Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Plan Nails!!!

So as some of you may know im a huge fan of Acrylics, but i have come to the conclusion i need to look after my own nails rapid!!! had them on for four months now since around January before that i had none for six month, so you can imagin the state their in, im actuly embarrassed i hate going out and knowing that my nails are a mess, i feel so much beter when their done but im going to really try and sort them. Ive heard about a few nails treatments ive gone with Opi's nail Envy nail strengthener and Opi's Avoplex nail and cuticle repleshing oil i got them in a duo from Qvc for around 20££ i think something around that, witch i thought was a good deal and after reading meny reviews on how they work i decided to order them. Ive not used them yet due to ive just literally riptd my fake nails off ouch!!!! bad idea but have no time to get them takeun off properly really dont help my self do i lol. Ne way im really hopeing by useing these products my nails will eventually go back to the way their ment to be id love to spend a fortune on nail polishes and have fab looking natural nails, cross fingers :DDDDD

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