Sunday, 4 July 2010

Sat nite antics

Dont no why but everytime im out im the one with the cam and the pics are or every 1 else and not me happens all the bloody time lol, how bad are drunk pics tho shocking!!! so i try 2 take pics before any drink has gon down my neck.. Seriously if you plan on goin Oldham for a nite out DONT!! last night was seriously like 28 days later i dont fink ive seen my town like that in a long time..waste of 40 quid that could of gon on cloths or make-up in my opinion ha...this really bugs me but i never go out feeling like im ready..? my hair for instance i dont get time 2 do it how i want so always end up just geting the ghds on it ever feel like that or is it just me lol..? i would so pay some 1 to get me ready every weekend..some serious poseing going on get a lil carried away sumtimes :D newhoo heres a few before hand and 1 or to durin the nite. Cam skills need working on big time :p

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