Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Pretty Girly Face

Err i have to start of by sayin im absolutely gutted ive just got a new comp well a note book and i had a tone of pics i wanted to save from my other pc i managed to get them on a memory card i tryd uploading some new pics to my new notebook and well it al went tits up ive losted so many pics yrs yrs of memories i will just never get back plus i think im getin sik mega sore throat cumin on n i just feel dead down so its kinda toptd it of :( some major shopping or something has to be done lol
newhoo ive bin playing around with looks and im going of the dead smokey black eye again actuly ive bin of using to much eye liner, funny how my taste just change back and forth. and im really likeing the pink lip aswell instead of my nudey lip. im thinking of useing this look this weekend if im going out think its dead pretty and gurly without being to over done, sooooo heres what i came up with

Face products used
Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base this stuff is amazing!!
Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation
Make up Forever full cover concealer under the eyes
Select Sheer Pressed Powder Mac**
MSF in Natural Mac**
Laura Geller Bronze n Brighten
To contour cheeks Harmony blush Mac**
Blush Style Mac**
Highlight Mineralize Skinfinish in Comfort Mac**

Eye products used [All Mac]
Shroom e/s all over the lid and all the way up to the brow bone
Romp e/s over the lid then Honey Lust e/s over the Romp
Twinks e/s outer crease working inwards
to darken up the crease Handwritten e/s
Hightlight Nylon e/s under brow bone and also in the tear duct area
Handritten e/s under bottom lashes blending into the Nylon e/s at the tear duct area
Smoler Eye Khol top lash line and bottom waterline
Finish of with some false lashes

Lip products used
lip balm
Lip Erase Mac**
Lipstick LoveLorn Mac**



  1. Super pretty! Loving the pink lips =D

    I recently bought a netbook too... it's horrible how there's no memory to stock pictures and things in it though -_-