Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Bit off

A few things ive bought over the last 2 weeks or so.. i fell in love with this Bobbi Brown** face palette i saw on Qvc** so oviously i had to have it..bit of eyes lips and cheek compact enuf to fit in your bag all you really need is foundation powder mascara liner and your good to go..Bobbi Brown** is not about wild crazy colours so dont expect vivid yellow bright greens lol..its simple easy and defo suitable for all ages..need to have real play with it but heres a few swatches dint wanna spoil the lip bit sadooooooooo or what ha come to think of it i need a lip brush!!!

Really likeing the All Ages All Races All Sexces** collection only got a lipple and a beauty powder blush up till now realy want the Glamour for all** lipglass and Myself** lippie..theirs alot off brow stuf in this collection to..i dont use anything on mine at the mo but im hoping to get a brow set ive sin sum very scary pics of girls with drawn on brows whats that all abowt lol is defo not attractive...Equality** anyone..?!?! how pretty is this if you cant pull off Myth** and you like the nude beige tone lips go for this its sheer but does provide abit off colour when layerd no concealer lips here!!!..Personal Style** beauty powder blush i dont really no what to make of this..? its really sheer and dosent show up on my skine tone well i need layers of this to show up but i do like the colour once ive built it up..i think this is prefect for lighter skin tones being tan just dosent do this any justice not sure if all's good would be better for me..?? bin after a new blush and ive wanted sunbasque for a long time but im not a huge fan of Mac** blushes i actuly really like this one really pigmented a gorgeous goldy peach colour i just wish they would make them more pigmented they dont last two mins i have Nars** blushes i got like two yrs ago and their stil going now..any surgestions for a goldy bronze blush..? im stil to find the perfect one!!!!..lasty i got full cover concealer by Make Up For Ever** off a blog sale god i love these lol..i believe you cant get hold of their products in the uk...? or i mite be wrong but i would love to try what they have to offer..i was after a concealer to get rid of these horrid dark circles i need to start going bed early..im in love again :DDDD the product its self is sort of thick but easily blendable feels like i have nouthing on my skin dark circles gone in a instant evens out my skin tone hinds imperfections last forever skin lookd the same as it did nine hrs before jeezeeeeeeee i need to stop gabbing and post some pics :DDDDDDDDDD

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  1. tht beauty powder looks lovely on ur tanned skin. you must do a look with that and the lipstick! x