Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Loreal Paris Sublime Bronze Express Pro

Sure you all know by now that i cant not live without my fake tan!!! maybe the colour of me gives it away ha anyway this weekend i was out and only had a small amount of my usual Xen Tan Luxe so with no time to order any or nip to Manchester to get some i got a hold off this Sublime Bronze Express Pro in Medium Skin witch ive used before but old one only dif i think is the nozzle..?? not sure but i cant remember the results of using the regular Sublime Bronze but im not a fan of sprays any way but the natural colour this gives you is gorgeous no streaks no mess no smell even i did put two layers on tho one is not dark enough for me but their is to shades a light skin and a medium skin. I cant fault this i thought id hate it to be honest but i love it don't think i'll be getting rid of my beloved Xen Tan but this is a great alternative in my eyes, very easy to use for you first time fake tanners but some may be put of because theirs no guide colour but once you get the hang you wont go wrong, bit pricey at £13.99 but ive found it cheaper on the net feelunique are selling them for ££11.99 two quid less better then nouthing i guess lol. I will post pics when im feeling up to it coming down with a bug i think so soon as i cant b assed :p..o yea whos heard about Xen Tan bringing out an even darker fake tan Xen Tan Deep Luxe i think its calld i cant no actuly wait!!!

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