Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Mac Yash

Could not help my self like do i need another nude lipstick lol not really but i had to have it, its from the Mac + Mickey Contractor collection not a clue who he is..? but yay i took a fancy to the lippy Yash its alot like Blankety but a darker version you cant really tell the diff to be honest its just got a tad more red in it very flattering anyway its a matt finish tho witch i like but in the winter my lips get so dry the amount of lip balms i use is ridiculous lol :D i have used lip erase before applying yash so it will look different.

Left to Rite Yash Blankety

Top to bottom Yash Honey Love Blankety Viva Glam ll


  1. I love Blankety, but can only carry it off with falsey tan on.. Although I love the look of this shade I just don't know if I could pull it off.. Looks stunning on you, as ever sweets! .. Hope you're recovering well x

  2. The lipstick looks gorgeous! I checked it out before but I couldn't get it because I had to catch my train so picked up Viva Glam II and Half n' Half because I knew I wanted those!

    I really wish I had a MAC near me :(

    The lippy looks gorgeous on you though :) xx

  3. a tan makes things pop i think,dont think you could pull it of dont b daft!!! i couldnt wear half the stuff i do if i dint tan lol but thanx sweet :) going in on the 18th for a 6 week check everyfin seems to be going well :D
    Ty Aneka :) they sell it online and i think its still available were do you live..?