Sunday, 4 July 2010

Phillip Kingsley Elasticizer

I was in a hair salon around 6 weeks ago haveing the mop cut, i askd about colouring my hair as ive wanted it done proper the girl said she would do a strand test to see what my hair would do having bein stripped and to see if the colour i wanted would take, this seriously gorgeous purple sounds mad but i love it any way she told me to ring back a few days after bad new my hair just broke when she stripped my now colour, didnt no my hair was in that bad condition to look at it you wouldnt really think it was but oviously it is she said to use a really good treatment and conditoner and to stop dyeing my hair witch ive stopted now, not colourd it for atleast 2 month and my roots are horrid theirs not that big of a differance but i can tell. Moveing on ha ive seen this product on qvc before and didnt really think much of it i dont think alot of things work most of the time i think its just hype. I dont no much about the product all i know is that its and intesive super moisturizing treatment witch adds elasticity, manageability bounce and shine when used regulary ?!?!?! ive used this now around 6/7 times now putting it on and useing the cap it comes with and leaving it for 20 mins before washing and theirs a def differance to my hair serious shine feels amazing looks healthier, i can see this being a regular buy why go back to dry damaged hair..? who wants that. The more times you use this the better even in just a short time of useing this their a change, not sure when im going to be able get my hair colourd soon i hope but i will defo be goin purple!!!.I dont no much about Phillip Kingsley but ive also been really interested in his Maximizer formulated to give lift and body to fine hair, but thing is i dont have fine hair this is why im curious i have alot of hair and cant do much with it, curls do not stay well to be honest its even hard to curl it just drops, only thing what gives me lift and volume to my hair is back combing with plently of hair spray. Im i in search for somthing im not going to get from a product..?? how of track have i gone ha. But yea gurls if your hair is in need of some tlc try this out theirs an Extreame Elasticizer to witch im not sure about think it may be for like afro hair permd..?? i dont no, its abit pricey but worth it :D you get what you pay for.. i have tryd to take a pic of my hair after i used the Elasticizer pic dosent do it any justice at all


  1. oooh i think im going to get this!

  2. Your hair is beautiful and i would love to try this now thanks for the review xx