Thursday, 18 February 2010

Lil haulin [Mac**]

Just impossible to controle my self :DDDDD Mac's Msf Natural and Select Sheer Cover pressed powder are like two of my staples i guess you could call them..ive bin usein a Dior** pressed powder but dosent have a patch on Select Sheer Cover..i dont find theirs enuf coverage with Dior's Pressd powder at all..bein as clumsy as i am ive dropted my Msf In natural i can stil use it but its just in bits i couldnt take it anywhere with me so i got another one i got the medium deep :DDD..fancied some more brown/neutral eyeshadows so i got my self woodwinked after reading tones of reviews on this im not dissipointed this is gorgeous like with just one swatch the colour is so intense i wouldnt call it a brown sort of looks like it is but it not like say Brown Down or Wedge etc its like a goldy orange i dno its defo not brown tho..Soba id say was a goldy light brown flecked with gold shimmer not had the chance to wear them yet tho..a new fave nude lipstick of mine has well died basically i dno whats happend to it but its gone well funny ive hardly worn it due to the fact i cant even apply it becuase it will just fall apart..i could not be without Cream D'nude its daker then Myth bu not as dark as say Cherish or Blankety..going to be dead carefull with this one!!!! Yayyyyy i got Myself lippie the one i was after from the All Races All you know what i mean glad i got it..again its a lustre not a huge fan of these but with lip erase im in love!!!! another nudey but on the pink side..

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  1. I did a lil MAC hauling too hehe, I got Orb Eyeshadow, Angel Lipstick and Underage Lipgloss, got Pretty Please coming soon too. Cant wait for that, been lusting over it ever since I used yours all that time ago.

    Ive heard its a common problem with Cream de Nude yano, the same happend to one of my friends on here. Hers went all funny too, just like yours. Weird that. Cant wait to see your other new Lippie.