Sunday, 9 May 2010

A typical nite out [goodtimes]

Fought i would do somethin dif and share a few piccies of a nite out of mine, as you will see thier are before and after pics lol..this was last nite in manchester before it all went wrong on the way home when i lost my lv purse money debit and credit card!!! i was gutted in tears what a way to end a great nite really spoiled it in a way but still had a rite laugh..hungover free aswell today cant complain :D sowwie 4 pic quality keep sayin im going to get a new one it just never happens. First pic is from my fb pro my profile pic thats why ive put my name on it so people dnt steal


  1. Gareth told me what happened, gutted for you :(

    You looked gorgeous last night though, love the waistcoat top thingy haha. Who the f are them 2 guys though? haha.


  2. ano itz ldza messin boutin getin new cardz i need go bank 2 get a debit 1 2nd 1 in like 6 munth lol and not 4 getin my bloody purse i loved that ha..itz wally n dave dnt fink you know dave..i was meny b savin it 4 holz but i cunt resist wnt have owt new 4 when i go away..wt ya been up 2..? owt good..?

  3. you look so gorgeous gurlie! love the makeup :)

  4. Cute photos you are gorgeous with great style love your blog :)
    I am working on getting a new camera toooo
    Check out my blog!
    Xoxo Veronica