Tuesday, 9 March 2010

In need of a huge huge favour

sooooo im guna sound a rite cheeky cow lol but im in need of a top/waistcoat ive bin after, i seen it online on topshop now its gon would be my bloody luck!!! would any one be so kind to pick up me of these tops in a size 8 ?!? i'll send the money over plus abit extra 4 the favour!! its like a white/creamy crop waistcoat with like lil ruffles all over that look like flowers but arnt i cant describe pic wil help its a bad one, i couldnt find an actual pic of the waistcoat i came across a gurl with it on so ive just croptd the pic down. I dont have the time to go out and get it due to work i would be the happiest gurl if anyone would do this for me

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