Sunday, 31 January 2010

MAC just puts a smile on your face :D

I dont know whay i cant center my post but its doing my nut in.?? newhoo i got a few things from Love Lace** collection and Warm And Cozy** and a few bits from their permanent line..for me Warm And Cozy** is perfect for those who like more natural colours for everday looks..but can be bumptd up for nite time.. their are plenty of great browns natural colours etc in Macs** permanent collection so i wunt rush out and feel the need that you have to have everythin that Warm And Cozy** offers..but a few things did stand out to me Feeling Dreamy** lipglass is dead pretty !!!a peachy nude pink i can only desribe it has ive bin wearing this over Creme d Nude** in desperate need on another one of these!!!..thats al i got from Warm And Cozy** but i do want the Msf in Comfort** and Warm Me Up** lipstick but i think im going to find it hard getting one of those :(((((( for Love Lace** i got both Pretty Please** and Intricate** lippies and Icescape** lipglass witch reminds me of Oyster girl** ..Icescape** has more of a pink sheen to it tho..i usually go for the matte satin cremesheen amplified finish's i fought id go for sumthing diff i was plesently surprised the colour pay off aint all their but paird with lip erase these lipsticks are really pretty..Pretty Please** [lustre] is a pale pink and Intricate** [frost] is like a burry purpley colour..?? cant say im really after anything else from Love Lace** apart from Feline** kohl power eye pencil is a defo must but sadly they have sold out what a surprise lol..cant say i was overly pleased with Love Lace** every one has a blue eyeshadow rite..? nowt to shout about in my opinion..

pictured above left to right Icescape** Feeling Dreamy** Florabundance** and Saplicious** lipgelee

From their permanent line i got the 275 brush..two shadow pans Ricepaper** and Arena** both great over the lid colours and great highligters also..having not really got any base's i just use concealer i purchased Painterly** paint pot find it hard to apply because i have false nails its hard to get at lol..but yea a great neutral base!! lastly i got Florabundance** alot like Feeling Dreamy** but without the sparkle another gorgeous nudey colour lipglass that Mac** have to offer

pictured above Summerfruit** cremestick liner top left Shy Girl** Pretty Please** bottom left Intericate** and Ravising**

ever felt like you want to change yor make up like get out of your comfort soon and try others things..? is my time now lol..i got Ravishing** and Shy Girl** lippes both on the coral side never in my life have i gone near anythng like these lipsticks before god ive bin missing out my lips are pretty pigmented so i need to neutralize my lips to get the true colour thank god for Lip Erase**!! i need this to really make the lipsticks show otherwise you cant really tell i have them on.. Ravishing** is more peacy oranage coral and Shy Girl** is a beigey coral love love love i also got a lipgelee in Saplicious** a taupey brown colour ..Mac** need to do more colours in these i think!!!..lastly in my trying new things i got Summerfruit** cremestick liner a pale coral colour i need to start useing these more often no wonder my lipsticks dont last!!!

pictured above Arena** eye shadow the darker one of the two and Ricepaper**..Painterly** paint pot and the 275 brush



  1. My nearest MAC is like an hour away :( gutted!! Im the same with my lips - have to nude them out to get the real colour of the lippy! Im trying out nude colours at the moment but look a bit of an idiot! prob cos im not used to it! loving ur blog :) x

  2. Ooooo... I didn't see Pretty Please at weekend :( need to swatch that baby. The glosses you got are gorgeous and so is the LipLiner, thats gunna go so nice with that Coral Lippie.


  3. I loveee the florabundance colour, but I bought underaged, and OMG its so sticky! my lips just cant take it :(

    Great haul! I wish I had enough $$ to buy all that stuff! :) x

  4. Great haul!!! I'm on no buy so I'm going to have to enjoy looking at your hauls.