Monday, 23 November 2009

Ultimo bras!!!**

arr sowwie for the lack of post i seriously have lil spare time to my self as i work full time during the week by time i got home have me tea have a shower and sort me self out its bed time!!! ne way im here now :PPPPP im far from being blessed in the boobie department booo!!!! i hate my chest always have and always will unless i get boob job witch is never likely to happen seeing as i don't have a spare 5-10 grand in the bank!!!..ive always worn padded bras to give me some sort of shape and lift makes me feel 10 times better :D wel to a degree lol.. wonderbra** have been my saving grace until now this ultimo** multi-way mega boost bra is the best god damn bra their is by far!!!! this is truly is mega boost i actually have a cleavage now ha not as big as i would ultimately like but this bra makes me look alot bigger then i actully am instantly adds two cups size's :DDDDDD..i would post a pic but i dont think that would be really appropriate ha..but take my word for it gurls you'll be over the moon.. instant lift support and shape!!!!!..straps can be used in multiple of ways halter neck strapless criss cross etc...the gel used in the bra is the same silicone gel in boob jobs clever ehhhh!!! lol..this is defo a must for smaller chested women who want the extra boost who dont feel to confidant about their chest size ..i can defo say this makes me feel beter about myself i have more confidence im not worrying about my chest all the time.. i cant always wear what i want!! witch i hate but with this bra i can defo wear whatever i want without feeling insecure..all down to a bra who would of thought :D..i can imagine these selling fast found it really hard getting hold off one in black but luckily after searching high and low i came across this site name says it al dun it :P and they still had my size thank god they do the day-night bra in white and nude to..i also ordered a miracle backless body in nude also filed with gel having tryd those backless bras witch are a waste of time you know witch ones i mean the ones that are meant to stick but really dont.. this is perfect!!!..i love dress's with low backs so sexy defo need the rite underwear!!!


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