent mean these will or wont work for you..every1 has different skin types etc your'll have to try and see what works for you best :D..i'll post swatches up so yoh can av a peak
my skin is general is pretty normal id say i dont break out that often ..i may get a lil oiley by the end of the day from slaving away @ work lol but nothing foundation that i know of has irritated by skin or broke me out

Diorskin nude

This foundation does excatly what it says on the bottle..leaves my complexion even and flawless..last through out the day and night dosent go patchy or streaky even on a mad weekend out skin feels like silk..this does give a lumionous and dewy look but not oiley in anyway.. its a low-to-medium buildable coverage..i usually do two layers when goin out never looks cakey think this is down to the light texture of the foundation i use a sponge to appy it first then i buff and blend it into my skin with my mac 187 brush cant go wrong with this in my opinion use this brush to appy al my foundations..i got this 1 in 32 sable/sand matches my skin a nc35 in mac colouring..this id say is defo best suited for those who like a natural dewy look witch is not overly made up..

Mac** studiofix fluid spf 15

one of the best foundations mac currently also a huge fan ov macs hyper real foundation but they dont sell anymore boo!!! if anyone knws off any one selling one in nc35 give me a shout!!!..newhoo back to studiofix this foundation gives my skin a flawless natural-matte finish is a tad thick so id say one layer is more then enought otherwise you could run the risk of looking cakey not a good look!! id say this provides a medium coverage..defo long wearing to no touch ups wel in my case i dont need to.. i also apply this with a sponge first then my with my 187 brush i buff and blend it into my skin..go for this one if yoh love a flawless natural matt look

Mac** face and body by mac

i have to say i dont use this one that offten but maybe i provides the skin with a sheer natural coverage..this is a buildable foundation for the face and if yoh find one application is to sheer just apply more on top until you get the coverage you want and it still won't look heavy..i cant really say if yoh would need a touch up throughout the day as i have not worn it enuff..i have used this with some moisturiser on the odd one or two nyts out on my legs and they have lookd great i have this one in go for this one if your one of those who dont like wearin to much foundation if yoh love the natural look this one is for yoh

Mac** select moistureblend spf 15

this foundation is horrid ive never tryd a cream foundation before and this was the first one..medium-to-buildable coverage far to heavey and thick its defo not radiant and natural as mac have desribed it tell a lie looks great for lyk an hr after that it just goes down hill looks orange cakey far to oiley just not for me this one..think it be perfect for those with seriously dry skin defo stay away from this if you have an oiley skin type

Mac** studio sculpt sph 15

this is not one i alwayz reach for but ive used it a few times and like it but you have to be careful with this i think blend blend blend!!!!*** otherwise it looks unnatural and heavey...if yoh apply this right it will leave yor skin with a natural satin finish..provides medium buildable to high coverage its rich so you only need a small amount a little goes along way makes my skin look hydrated and smooth..long wearing or two touch ups needed in my case mineralize skinfinish in natural** works a treat..dont be put of by this one once yoh no how too appy it i think yor'l love it just may to a while to get use to..a great alrounder i think if yoh dont apply to much

Mac's Hyper Real spf 15

My Second fav foundation off all time, this gives the skin the most gorgeous glow without being over powering a dewy finish if you aint into that stay away also if your skin type is oily stay away from this to, and if you suffer from acne really bad skin this is just going to accentuate those problem areas, a light to medium coverage i prefer two layers ,very long lasting i tend to get abit olily around my nose and cheeks with this but nouting abit of powder wont sort out, this dosent feel heavy on my skin the texture aint to thick or thin gives you some time to apply and move it around without it drying immediately like some foundations, a great summer foundation will defo make the most if this foundation with a tan and for winter a foundation brighten up your complextion, a near perfect foundation for me!!! Mac sort it you need to bring this back whats wrong with you!!!!!!!

Bobbie Brown Skin Foundation Spf15

My First Bobbi Brown Foundation what do i think skin foundation mmm wel you cant really see it on the skin a plus a guess does provide some sort of coverage slight redness, spot scareing defo not a full cover foundation, i dont really have bad skin but i wont my skin to look flawless as poss like we al do, i would call this more of a tinted moisturiser, the texture is very runny easy to apply and blend one pump is enough to cover the face, once on the face tho it does actuly make the skin look better not like make-up in a way, but like i have had a facial brighter more youthful providing your lucky with having pretty good skin, pretty long wearing touch ups needed in my case a must if yout not a huge make-up person you love that very natural finish this is you a miss if you prefer the whole caked on look.


  1. Great review missy I love Macs Face & Body its one of my all time favs xoxo

  2. cheerz sweetie stil trying 2 sort pics owt takes time this does lol..witch is yor al tym fav foundation..?

  3. Fantastic review Channy, think I might have to get myself some Diorskin Nude.. it always looks perfect on you, saying that though... your make up always does! hehe. I do like how it looks when you wear it though and how you decribe it sounds perfect for how I like a foundation to be. Pricey though.. might have to get your brother to buy it me :P haha.


  4. i think its down 2 having the ryt brushes ya no..makes putin makeup on alot easier.. diorskin nude is defo worth the cash..can use myn this weekend and try it owt if ya want culour myt not work for you but ya'll get the no what im getin yaz 4 xmas :p

  5. Yeah good idea! Never thought of that! I really do need to invest in some decent brushes too, they are just so costly, gonna have to do what you told me though.. and just get one a week, because it is really worth it. Your make up does always look flawless.