Sunday, 10 January 2010

Hair trouble!!!

my bf bought me some ghd's salon stylers** for xmas :DDDD dead happy but theirs a prob how the hell do you create like victoria secret curls..? you no like just loose curls at the end.. ive sat for hrs trying but no i cant seem to get it lol..ive lookd on countless of youtube vids but they dont seem to be helping when i try it dosent work..i need a step by step guide gurls a very detailed one!! ha if ne of you could help me out id be very greatfull :D also could anyone recomend a volumising product for thick hair i need some volume ladies!!!!! ive been lookin at a ojon one and a philip kingsley one but yea i dont no ..??? i need help!!!!!!!!!


  1. Im searching for a good volumn product too, so sick of my hair. Can't help you with the curl prob either. I can curl mine with my straightners, but yours are bigger :(


  2. I have to use the conical wand by Babyliss to curl my hair, even loose curls. The best volumising products I have tried for root boosting is the root boost spray by tresemme, its in a black bottle with a pink lid xx

  3. I use Catwalk Fashionista Big & Bigger Volumizing Foam when I want HUGE (like gigantic, sex kitten hair) hair, I have fine hair, and so it really gives me alot of OOMPH and it STAYS like that aswell. I dont use this daily, cos it gives me way too much, Id suggest this to you, cos you have thicker hair? It smells gorgeous too, like bubblegum and candy :)

  4. Oh! and you left a comment on my Rhinoplasty post, asking what a Rhinoplasty is :) Yeah the word sounds kinda crazy, but its just a special name for a nose job! lol :)