Monday, 14 June 2010

Way out of my comfort zone!!!

Me without eyeliner is something people rarely see unless im on hols, I really dont like not wearing it, defo not something im comfortable with funny tho some people hate eyeliner..? i think it makes my eyes look bigger and more noticeable. Most people have their own i guess signature look when doing their make-up steps they do all the time useing the same products etc etc dont get me wrong i like a change but eyeliner with always be like my desert island product i guess you could say, i felt so naked when i was takein these pics lol..this is really natural for me god i feel lyk i should be on snog marry avoid ha


  1. You look beautiful both ways. I love this look you look like a natural beauty it's just what you get used to i suppose xx

  2. have to say-I'm the same when it comes to my eyeliner but if I looked this good without, I'd def be rockin' the 'natural' look!

  3. You look great without eyeliner, but I have to say I am the same way. I just feel.. naked without my eyeliner.