Wednesday, 15 September 2010

5 fave Nail Polishes at the mo

I dont have a huge collection im building it up :p im not really a huge fan of nail polish but since not having acrylics ive bin wearing polish alot i really cant apply it i dont seem to be getting any better either lol im finding it so hard not to cave and get my beloved acrylics bk!!!!
The bright red is Nails Inc victoria & albert
The purple is Nails Inc the mall
The blue is Opi orge the top blue
The orange is Opi hot & spicy
and the pink is Opi im indi-a mood for love
i really love the bright and bold wishy wash colours dont do anything for me. O and the pro wide brush Opi THANK YOU!!! ha.. i think Nails Inc and Opi are around the same priced Opi bein slightly more expensive you knw what f**kz me of you pay all that money so find the colour payoff is absolutly crap 5 coats and still not happy ive come across a fair few with both Nails Inc and Opi i dont get how some are perfect to apply and others not..? surely youd expect this with a lower end brand..??

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