Tuesday, 16 March 2010

American Apparel

So i was in Manchester shopping with best mate a few weeks ago and we went in American Apparel ive heard of this brand before but i think they have only just opend up shops over here in the uk..shes got me hookd on the knee/butt lengh socks and boottie shorts so cute!!!! they come in all differnt colours im defo the one for going for the first pair of baggies i see and putting them on recovering from a hangover, hot shorts and socks combo i can see becoming my new lounge about thing..defo could go out in the shorts day or nite, each to their own tho even the socks for day time casual i think would work but i cant see my self pulling them of?!?!. I shall be ordering some more colours soon in both the shorts and socks they fit really nice to..seriously worth checking out its kind of basic but i like it :D skirts leggings tops underwear etc etc etc they have it all...15% off with your first order online aswell how nice is that :DDDD..You wil not be able to resist, check out the piccies i took these are from American Apparel website their not me lol

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