Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Halloween BOOOOOO

nouthin pland as of yet did have but i dont no how thats going 2 turn out due to a mate of mine goin through way bad times thinks is going to be the last thing on her mind..anyway im thinking off dressin up as the devil :DDD but not your average one :p..pics wil wel explain it al lol..dint want to do your bog standerd their al same so i wanted to start from scratch and get my own stuf..ive come across some wel cute accessories on Topshop** for the whole devil theme wont let me save the pics so i cant show:((( ..the bustier and garter dress are from Agent p** where ment to be for a vintage pin up look for my best m8s 21st but i was the only one with underwear so i backed out on that one lol no way was i walking round manchester with next to nouthing on when every 1 else was clothd..
yes we luvvvvv Agent p** :ppppp www.agentprovocateur.com/ stunning!!!!..the net dress i think you can pic these up in alot of costume shops ann summers maybe i got this as a gift with a vibrator nycccccc ha

Abit darein eh lol f**k it you only live once!!!...so i was thinkin the bustier with some black crop leggings..? dont think thats to far as ive worn sumat like the bustier out on a normal weekend.. second option the garter dress this thing is short and i mean short defo sum bum showin may need a few glass's of wyn before goin out if i wear this dont think i'l mynd after a few ha..lastly the fish net dress cant really tel what it looks like but you get the idea teamed with black or red underwear underneath..? not sure bowt this one.. i want to do dramtic make-up to i was thinking a mask with make-up over the eyes dont think ive explained myself rite their lol but you get me yea?!?!?!..yayyyyy who dont luv dressin up!!

happy halloween



  1. Oooo when you going out for Halloween then? this weekend?


  2. ya no i dnt no when halloween is lol..??