Sunday, 21 November 2010

TAG: My Perfect Imperfections

woo ive never done one of these before so im giving it a go no one walking this earth is perfect the sooner people realize this the better theirs no such thing!! we all have our own flaws and we all have our good bits. So here we go three things we love about ourselves and three things we dislike about our self

Things i don't like about my self

Bottom row of teeth are wonky i hate it in the process of trying to get them sortd when i have some spare cash
This is prob going to sound silly but my lips sort of go down at the sides i look unhappy sometimes im not its just my lips lol but i do love the fullness
Boobs....but will soon be changing!!!! so i guess this doesn't sort of count so id have to say my skin/visible pores on my nose and cheeks that dont wont to seem to shift!!!

Things i love about my self
Something i get complimented on alot is my eyes i love the colour and shape
My hair i love that its thick and long
My skin when im tand god i love bein golden ha

So their we go i could put down a few more but hey we don't want to put ourselves down to much do we lol and get 2 much of a big head :p

I tag Everyone!!!!



  1. I should do this, but I'd be there all day saying what I dont like about myself ha.