Sunday, 21 November 2010

Talking Brows

So in the past id say two month or so i have never actually given my brows a thought until i had my make-up done by some one else. All i did was pluck and that was is, i cant believe the dif in just filling and shaping them frames your face instantly, brows and eyes are lifted. I have no idea what the [perfect brow] is but my idea of the perfect brow is thick to thin making sure theirs an arch and keep it to the length to where your eye ends if that makes sence lol,i know for a fact many women over tweeze and end up having half a brown or even worse ive seen many a times girls with drawn on brows wtf is this all about..? it looks terrible!!! if you dont pay attention to your brows already i seriously would start to you will be amazed. I use an eyeshadow and a brush to do my brows but their are pencils witch im not sure about i haven't used them are these better gurls..? and setting gels im interested in any thoughts on good ones..? Can you tell witch brow i have done and haven't?!?!

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  1. i agree brows are important! i use a powder that's for eyebrows and put it on with an angled brush. the company is everyday minerals you might wanna look it up they have some great products.