Monday, 2 November 2009

E45 aka wonder cream**

e45 cream is defo the number 1 brand for dry skin..having had trouble with a mild case of dermatitis a few gurls on here recommended this product..only used this since Friday like 2/3 times a day and theirs a huge improvement even 2 applications worked wonders i was surprised..i think my skin will be back to normal in a few days hurayyyyy this skin thing has stopped me from goin out :((((( role on Saturday ha..

E45 Cream**

Light and pleasant to use.. E45 Cream's an effective.. non greasy emollient that's been clinically proven to treat and sooth dry itchy flaky rough or chapped skin.. we also recommend it for more serious dry skin conditions like eczema and's quickly and easily absorbed and works by replacing lost moisture and forming a protective barrier, leaving your skin feeling soft and comfortable
Available in 50g tubes and 125g 350g & 500g tubs



  1. Its great isn't it. Its got so many uses aswell, can use it for anything.