Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Product Rave Laura Geller Bronze N Brighten

This is my very first Laura Geller Product, and i was so not disappointed, no Joke i have worn this every single day now for months and months i could never not use it ever again its that bloody good. As far as i know this is a bronzer as well as a colour corrective powder all in one comes in a fair and regular shade i use the regular the darker one of the two. As we all know alot off bronzer leave you looking orange their is no trance of orange with this your left with a natural sun kissed look to your skin their is a slight shimmer in this but personally i think this makes the skin look dewy/glowing i guess you could say, this will in no way make you like like you have been attacked by the glitter fairy lol. I can not say one bad thing about this i absolute love this and will not be without it. O and for those interested in Make-up that's good for the skin this is packed with the age-fighting, anti-oxidant protection of Centella Asiatica and White Tea. Dose not matter to me but i surpose its a good thing hey. I know Laura Geller has a few more productd in her baked range defo eyeing up the balance and brighten i think its called has anyone used this ..??


  1. I love Laura Geller :) The Balance and Brighten is great I prefer it to MAC MSF Natural xx

  2. What colour is your bronze and brighten in regular or fair??? :) x