Wednesday, 24 March 2010


lets face it 90% of women have this its horrid but what can we do about it..? i know theirs tons and tons of lotions oils creams out their but do they really work ive just been searching the net and their was one for 100££..?? im i silly in thinking thats it really going to work..? well should i say help no way of actuly getting rid of it completely but theirs thing we can do do help the appearance, defo no quick fix you have to eat rite exercise drink plenty of water etc etc etc, im sure you al know this already lol but seriously how many people watch what they eat exercise everyday..? not meny i dont think. Id love to be able to have a healthy lifestyle i just dont kfc just taste way better then a Ceasar Salad :P ha i need to be motivated i guess its all up to me do ship my self in to shape and try and help myself but will it every happen i really dont know so until then im going to try these so called wonder creams plenty of body brushing and drinking tons of water..ive bin reading up on this Revitol Cellulite Cream came up alot in a google search i did anyone used this product..?? apparently one of the best..?? ..Are their any products you swear by..??

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